Apple expands Apple Arcade with classic App Store games

Apple has announced an expansion for its subscription gaming service Apple Arcade. In addition to exclusive game releases, the company is adding two new categories – Timeless Classics and App Store Greats. In the “App Store Greats” section, you’ll find some well-known iPhone games released over the past decade, such as Thrice +, Mini Metro +, Monument Valley +, Fruit Ninja Classic +, Rope Reconstruction, and Badland + Cut.

This is an interesting move, as Apple has so far focused on exclusive titles. Arguably, some Apple arcade games are sequels to popular App Store games – for example, I put Mini Motorways and Rayman Mini in this section. But Apple is changing its position and is basically buying a back-up catalog of App Store games.

Some of them are still available in the App Store; others have become incompatible with modern iOS versions due to framework and hardware updates. 64-bit processors, for example, have misrepresented many games. As always, Apple isn’t just putting free games behind the pay-wall, putting these brand new downloads in the App Store. You get the whole game without buying any ads or apps.

In addition to the old school app store games, Apple is adding “timeless classics” games. This is a selection of board games and classic puzzle games that are included in your subscription. Games include Backgammon +, Chess Play & Learn +, Good Sudoku +, Tiny Crosswords + Games. These games will definitely help in reducing the churning. Some people like to play chess repeatedly.

They can start subscribing to play some chess and provide an Apple Arcade subscription to continue the exact same app. Overall, Apple is dropping 32 games today, and Apple Arcade has more than 180 games in its catalog. Apple originally launched the service in September 2019. You can download Apple Arcade games for $4.99 per month and there are no additional purchases in the apps. Games are available on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and macOS.

Multiple family members can play with a single Apple Arcade subscription and you can access Apple Arcade with an Apple One subscription. Apple bets heavily on subscription services, such as Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Fitness + and Apple News +. Some of these services, like Apple Music, have been very successful, yet the company is adding more and more content to other services to prove that you should subscribe in the long run. And today’s Apple Arcade update will certainly help for its game subscription service.