What are the Subjects in Salary Increment Letter?

What are the Subjects in Salary Increment Letter?

Asking for a raise is a lot easier when you have the tools to ask for the right thing in the right way. A salary increment letter can be summarized under various subject lines. But one thing you need to keep in mind. Always use simple subject lines and very short and clear letter to request a salary increment. Longer subject lines and lengthy letters can create confusions for the reader.

Salary increment letter is written by an employee to his/her employer requesting for an increase in salary. One simple way to request a salary increment is just to write very short subject line and straightforward request in the letter body. Before writing any straight request it would be much better to mention your progress, achievements, job duration, your commitment to the job and your interpersonal skills, education and qualities. Such a letter must be written in case the employee strongly feels or has valid justifications as to why an increment may be given to him/her. But you must be specific and write a concise request.

Request Letter for Salary Increment Writing Tips:

  • The letter should be addressed to the decision making authority but should be routed through proper channel.
  • Should bring out a justification for an increment.
  • Should refrain from doing comparisons with colleagues or peer companies.
  • Should bring out your achievements.
  • Should be politely worded.
  • Close the letter with sincere thanks and appreciation to the employer.

Possible Subject lines in Salary Increment Letter

  • Request for Salary Revision
  • Request for Salary Increment
  • Requesting to Revise My Salary
  • Salary Increment Request
  • Special Allowance Request
  • Request to Increase the Daily Allowance
  • Bonus Increment Request

Don’t be specific on the above-given subject lines you can use your own or create your own subject line according to your needs.


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