My Daily Routine (School Student)

My Daily Routine (School Student)

My Daily Routine

Human life is short. But in this short span of time man needs to do so many things. If we want to make our life means we must maintain a routine in our life. A daily routine is an arrangement of the tasks of a day. I am a student and I have a daily routine of my own. I try to maintain the routine strictly.

My day begins with the break of dawn. I always get up early in the morning. After I have brushed my teeth and washed my hands and face I say my morning prayer. Then I usually spend half an hour in the open space in front of my reading room by taking freehand exercise. Sometimes I go out and run in the street. At about 7 o’clock I have my breakfast. After taking my breakfast I take rest for half an hour and then I sit to read. I study for a full two hours with Rapt attention. I don’t allow anybody to disturb me during this time. So I learn many things during this short period. I try to help my parents between ten and eleven. Sometimes I try to do some household work, sometimes I go to the shop for bringing the necessary things. During this time, I also wash my own clothes if needed. Then I take my bath and get ready for school.

My school is a stone’s throw from my home. Just 15 minutes before my class I start at my school. Our class begins at 12 o’clock. I usually sit on the first bench and listen to my teachers. During the break, I go to the school library and read books. By this time, I also finish my Zohor prayer. After the recess, I properly attend my classes. Our school breaks up at half-past four.
Coming back home from school I stretch on my bed for some time. Then I take a little tiffin and go outside for a walk.

Sometimes I play with my friends and sometimes I watch a cricket match which goes on in the field nearby our house. I return home before sunset. I take ablution and say my Magrib prayer. Then I go to my reading table and concentrate on my studies. This time also nobody disturbs me. I study with full attention up to 9:30. Then I take ablution and say my Isha prayer. Then I come before the television set and see ‘News at 10. After that, I take my supper. After supper, I usually go to bed. Sometimes I hear songs and music from my cassette player. There are minor changes in my routine on holidays. On holidays I go to different places to remove my monotony

My daily routine makes me active, healthy, and happy. In case there is any change in my daily routine I try to utilize my time as far as possible. My well-planned daily routine is the root cause of my good results. This is, in brief, the description of my typical day. I am happy about the way I spend my daily life.