Sample Acknowledgement of Sale Letter Format

Sample Acknowledgement of Sale Letter Format

Sample Acknowledgement of Sale Letter Format

[The acknowledgment of a sales letter can carry thanksgiving to the client to give the order to your company. Below briefly focus on Sample Acknowledgement of Sale Letter Format. Whenever you get a reply from your client with the order regarding the sales letter sent by you, you must send him an acknowledgment of a sales letter. Through this letter, you can confirm the order and the time in which it is to be delivered. You can make changes as per your requirements.]


Sender/Your name…

Company/Organization name…

Date: DD/MM/YY (Date on Which Letter is Written)


Receiver/Client name…

Home/Office Address…

Subject: Acknowledgement of Sale Letter.

Dear (Sir or Madam),

Thank you for sending the response to the sales letter sent by (Name of the Sender Company). It will be a pleasure dealing with you. (Describe in your words). We are firm on our commitment and will fulfill them according to your needs.

This is to reconfirm your order and delivery timings. Your confirmation letter had corroborated with our sales offering, stating that your company would like to order (Number and Detail of Product that is ordered by the recipient) from us. (Describe all about the situation). The delivery date has been fixed at the (Date of delivery of products). We are also sending a form so that you can fill your order and other details. (Describe all about the terms and policies). We will make sure that you contend with our product’s performance and our service.

Feel free to contact us for any other details on our toll-free number (Contact Number). (Cordially describe your greetings and requirements). You can also visit our website (Name of the website).

Yours sincerely,

Name and Signature.

Job Designation…

Company/Organization name…