Thank You Speech For Friends

Thank You Speech For Friends

Good evening my dear friends. It feels mesmerizing seeing you all together at this one moment. Wish you all a very happy friendship day.

This is a special event for all of us as we have treasured each other’s friendship and some of us are still in touch with each other. I know a lot has been said and written about friendship, so anything I would say may sound repetitive. But irrespective, I won’t let this occasion go without showing my gratitude to each one of you and to some of the very special friends of mine. A friend is the most precious gift to all of us because it is beyond any restriction or pressure. Though there is no blood relationship in friendship, there are unlimited love and care and the best part is that friendship is not based on any rule or decree.

Saying the word ‘Thank You’ is very easy, but according to my summarizing your feelings in words is difficult. This is such a small word and there is a lot that is yet to be said beyond this two word when it comes to expressing gratitude for our friends. People who are categorized as friends are the ones who are the most special ones in our lives. Isn’t it? The ones who efficiently are a bit of family, a bit of sibling, a bit of guide and a perfect blend of every relation.

From my childhood days when I just learned to talk to the days of my post-graduation when I was all set to be a part of the big organization, I have earned you people. I have earned something that cannot be valued in money or words; It is you my dearest friends. Thank you for standing beside me throughout all my ups and downs, happy and not so happy moments. Your presence has always made my existence strong and valuable. If I look back to all the years of my lifetime, I consider myself an incredibly wealthy man. This is so because I find my gold pillars; my friends standing along with me.

We have always heard the famous cliché ‘friend in need is a friend indeed’; I’ve actually experienced that. Thank you for every single thing that I could do because of your company. We have enjoyed so many days together due to each other’s company. Thanks a lot for being a part of my journey. Friendship and friends like you are priceless and incredible. Our bond of friendship is to be cherished forever without any restrictions or terms and conditions. You people are my greatest strengths that bind me towards my progress in its own unique way.

Standing here when I look back to the time spent in this world; I know I have gained a lot. Like today I can see you all in front of my eyes altogether. Thank you for all the memories your presence helped me to create. Thank you, friends, for coming into my life and making it worth a while. It has been great to have you people along with me throughout. From being the all-time support system to those encouraging statements that you have given me; thank you. I have learned a lot from you my friends and there is no ending to this bond of ours. Friendship is the relation that prospers by all means and intentions.

I just want to take a promise from you all, that we all will always continue to put in our best for making our friendship work. We all together will hold each other’s hand and lead a way that enables the best in each one of us. Our friendship is the most amazing thing that binds us together. Thank you for my beasties, thank you so much for each and every moment.

Thank you so much for every little thing that you have done for me. Love you all! Thank you once again!