Three Mysterious Flying Objects Seen In New Military UAP Video (Or Maybe Just Birds)

Three Mysterious Flying Objects Seen In New Military UAP Video (Or Maybe Just Birds)

A US Army Apache assault helicopter came face to face with three unidentified aircraft phenomenon (UAP) near the Mexican border, according to newly released film. The footage was shot as midnight neared on November 6, 2018, during a training flight roughly 64 kilometers (40 miles) northwest of Tucson, Arizona, as first reported by The Debrief.

Three little dots may be seen traveling fast through the air in an odd and irregular manner, captured by advanced military night vision equipment. “Wow! “Are there three jets up there very fast?” The co-pilot of the Apache chopper may be heard stating. “Probably. The Apache’s pilot says, “Probably some A10s or F-16s, but I’m not looking up there.”

The video was part of a broader post on how US Customs and Border Patrol agents routinely detect UAPs along the southern border, but they don’t have the tools to report them to their superiors. Former US Air Force fighter pilot Chris Lehto told The Debrief that the movement of the three objects “doesn’t make logic” and is unlike anything he’s ever seen in his military experience. “The tracking rate is quite rapid,” stated Lehto. “Even if they’re only a mile away, I figure they’ll travel around 1.28 miles.” “Way beyond the speed of sound.”

However, not everyone believes the film depicts a mysterious aircraft, with other commentators suggesting the objects are simply birds or bats. They believe the items are much closer to the camera and gliding at a much slower speed than sound. “Unfortunately, a much-hyped new UFO footage turns out to be three birds performing bird things. You don’t even need to undertake any analysis in this case. Take a look at the original video to see what I mean. “It just looks like birds,” Metabunk administrator Mick West tweeted.

“Don’t you want to be taken seriously?” says the narrator. In addition to this video, UAP reports are being treated more seriously than in prior years. The US government held its first public Congressional hearing on UFOs since 1966 earlier this month, underlining the fact that the US Department of Defense (DoD) has received at least 400 sightings in recent years, including 11 near-collisions. The session didn’t include any major announcements, but it did include two recently released UAP films shot by US military personnel.