The Foolish Bear

The Foolish Bear

One day, a bear felt hungry. So, he came out of his den to look for food. The bear went to the river to catch some fish. He stood by the river and saw enough fish to eat. He pounced on the fish and caught it. But then, the bear thought, “This is too small fish to fill my stomach. I must catch a bigger fish.”

So, he let off the small fish and waited for some time. Then again a small fish came and he let it go thinking that the small fish would not fill his belly. This way he caught much small fish, but let all of them go off.

By sunset, the bear had not caught any big fish. He slowly began to feel tired. In the end he remained empty stomach and thought, “All those small fish, together would have filled up my belly, but now it was too late.” He remained hungry that day.


Moral of the story: ‘A small fish in hand is worth a big fish in the water.’