Sample Team Agenda Format

Sample Team Agenda Format

Sample Team Agenda Format

[A team agenda can set the tone for a team meeting and ensure it is completed as scheduled by the organizers. The objective of the team agenda is to give the participants notice of the subjects they need to prepare for and to stay with the timelines provided to them for the discussion.]

Points to consider while drafting Student Agendas

  • The day, date and the location of the meeting need to be mentioned on the agenda.
  • The reasons for the meeting along with the topics to be discussed may also be mentioned.
  • The team agenda must specify that the timelines mentioned must be adhered to by everyone to conclude the meeting as scheduled.
Example of Team Agenda –

Project (Name) Team Meeting Agenda (Subject)

[Date: DD/MM/YY]


I. Introductions.

A) Roster Name.

  • Address, work assignment, phone numbers, email address, Etc.

II. Fire Service Joint Labor Management Wellness and Fitness Initiative.

A) Display of WFI Overview Video.

B) distribution of WFI DVD.

III. Department Wellness And Fitness Project Organization.

A) Distribute organization plan and chart, review the responsibilities and duties of each committee, task group, and position and review the budget.

IV. Program Leadership

A) discuss the importance of positive management as the WFI is viewed by some as a vehicle to support the unfit and injured. Task group leaders are advised to promote the positive impact of the program on individuals and the fire service in general.

B) discuss how task group leaders were selected. Every leader was selected because of their expertise in the subject area, organizational skills and most importantly because of their ability to complete a project.

V. Duties And Responsibilities Of Task Group Leaders.

A) Selection of task group members on [date of the selection].

B) developing the action plan which is due on [date].

C) management of resources.

D) presentations.

E) scheduling.

VI. Information Routing And Tracking.

A) All Correspondence regarding the project should be directed to all copied to both the project manager and the task group manager.

VII. Action Items.

A) identify communication needs of as group members and contact task group leader with a list of the needs.

VIII. Schedule next meeting.


Another format,

Example of Team Agenda-

(Name- XYZ) Soccer Club — Team Meeting Agenda (Subject)



  • Introductions — Coaches, Team Manager, Parents, Players.
  • Coaching philosophy and goals for the season.
  • Responsibilities of players — fitness, commitment, equipment & sportsmanship.
  • Responsibilities of parents — scheduling notifications, good behavior on the sidelines.
  • OATHS award [Outstanding Ambassadors Of Teams Honoring Sportsmanship] — Referees rate players, coaches and spectators on sportsmanship at every game.
  • Administration

Verify roster information [spellings of names and birth dates].

Provide a small picture of a player pass [approximately 1 in. head size].

Complete MYSA liability and medical release.

Review and sign players and parents code of ethics.

Verify uniform order information.

Review Apple Valley tournament responsibilities.

  • Discuss optional team uniform items [warm-ups, backpack, sweatshirts, Etc.].
  • Discuss and choose tournaments by using the rule of thumb of 75% agreement.
  • Review game nights and potential conflicts [concerts, field trips, vacations, Etc.].
  • Discuss schedule for the practice, offices and training and indoor league play.
  • Identify preliminary team budget and possible fundraising.
  • Choose a team name.

All are advised to refer to the website of the club for important information and any documents which may be required.

[Note: Team meetings will include a group of individuals with different ideas that are all beneficial for the team.]