Well…Facebook Has a Tiktok Now

What does Facebook have to do with TikTok? Taking a look at the competition? Do you want to DM Charli? Are you looking for beta testers? Purchasing advertisements? We’ll find out soon enough, because Facebook has established up its own TikTok account, which has already gathered 15,100 followers despite not having posted any public videos as of this writing. TikTok has authenticated the account, and Facebook has also confirmed its legitimacy. Matt Navarra, a social media analyst, discovered Facebook’s TikTok (that sounds incorrect) a few days ago.

A blue checkmark had appeared on the account, suggesting that it had been validated. However, it lacks substance and has an unusual bio – “We think that individuals may accomplish more when they work together than when they work alone.” (What’s with the comma?) It made us wonder if this was truly Facebook’s account. Furthermore, the account’s bio directs users to the Facebook app on Google Play, rather than the Facebook website or an official communication channel. Isn’t it also Meta now?

Well…Facebook Has a Tiktok Now

Facebook, for example, has already deactivated its Twitter.com/Facebook account. There is also no Instagram.com/Facebook. Instagram.com/Meta is the URL. However, Facebook — uh, Meta — confirmed that the TikTok account is legitimate. “Brands use a range of channels to reach and connect with the people who use their products and services on a daily basis, including some of our social media platforms,” a Meta spokeswoman stated. “We have the same goal in mind when it comes to building a brand and nurturing community on platforms like TikTok and others.”

After reporting flat monthly active user growth in the latest quarter and, more importantly, it’s first-ever fall in daily active users, it’s plausible that Facebook intends to boost its Gen Z user base by utilizing TikTok (or its ad platform). “People have a lot of options for how they want to spend their time,” Zuckerberg added, “and applications like TikTok are expanding at a rapid pace.” “TikTok is already such a significant competitor,” he said, “and it also continues to develop at a much quicker rate off of a very large base.” The firm wouldn’t say anything further about its plans for TikTok, such as what kind of content it has planned or whether the account would be ad-supported. (However, if you see them, please DM me!)

On TikTok, Facebook isn’t the only Meta brand. Instagram runs advertisements and, according to reports, has now introduced an Instagram Creators account.While huge corporations do utilize a number of platforms for marketing and communications, seeing Facebook on TikTok is a bit surprising, given how frequently the firm has mentioned the short-form video app as their main competitive threat these days. CEO Mark Zuckerberg reaffirmed this argument in a teleconference with investors during Meta’s Q4 2021 results.