Sample Informal Meeting Agenda Format

Sample Informal Meeting Agenda Format

Sample Informal Meeting Agenda Format

[Informal meeting agendas are created when a company does not provide a specific layout to record the minutes of a meeting. Not having a formal template for meeting agendas should not be holding back businesses and companies from conducting meetings which are important and necessary for their business.]

Points to consider while drafting Informal Meeting Agendas

  • The date, location and time the meeting was scheduled for and held.
  • The time the scheduled meeting was adjourned as well as the overall duration of the meeting.
  • The name of the individual who called for the meeting along with his title.
  • The purpose why the meeting was scheduled.
  • The name of the notetaker who recorded the minutes of the meeting and any other details.


Example of Informal Meeting Agenda –

Informal Staff Meeting Agenda (Subject topic)


[Time of the Meeting And the Location]

Meeting Called by [Name of the Individual And Title]

Note Taker [Name of the Individual]

[Attendees: Names of the Attendees To the Meeting]


Agenda Item: Treasurers Report (Subject topic)

Discussion: The treasurer was unable to attend the meeting and therefore the report was not provided. The report is likely to be provided in the near future.

Discussions were held about the use of funds by the school for field trips and bus expenditure. It was agreed that (Money Amount) would be transferred to the school from the general account. The school has agreed to provide monthly receipts for the funds and also to return any funds not utilized by the end of this term.

Action items.

Transfer of funds to the school by [name of the treasurer] at the earliest.

Agenda item: Sign repair presented by [name of the individual]

Discussion: Software compatibility is creating regular problems with the sign of the school and needs to be repaired. [Name of the individual] spoke to the company which installed the sign as well as other companies. The cost of the repairs is estimated at (Money Amount) annually and a new sign costs (Money Amount approx.). The cost is unaffordable for the PAC either for repairing the sign or installing a new one. Under the circumstances, the court decided that the PAC would consider looking for a long-term fundraising strategy over three years for purchasing a new sign.

Agenda item: Upcoming events presented by [name of the individual]

Discussion: Plans are underway to organize a scholastic book fair later this year. The date for the fair has not been set because it is typically managed by parents. Suggestions were made to plan a garage sale at the school where people can donate items for sale for prices of [$1, $2, $5, $10 and $20]. Children and parents can visit the school through the day for making purchases.

Other information.

Next meeting: [date, time and location of the next meeting]


Another Example of Informal Meeting Agenda –

A Guide For Holding Informal Meetings

This resource is designed to offer clubs and league committees good practice ideas for conducting informal meetings. The objective of this resource is to make meetings efficient, effective and painless. This document presents ideas which can result in effective meetings being held even when they are informal.

  1. Ground rules of the meeting to be set in advance.
  2. The reason and the time for the meeting.
  3. Decision-makers.
  4. Plans for the next meeting.
  5. Common challenges.
  6. Proper communication.
  7. Minutes of the meeting.
  8. Closing statements and adjourning the meeting.

[Note: Companies and organizations just need to appoint a notetaker who records the minutes of the meeting as well as any other information accurately and in an informal manner.]