The Central Shaheed Minar

The Central Shaheed Minar is a very sacred establishment for the Bangalee nation. It was built to recall the supreme sacrifice of the language martyrs who boldly laid down their valuable lives for the cause of establishing our dearest mother tongue as the state language of the then Pakistan. It was built adjacent to the main gate of Dhaka Medical College Hospital and in the Dhaka University area. It is adjacent to the Mathematics Department of Dhaka University. The original Minar was on a base measuring 10.5 feet (3.2 m). The barbarous Pakistani police fired on the unarmed precisionists here. It signifies the heartiest love and honor for our mother tongue. It is really a unique example in the whole world that the heroic sons of this sacred land sacrificed their valuable lives for the cause of mother tongue. The Central Shaheed Minar the first ever built Shaheed Minar in our land symbolizes the national unity and Bangalee identity. The marble floor was designed to reflect the moving shadows of the columns. The basement of the Minar also included a 1,500-square-foot (140 m2) fresco depicting the history of the language movement. Late architect Hamidur Rahman gave proper shape to the concept and designs of the Shaheed Minar by combining all the aspirations of the Bengalee identity and nationalism. The vertical lines of the Minar provide the manifestations of inner strength. Similarly, the four columns on both sides of the central structure reflect the balance and harmony of a united stand. The Central Shaheed Minar is a matter of our nation’s pride. The heroic sons laid down their lives for the cause of our mother tongue and the Shaheed Minar was built in remembrance of their unique sacrifice. So its status is above all other things.