Report to Principal about an unexpected commotion in Library

Report to Principal about an unexpected commotion in Library

Report to Principal about an unexpected commotion in Library

[This is a sample Report to Principal about an unexpected commotion in Library. Suppose, you were reading in the library or walking along the corridor to the library when you heard a commotion. A fight had occurred in the library. As a Prefect, you have been asked by the Principal to write a report on what happened. You can modify these sample as your requirement.]

Date: DD/MM/YY

Dear Sir/Principal,

This morning/noon/evening at (Time), the library was quiet as usual. The librarians were arranging books on the shelves. (Describe in your words). A group of students sitting at the front tables was reading. There was a queue of five students at the counter. They were waiting to borrow books. A librarian was attending to them.

Suddenly, two boys from (Department name/Group Name) started shouting at each other. Their names are (Name, (1) XYZ, (2) ABC, (3) QPR. They were in the queue too. From their expressions, it was obvious they were feeling angry with each other. (Describe all about the situation).

One of them shouted out some insulting words at the other boy. Soon the two boys started punching each other’s faces. (Focus on actual problem and situation). The girls who were seated nearby got scared and started screaming.

I was walking along the corridor when I heard the commotion. So I ran to the library. Seeing the boys fighting, I tried to stop them from fighting. (Explain the overall environment of the library). Meanwhile, the class monitor of (Department Head, Group leader name), ran to call the Disciplinary Teacher. The teacher, (name), came in and warned the boys never to fight in school again. (Explain step by step occurrences).

One of the boys, (name), was hurt in his head. It was bleeding profusely. (Another Student name) helped him to his car to take him to the clinic. The Chief Librarian, (name), requested the students to be quiet and continue their reading. (Focus overall situation without any unnecessary words).

Reported by,

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