Traveling means going from one place to another for different purposes. It means going form in a place to another or from one country to another country. People travel for different purposes. Some travel for getting an education and some travel for pleasure.  Travelling is, indeed, very pleasant. It is useful too. By traveling to new places we can know new people and learn many new things. There were Robbers and Pirates in every country. We can learn from the history of famous travelers as to how difficult it was at that time. The name of the traveler Ibn-e-Battuta is immortal.

In ancient times, traveling was troublesome due to the want of communication facilities. There were no trains and steamers. There were no good roads. People had to go from one place to another on foot. It was not safe to make a long journey. Travelling opens new vistas of experience and understanding for us. When we go to a new place all of our senses and instincts become awake.

Nowadays traveling is easier. The invention of modern science has made it cheap, quick, and pleasant. It has become possible to travel a long distance within a short time. Trains and steamers have been introduced to carry passengers and goods from one place to another rapidly. Travelling removes our monotony and gives pleasure. Similarly, it also broadens our outlook and refreshes our minds.

There are many benefits to traveling. There are many means to see the unseen and know the unknown, but traveling is the best of all. For example, Reading books gives us literal knowledge, the listening story gives us indefinite ideas, but traveling gives us visual as well as concrete knowledge. A man who sets out on a journey many studies the manners and customs of different nations. He may visit new places and sees new sights. It gives him practical knowledge. He cannot gather it by reading books in school and colleges. Traveling is also good for your health.

Traveling is an essential part of education. It increases our knowledge of different activities by traveling. Every traveling has much educative value. It is a part of education. Our education and book knowledge remain imperfect without traveling. Education to its complete sense may be acquired if a man visits important places in the world. Traveling enables a man that new scenery, works, and objects of historical interest. It teaches us trade and commerce, language, sociology, customs, culture, history, geography, and so on.

Traveling is so pleasing and beneficial that everyone should take the opportunity of traveling. A good traveler can easily educate others. He can give us first-hand knowledge of men and matters of other countries. Of course, everybody cannot make the long journey. He may not afford to spend the money which it requires.