A Daring Robbery

A Daring Robbery

Robberies are the order of the day. There are far too many, such as railway robberies and bank robberies. Robbers have evolved into daredevils. They are unconcerned about their own existence. They exhibit minimal (very little) regard for other people’s lives and possessions. Their main purpose is to rob and pillage and then flee. They are occasionally apprehended and brought to justice. However, they frequently get away with nothing (free from punishment). Nothing can be done by the law. It stays a silent, powerless observer.

The hot afternoon sun beat down mercilessly on the shopping center. A large number of people were observed shopping in the several stores. An automobile came to a halt right outside the retail center’s entrance. Three young well-dressed men in dark glasses stepped out of the car. One man remained in the car with the engine idling.

The three young men went straight for the goldsmith’s store, which was just inside the door. One took the shotgun from the half-asleep guard sitting at the door, aimed it at the surprised guard, and ordered him to lie face down on the floor. Immediately, another young man drew a pistol and aimed it towards the crowd in the shop, yelling, “Get down on the floor and don’t move!”

A woman yelled. As a response, the gunman fired a shot into the ceiling and said, “get down and shut up!”

As the customers inside and outside fled to the ground, the third young man dashed behind the counter holding the trays of gold ornaments, pulled out a hammer from his clothing, and cracked the glass top of the counter. He moved quickly, emptying trays of gold rings, necklaces, and other jewelry into a fabric bag. Most of the trays were emptied in less than a minute.

The young man then emerged from behind the counter, signaled to his associates, and they were soon sprinting out of the retail center. When the three criminals arrived to their car, the majority of the consumers were still face down on the floor. However, the manager of the goldsmith’s shop had risen from the floor and was running after the robbers with a pistol in his hand.

Just as the last robber was about to board the car, the manager came up a few meters behind and took a hasty shot at him. The bullet slammed into the door missing the robber by inches. Then from within the car came a shot. The manager doubled over as the bullet hit his midriff and he dropped on his knees. Women screamed when they saw blood flowing onto the floor. The last of the robber entered the car and it took off tires screeching as the driver tried to get away as quickly as possible.

Everything fell silent for a little moment. All that could be heard was the shoot manager’s grumbling and the air conditioner’s purring. Then, as if from a dream, a few men hurried to assist the now-prone manager. “Call the cops!” someone yelled. “Get an ambulance!” shouted another. The retail center was quickly crowded with an enthusiastic murmur of voices.

The sun was beating down outside. For the time being, the daring young robbers had made good their escape. The cops will soon be on their tail.