The necessity of Planting Trees

The necessity of Planting Trees

The necessity of Planting Trees

Introduction: Planting Trees means planting more and more trees. We know that the tree is our best friend on earth. It is essential for the environmental balance. They help to maintain the ecological balance of nature. They also play a great role in the economy of a country. It is essential to our existence. We cannot live without it. They play an important role in our life and economy.

Deforestation and its result: We cut down trees for many reasons. We cut down trees to get timber and firewood. We also use trees as our housing material. For this, we cut trees. Cutting too many trees leads the world to the desert. It is responsible for the greenhouse effect. Birds and animals are losing their habits. Many of them have already been extinct. For too much heat, the polar ice caps will melt. Most of the parts of the world will be flooded. There will be no ecological balance. Thus, the world will be unfit for living. In order to maintain the ecological balance of a country, at last, 25% of the total land area should be covered with trees. But Bangladesh had only 9%. So, it is even more essential for Bangladesh.

The usefulness of trees: The tree is the most useful gift of nature. We cannot live without a tree. The tree provides us fresh oxygen, shade, and shelter. The tree helps to keep the environment balanced. It prevents air pollution by taking carbon dioxide. It protects us from natural disasters. Trees are useful to us in various ways. They give us oxygen. Without oxygen, we cannot live on earth. They are a great source of food and fruits. They meet our vitamin deficiency. They give us woods. Woods are used to building houses and furniture.

Trees have a great impact on the climate. If we destroy trees at random, the country will turn into a desert. As a result, our food production will suffer severely. Furthermore, trees help to prevent soil erosion, drought, and flood.

Plantation: Every person should plant trees. There is a huge scope for Planting Trees in our country. Sea-beaches, low-lying and unused lands can be used for Planting Trees. We can plant trees on both sides of the roads and highways. In empty space, trees should be planted. More and more trees should be planted on both sides of roads and embankments. Planting Trees campaign should be continued everywhere. Public awareness is essential to make the campaign successful.

Conclusion: We can say that we cannot live a single minute without trees. So, it is high time to plant trees and stop cutting down trees. We should plant more and more trees for our own existence. Trees are part and parcel of our life. They are our best friends. So, we should not cut and use trees at random. Rather we should plant more trees. Not only that, but we should also take care of them for a healthier, happier, and better life. Both the governments and the countrymen should come forward. The more we plant trees, the more we do good for us.