This Ingenious Water Bottle Can Eliminate Those Bacteria Buildups Once And For All

This Ingenious Water Bottle Can Eliminate Those Bacteria Buildups Once And For All

You can expect a bacteria-feeding frenzy in your water bottle if you leave it unwashed for just 7 days. Over the course of a week, that bottle will have 300,000 cells per square centimeter. That is more bacteria than your average dog’s water bowl! Even if you clean your bottle on a regular basis, there are always hard-to-reach places where potentially hazardous bacteria might congregate and thrive. The Moovy Self-Cleaning Smart Water Bottle, a high-quality BPA-free reusable bottle that makes it easy to eradicate any bacteria that can get caught inside a normal bottle, was created to solve this problem.

Rather than having a top opening, the Moovy bottle unscrews in the middle. This allows users to split the bottle in half, allowing for easy cleaning of the high-grade stainless steel interior. Users may either completely wipe out the interior to remove any buildup, or just drop both dishwasher-safe components into the washer for a thorough cleaning. That simple center division transforms your water bottle into a practical cup that can carry boiling hot coffee or ice-cold water, in addition to making it infinitely easier to clean. It is even big enough to fit a couple of ice cubes in there to keep your drink perfectly cool.

Inside and out, the Moovy bottle is vacuum insulated with an antimicrobial material. It can also hold those severe temperatures for excellent drinking conditions thanks to the stainless steel structure and a pair of leakproof covers. Cold drinks stay refrigerated for up to 24 hours while hot drinks stay hot for up to 12 hours.

This bottle features an adjustable rubber handle and can store more than 18 fluid ounces. This makes it easy to tote your bottle to and from the gym or to attach it to a bag or even a belt. The Moovy Self-Cleaning Smart Water Bottle, which is normally $49, is now on sale for roughly 30% discount, making it only $34.99 while supplies last.

Are you certain that your drinking habit is risk-free? An easy-clean water bottle is an insulated bottle with a center that unscrews for easy cleaning. You can get rid of stubborn bacteria that have been clinging to your old bottles for a long time using Moovy Bottle. Your water is safe to keep in a vacuum insulated bottle. Fill this with protein powder or the middle opener’s pre-workout mix. You can also put ice cubes in the middle opening. 

There will be no complaints if you drink your hottest coffee or chilled lychee tea all day. Drinking water should keep hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours. The ultimate “everyday” water bottle is Moovy. Thanks to its innovative carry handle, Moovy may effortlessly take anywhere. It has a unique design, is lightweight, and will last for years.