Report on Services and Managerial Process of MTBL

Report on Services and Managerial Process of MTBL

1.1Objectives of the Report

Main Objective-

The main objective of the report is to know about the general banking and e-banking services of MTB as private commercial bank as well its formation and its functional, operational aspect.

Specific Objective-

-To fulfill academic requirement

-To gain knowledge which well help me in the practical working environment.

-To know more about banking services

-To know how e-banking performed its activities by MTB

To identify and suggest-scope and problem of MTB’S banking services

1.2Scope of the Report

The study would focus on the following areas of MTBL-

General Banking Services

-Types of Account

-Consumer Product and SME finance

-Remittance and Foreign trade

-Correspondent Banking and Visa Card

E-Banking Services

 -Online Banking

 -Tele banking

 -SMS Banking


1.3Rationale of the study

There is a great supportive role of banking system in human society. It plays a vital role for the economics development of a country. The banking system of Bangladesh is backward; the public banks are following traditional system. But now days there are some private commercial, multinational and joint venture banks, which have established in state of the service for their client. MTBL is one of them.

MTBL render various sorts of banking services to fulfill the client needs and demands. They provide both traditional and modern banking services to their customer .Through e-banking services they provide fast and smart services for their modern clients. It also offers services for its international clients. From this report we have some idea about MTBL’s banking services for their customers.


The following methodology will be followed for the study

Both primary and secondary data sources will be used to generate this report.

Primary data source

-Informal discussion with professionals.

The secondary data sources

-Annual reports,

-Official web site,

-Dhaka Stock Exchange etc.

1.5Structure of the Report

This report is consists of five chapters-

In the 1st chapter, objective, scope, methodology, limitation of the report is discussed.

In the 2nd chapter, background, mission, vision, financial highlights is discussed.

In the 3rd chapter, General banking services of MTBL operational and financial aspect is discussed.

In the 4th chapter, E-banking services and their operational and financial aspect are discussed.

In the last chapter, provides recommendation and conclusion for the topic of this report.


– Time constrain

– Budget constrain

– Not examine their services efficiency

– Lack of information

– Sufficient records and publications were not available as per my requirement

– This report only considers banking services of MTBL.

– Lack of experience to prepare this sort of Report.

2.1 An overview of Mutual Trust Bank

Mutual Trust Bank Ltd. is the leading private sector bank in Bangladesh offering full range of Personal, Corporate, International Trade, Foreign Exchange, Lease Finance and Capital Market Services. Mutual Trust Bank Ltd.  Is the preferred choice in banking for friendly and personalized services, cutting edge technology, tailored solutions for business needs, global reach in trade and commerce and high yield on investments, assuring Excellence in banking services.

2.2Background of Mutual Trust Bank

The Company was incorporated on September 29, 1999 under the Companies Act 1994 as a public company limited by shares for carrying out all kinds of banking activities with Authorized Capital of Tk. 38,00,000,000 divided into 38,000,000 ordinary shares of Tk.100 each. The Company was also issued Certificate for Commencement of Business on the same day and was granted license on October 05, 1999 by Bangladesh Bank under the Banking Companies Act 1991 and started its banking operation on October 24, 1999.

2.3Capital Base

Authorized Capital :    BDT 38,00,000,000 Tk.
Paid up Capital       :    BDT 997.92 million (as on 31.12.2007)


You Can Bank On Us


We aspire to be the most admired financial institution in the country, recognized as a dynamic, innovative and client focused company that offers an array of products and services in the search for excellence and to create an impressive economic value.


To be the bank of 1st choice by creating exceptional value for our clients, investors and employees

2.7 Principle Activities

As envisaged in the Memorandum of Association and as licensed by Bangladesh Bank under the provisions of the Banking Companies Act 1991, the Company started its banking operation and entitled to carry out the following types of banking business:

1. All types of commercial banking activities including Money Market operations.
2. Investment in Merchant Banking activities.
3. Investment in Company activities.
4. Financiers, Promoters, Capitalists etc.
5. Financial Intermediary Services.
6. Any related Financial Services.

2.8 Workforce

Total number of employees stood at 578 as on December 31, 2007.

2.9 Branches

The Company (Bank) operates through its Head Office at Dhaka and 36 branches and 5 SMEServiceCenters. The Company/Bank carries out international business through a Global Network of Foreign Correspondent Banks.

MTBL has –

19 branches in the Dhaka Division,

8   branches in the Chittagong Division,

4   branches in the Rajshahi Division,

2   branches in the Sylhet Division,

1   branch in the Khulna Division,

1   branch in the Barisal Division.

The Registered Office of the Bank is:

68, Dilkusha C/A, Dhaka
Phone: 717 0138, 717 0139, 717 0140
Fax: 880-2-956 9762,
Telex: 632173 MTB HO BJ
E-mail: [email protected]

2.10 Financial Performance in DSE




% Change




Business Segment









Outstanding Cap

No of Securities



Face Value

Market Lot








Reserve & Surplus (mn)

Market Capital (mn)

Net Turnover (mn)

Net Profit After Tax (mn)

Year End

Half Year End









Electronic Share?

Listing Year



Director /Sponsor











2.11 Financial Highlight

Financial Highlights

As of December 31, 2007

Figure in million Taka

SL# Items 2007 2006
1 Paid up Capital 997.92950.40
2 Total Capital 2,370.952,114.53
3 Surplus in Capital Fund 43.12506.00
4 Total Assets 32,181.9025,983.92
5 Total Deposits 24,776.9222,264.05
6 Total Loans and Advances 22,683.2318,591.52
7 Total Contingent Liabilities 10,916.149,671.39
8 Lending-Deposit ratio 91.55%83.50%
9 Classified Loans as % of Total loans and advances 2.39%1.03%
10 Profit after provision and tax 210.8478.28
11 Total Classified loans during the year 541.64191.63
12 Total provision maintained against classified loans 217.40330.30
13 Surplus in provision against classified loans 0.30 0.03
14 Cost of Fund 9.15%10.33%
15 Earning assets 28,470.9723,575.83
16 Non-interest earning assets3,710.932,642.16
17 Return on Investments (ROI) 4.10%6.03%
18 Return on Assets (ROA) 0.66%1.82%
19 Income from Investments 162.41184.40
20 Earnings per Share (Figure in Taka) 21.1247.93
21 Profit per Share (Figure in Taka) 21.1247.93
22 Price-Earning ratio (Times) 28.247.14

3.1 Introduction

Professional merit and Competency, Flexibility, Determination and Dedication are the core resources that MTBL consider to be of paramount importance for building a client oriented modern banking. Customer satisfaction is MTBL foremost professional undertaking. Therefore, a satisfied client is MTBL precious product and they consider them MTBL ambassador in the market.

3.2 Types of Account

Current Deposit:

Interest Rate 0.00%
▫ Individual Account
▫ Joint Account
▫ Proprietor Ship Account
▫ Limited Company Account

 Savings Deposits:

Interest Rate 6.25%
▫ Individual Account
▫ Joint Account
▫ Proprietor Ship Account
▫ Limited Company Account

Short Term Deposits:

Interest Rate 6.00%
▫ Individual Account
▫ Joint Account
▫ Proprietor Ship Account
▫ Limited Company Account

Fixed Deposits:

Fixed deposit is one, which is repayable after the expiry of a predetermined period fixed by him. The period varies form 1 month to 12 months. These deposits are not repayable on demand but they are withdrawing able subject to a period of notice. Hence, it is a popularly known as ‘Time Deposit’ or ‘Time Liabilities”. Normally the money on a fixed deposit is not repayable before the expiry of a fixed period.

The interest rates followed by MTBL in Fixed Deposit accounts are:
Interest Rate:
1 months and above but less than 3 months: 8.50%
3 months and above but less than 6 months: 11.00%
6 months and above but less than 12 months: 11.25%
12 months and above: 11.75%

Festival Sanchay Prokalpa are:

Eid-Ul-Azha Sanchaya Prokalpa:
Interest Rate 10.00%

Eid-Ul-Fitre Sanchaya Prokalpa:
Interest Rate 10.00%

Durga-Puja Sanchaya Prokalpa:
Interest Rate 10.00%

Buddha-Purnima Sanchaya Prokalpa:
Interest Rate 10.00%

Boro-Din Sanchaya Prokalpa:
Interest Rate 10.00%

3.3 Procedure of Account Opening

Account Opening (Normal Account):

-Collect an Account opening form from the Bank.
-Fill all the requirements of the form.
-Nominee is must be specified.
-Photograph is most important for any account.
-The account holder sign of his/her own self in front or the specific bank principle Officer in the account opening form.

Account Opening (Saving Account):

-Collect an Account opening form from the Bank.
-Fill all the requirements of the form.
-Nominee is must be specified.
-Photograph is most important for any account.
-The account holder sign of his/her own self in front or the specific bank principle Officer in the account opening form.
-To open this account the most important things is that Passport Photocopy or the Word Commissioner Certificate must have to add with the account opening form. 

Account Opening (Current Deposit Account):

-Collect an Account opening form from the Bank.
-Fill all the requirements of the form.
-Nominee is must be specified.
-Photograph is most important for any account.
-To open this account the most important things is that Passport Photocopy or the Word Commissioner Certificate must have to add with the account opening form and also enclose the form 12 with the account opening form.

3.4 Procedure of Account Closing

For two reasons, One can be closed. One is by banker and other is by the customer.

By banker: If any customer doesn’t maintain any transaction within six years and the A/C balance becomes lower than the minimum balance, banker has the right to close an A/C.

By customer: If the customer wants to close his A/C, he writes an application to the manager urging him to close his A/C.

Different procedures are followed in cash of different types of A/C to close:

  Fixed deposit A/C is closed after the termination of the period.
Brick by Brick A/C is very easily closing if one of the clients didn’t pay his/her monthly.

Closing process for current & savings A/C: After receiving customer’s application the officer verifies the balance of the A/C.  He then calculates interest and other charges accumulated on the A/C. If it bears a credit balance, the officer writes advice voucher. He gives necessary accounting entries post to accounts section. The balance is returned to the customer. And lastly the A/C is closed.

 3.5 Receiving and disbursing Cash


Any people who want to deposit money will fill up the deposit slip and give the form along with the money to the cash officer over the counter. The cash officer counts the cash and compares with the figure written in the deposit slip. Then he put his signature on the slip along with the ‘cash received’ seal and records in the cash receive register book against A/C number.

Account treatment:

Cash A/C——————— Dr.

Customer’s A/C————- Cr.


The drawn who wants to receive money against cheque comes to the payment counter and presents his cheque to the officer. He verifies the following information:

Date of the cheque

▫ Signature of the A/C holder
▫ Material alteration
▫ Whether the cheque is crossed or not
▫ Whether the cheque is endorsed or not
▫ Whether the amount in figure and in word correspondent or not

After checking everything, if all are in order the cash officer gives amount to the holder and records in the paid register.

Account treatment:

Customer’s A/C———– Dr.

Cash A/C——————- Cr.

3.6 Consumer Product

1.Brick by Brick Savings Scheme:                                                                

Brick by Brick is a unique monthly savings plan which builds up over the years and provides a lump sum amount at maturity.

Monthly Installment 5 Years; 8 Years; 10 Years.

90% Loan Advantage on deposited amount. Thereafter in multiples of Tk. 5000 up to a limit of Tk.100, 000.
The maturity value is an indicative figure. Tax/Excise Duty will be deducted as per govt. rules.

Monthly Installment and Saving

Monthly Installment5 Years8 Years10 Years

2. MTB Monthly Benefit Plan:

This plan offers clients to generate monthly income out of client’s deposit. It has been designed to help and assist conscious savers from all strata of the society.

The minimum deposit is Tk. 50,000/= or in multiples thereof. There is no upper limit and this plan is for a 3 (three) & 5 (five) years term that cannot be changed subsequently.

Saver will require to open a savings/current account. Monthly income will be credited to saver’s account.

Deposit Amount

Income Amount
(for 3 year plan)

Income Amount
(for 5 year plan)

Tk. 50,000/=

Tk. 487.50/=

Tk. 500/=

Tk. 1,00,000/=

Tk. 975/=

Tk. 1000/=

 3. Save Everyday Plan:

Saving money for the future is a common practice in any society. Savings help you to build a better tomorrow. Regular saving makes a man become disciplined, self confident and successful.

MTBL offers clients “Save Everyday” Plan. The primary advantage of this plan is that client are absolutely free to choose their own time for depositing money into this account. They can deposit daily, weekly or monthly. The choice is clients, but the transactions will have to be within the Bank’s transaction hour.

This is a 5 year plan and you will be required to open the account with an initial deposit of Tk. 2500/= only. MTBL offer very attractive interest rate which is accrued in this account on a daily basis.

 4. MTB Education Plan:                                                                

Monthly Installment 4 Years; 7 Years; 9 Years, 12 years.

The maturity value is an indicative figure. Tax/Excise Duty will be deducted as per govt. rules. 90% Loan Advantage on deposited amount.

The parent can deposit any amount of money at any day of the month.

Monthly Installment and Saving

Monthly installment4 years7 Years9 Years12 years
1,00062,2001,33,5001,97,500    3,28,500
2,0001,24,4002,67,0003,95,000    6,57,000
3,0001,86,6004,00,5005,92,500    9,85,500

5. Consumer Credit Scheme:

In order to make a significant contribution in the living standards of the people of medium and low income category, MTBL has introduced a scheme called “Consumer Credit Scheme”.

With a view to materialize the dreams of those who are unable to make one time investment from their own savings, one can now afford to buy necessary household equipments and thus improve the standard of living.

All sorts of household durables e.g. Television, Refrigerators, Computers, Air Conditioners, Video Cameras, Washing/ Drying Machines and Furniture’s are allowed under this scheme. One can buy Motorcycle too under this program.

The collateral security is minimum and the interest rates are one of the lowest in the market. Please contact the nearest branch for details.

 6. Best Invest:

Best Invest offers you efficient high return investment plan. This plan helps you to build up a sizeable income in easy and affordable installments.

This plan allows you to own 5 times the initial invested amount. Best Invest offers two separate and convenient term deposit periods for 4 years and 6 years respectively.

Best Invest is available in units worth Tk.50, 000/- each. You will invest Tk.10, 000/- as down payment for purchasing 1 (one) unit and the Bank will provide loan for Tk.40, 000/-. The customer also has the option to buy units in multiples of Tk. 50,000/- but maximum up to Tk. 1, 00, 00,000/- (one core).

 3.7 Customized Product

1. MTB Double Saver Plan:

MTB Double Saver Plan offers you an one time savings scheme, which will provide you double the amount of your deposit after six (6) years. You will receive a handsome amount at maturity. Minimum deposit of Tk. 10,000/- for six(6) years with no limit for maximum amount.

The maturity value is an indicative figure. Tax/Excise Duty will be deducted as per govt. rules. 90% Loan Advantage on deposited amount.

Deposited AmountAmount at the end of Maturity

 2. MTB Triple Saver Plan:

If clients are an individual or if their institution is an NGO or an Educational institution or a Trust or Society or any other institution, they may invest their savings in this scheme with a minimum deposit of Tk. 10,000/- for nine (9) years with no limit for maximum amount. At maturity client will get three times of their deposited amount along with a gift item

Saver can even avail loan up to 90% of the deposited amount.

Deposited AmountAmount at the end of Maturity

 3. MTB Millionaire Plan:

Millionaire Plan is a monthly savings plan, which is designed to make you a millionaire in a few years.

This offer is available for an individual or for NGO institution or an Educational institution or a Trust or Society or any other institution, They may invest their savings in this scheme for 6/8/10/12/15/20 years with different installment sizes. At maturity they will get Tk. 10, 00,000/

Saver can even avail loan up to 90% of the deposited amount after 1(one year).

Monthly InstallmentYearsAmount at the end of Maturity

4. MTB Unique Savings Plan:

Unique Savings Plan is an any day, any amount savings plan. The beauty of this plan is that a customer can deposit any day, any time and any amount.

Unique Savings Plan offers customer to deposit any amount of their choice but not less than Tk. 500/- for 3/4/5 years. This is a high income plan with withdrawal facilities. The withdrawal facility will help them at the time of any emergency. Customer can withdraw 50% of the deposited balance for once a month.

3.8 SME Finance:

Small Business Loan Scheme

With the objective of extending financial support to small businessmen, this loan scheme has been introduced. It has been designed to get business loans on easy terms and without any hassle.

Only the genuine businessmen having entrepreneurship quality and honesty, to run and expand their business smoothly.

Maximum loan under the scheme will be up to Tk. 50 lac. No collateral security is required up to Tk. 5 lac. Collateral security is required for loan above 5 lack

Home Loan Scheme

Home Loan Scheme has been introduced to facilitate people to fulfil their dream of a home of their own. It has been designed o help people to get home loans on easy terms and without any hassle.

Loan amount under this scheme is maximum Tk. 50 lac. Salaried executives, professionals, businessmen and govt. officials are eligible to avail this loan scheme.

The loan is to be repaid by monthly equal installments including interest within the period ranging from 5 years to 15 years depending on the size of loan.

Home Repair Loan Scheme

Home Repair/ Renovation Loan Scheme has been designed with a view to help the owners of house/ building/ flat to mitigate their financial need for repair/ renovation of their house/ building/ flat.

Only the genuine residential house owners will be eligible to avail the loan facilities to repair or renovate their own house/ building/ flats according to their needs.

Maximum loan under the scheme will be up to Tk. 5.00 lac commiserating the monthly income. The loan is to be repaid by monthly equal installments including interest within maximum 60 months.

Auto loan Scheme

Auto Loan scheme has been designed to help materialize your long cherished dream of a car of your own.

Purchases of new/ reconditioned cars are allowed under this scheme. Salaried executives, professionals, businessmen, govt. officials or self employed persons are eligible to avail this loan.

Loan amount under this scheme is 70% of car value but maximum of Tk. 20 lac.

3.9Locker Service

MTBL Dilkusha Branch is providing facility of locker service for the purpose of safeguarding the valuable property of customers. The person or organization that has any account in bank branch can enjoy this service. They keep their valuable assets in banker’s custody. Customers have right to look after with a key of their individual locker provided by bank. MTBL maintains the following types of lockers:

▫ Large locker.
▫ Medium locker.
▫ Small locker.

For enjoying this service, clients have to give charge yearly

Type of LockerService Charge
Large locker.2500
Medium locker.2000
Small locker.1500

3. 10 Remittance Service

Local Remittance

Remittance of funds is ancillary services of MTBL. It aids to remit fund from one place to another place on behalf of its customers as well as non- customers of Bank. MTBL has its branches in the major cities of the country and therefore, it serves as one of the best mediums for remittance of funds from one place to another.
The main instruments used by MTBL, Dilkusha Branch for remittance of funds

▫ Payment Order Issue/Collection
▫ Demand Draft Issue/Collection
▫ T.T. Issue/Collection
▫ Endorsements
▫ Travelers Cheque Issuance
▫ IBC/OBC Collection.

International Remittance Services

Mutual Trust Bank maintains a strong network with the Exchange Houses worldwide for ensuring better remittance services for its customers. The Bank having a network of 36 branches has established remittance arrangements with a number of exchange houses to facilitate wage earners to remit their money to Bangladesh.

The following is the list of exchange houses having arrangement with Mutual Trust Bank Ltd-

Exchange House Name

Service Available


UAE Exchange Centre LLC

web: www.uaeexchange.com1. Taka Draft Arrangement
2. Xpress Money (Agent network)
3. TT Arrangement


Wall Street Exchange Centre LLC
web: www.wallstreet-corp.com1. TT/ EFT Arrangement


Instant Cash Worldwide Ltd.1. Instant Cash Payment.
2. TT/EFT Arrangement.

Locations List

Al Ahalia Money Exchange Bureau1. TT/EFT Arrangement
2. Taka Draft Arrangement


Route of Asia Money Exchange Ltd.1. TT/EFT Arrangement


Bangladesh Money Transfers (UK) Ltd.1. TT/EFT Arrangement


Instant Exchange UK Ltd.1. TT/EFT Arrangement


Moneylink UK Ltd.


web: TT/EFT Arrangement


Trust Exchange Co. W.L.L.1. Taka Draft Arrangement
2. TT Arrangement


Economic Exchange Company1.Taka Draft Arrangement
2.TT/EFT Arrangement


Al Ghurair Exchange LLP1. TT/EFT Arrangement


ICICI Bank, India1. TT/EFT Arrangement


Money Gram Payment System1. Instant Cash Payment



3.11 Foreign Trade

MTB provides a wide range of banking services to all types of commercial concerns such as Import & Export Finance and Services, Investment Advice, Foreign Remittance and other specialized services as required. Although we are a private commercial Bank, we have a strong global network that helps us to undertake international trade smoothly and efficiently.

Import Business

Mutual Trust Bank supports its customers by providing facilities throughout the import process to ensure smooth running of their business.

The facilities are:

a. Import Letter of Credit
b. Post Import Financing (LIM, LTR etc)
c. Import collection services & Shipping Guarantees

Export Business

Mutual Trust Bank offers extra cover to its customers for the entire export process to speed up receipt of proceeds.

The facilities are:

a. Export Letters of Credit advising
b. Pre-shipment Export Financing
c. Export documents negotiation
d. Letters of Credit confirmation

3.12 Correspondent Banking

The objective of our correspondent banking operations is to strengthen our existing relationships with foreign banks and financial institutions around the globe as well as exploring new relationships. In addition to that, we provide assistance in marketing the products of the correspondent banks.

At present MTB is maintaining relationships with 30 (thirty) foreign correspondents and the number is growing everyday. Currently the bank has 18 (eighteen) NOSTRO A/Cs with large foreign banks abroad. The bank is a “SWIFT” member and its Bank Identification Number or BIC is ‘MTBL BDDH’.

List of Major Foreign Correspondent Banks-

srl.Name of BankCountry
3.A.B.International Finance Ltd.Hong Kong
4.ABN AMRO Bank NVLondon, U.K.
6.BANK OF TOKYO MITSUBISHI, LTD.Singapore, Tokyo, Japan.
9.CITI BANK NAGlobally
12.DANSKE BANK A/S.Denmark
13.Fortis BankBelgium
14.FIRST BANK & TRUSTLakewood,California, U.S.A.
15.Bayerische Hypo-und Vereinsbank AG (HVB Gr.)GERMANY (Cover entire Europe)
16.Habib Bank AG- ZurichSwitzerland and Deira Dubai-UAE
18.H B Z Finance Ltd.Hong Kong
19.Habib American BankNew York, U.S.A.
20.J.P.Morgan Chase BankNew York
24.RUPALI BANK LTD.Karachi, Pakistan
25.SONALI BANK (U.K.) LTD.London
26.SONALI BANKKolkata Branch, India
28.SEB (Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken)Stockholm, SWEDEN
30.Vereins Und West bank ( HVB Group)Northern Germany

3.13 Visa Cards

MTB Visa Electron Card will be offered to each and every Savings, Current & STD Account holders of the Bank. This electron Card can be used at any Dutch-Bangla Bank’s ATM all over the country.


No card fee for first year

No transaction fees on POS & DBBL ATMs.

No time bindings for cash withdrawal

No need to come to Branch for cash withdrawals.

5000 outlets for shopping in Bangladesh

Types of VISA Cards-

Visa Remittance Card

It acts like a debit card but it is different than debit cards. . The remitted amount of money will be directly credited to the card account. It will fulfill the purpose of quick money transfer from non-resident Bangladeshi (who are working abroad) to their relatives in Bangladesh.


Beneficiary can draw remitted amount sent to him by using this card. Money transfer within a short time. Easy to use & Carry. No need to rush to the bank branches. Useable at all ATMs bearing Visa Logo. 24 Hours day night cash drawing facility. More than 400 ATM accessibility countrywide. Accepted everywhere displaying VISA sign. No annual fee for card uses. Discount at selective shops & restaurant. Card Cheque facility.

International Travel Card

An internationally accepted VISA prepaid card for the travelers.


Will reduce dollar endorsement hassle and will provide best support while in abroad.

Usability on 550,000 Visa ATM’s worldwide. About 18 million outlets worldwide.

Local Gold Credit Card

Best for upper class income group.


Easy to use & Carry. Buy now pay later. 50% Cash Advance facility. Secured & Convenient. Handy & Prestigious. Up to 45 Days Interest free period. 5000 outlets for shopping in Bangladesh.

Local Classic Credit Card

Best for middle class income group personnel


50% Cash Advance facility. Useable at all ATMs bearing Visa Logo. 5000 outlets for shopping in Bangladesh. Up to 45 Days Interest free period.

MTB Hajj Card

This card will allow the pilgrims to withdraw cash from any of the VISA acquired ATM and purchase or pay against service by using VISA POS throughout Saudi Arabia. The cardholder will be able to withdraw SR 100 in cash per transaction or up to the face value of the card.

MTB Hajj cards are especially designed to ease the payment for food and lodging of the Bangladeshi pilgrims at Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah or Hajj. However these cards can also be used by any travelers at Saudi Arabia considering the security aspect in handling cash required for their travel while in the Kingdom

There are no fees on ATM withdrawals made with Saudi Umrah and Hajj Cards, and 100% cash value can be withdrawn in cash.

The cards adhere 100% to Islamic Shari’ a regulations.

4.1 Introduction

Electronic Banking

A form of bank in which funds are transferred electronically between financial institutions instead of cash, checks, or other negotiable instruments being physically exchanged. MTB introduced online banking, tele banking, sms banking and SWIFT services to provide their customers services for 7 days a week and for 24 hours a day.

 4.2 Online Banking

Mutual Trust Bank online banking offers a customer to deposit or withdraw any sum of money from any branch anywhere. Any account holder having a checking account with the bank can avail this service.

Rates of Online Transactions

Intra CityFree of cost
Intercity transactionSlabCharge
Below Tk. 0.50 LacTk. 20
Tk. 0.50 Lac to Tk. 1.00 LacTk. 50
Above Tk. 1.00 Lac to Tk. 5.00 LacTk. 100
Above Tk. 5.00 Lac to Tk. 15.00 LacTk. 200
Above Tk. 15.00 Lac to Tk. 50.00 LacTk. 300
Above Tk. 50.00 LacTk. 500

VAT will be realized from the clients as per government rules.

4.3 Tele Banking

MTB Tele banking your bank is just a call away”

Through the Tele Banking System, customers can access their Bank Accounts over the telephone on a 24X7 basis. This value added service is offered absolutely free. Registration is mandatory for Tele Banking. Any account holders of Mutual Trust Bank Ltd are eligible for tele banking.

Facilities available at present-

– Access your account from anywhere in the world through a telephone.
– Ability to make balance inquiries without visiting the bank.
– Ability to listen to last 5 transaction detail over the phone.
– Provides a language selection being available in English and Bangle.


The Society for Worldwide Inter bank Financial Telecommunication or S.W.I.F.T. is a worldwide community. 7,800 financial institutions in 200 countries connected to one another through SWIFT.

The guiding principles of SWIFT are clear: to offer the financial services industry a common platform of advanced technology and access to shared solutions through which each member can build its competitive edge.”

Mutual Trust Bank has already become the member of SWIFT community and has started its operation from March 2004. With introduction of SWIFT, MTB ensures its customers the quickest and most secured financial transaction around the world

The SWIFT address or BIC of Mutual Trust Bank is: MTBL BD DH

Bank Identification Code (BIC) for the MTB Branches are:



Principal Branch


Panthapath Branch


Agrabad Branch


Babu Bazar Branch


Progati Sarani branch


Dilkusha Branch


Khatunganj Branch


UttaraModelTown Branch


Dhanmondi Branch



4.5 SMS Banking

It enables you to send and receive textual information anywhere 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. It allows you to access information as well as receive transaction alerts on your account by using your mobile phone.

This value added service is offered absolutely free. Your mobile operator’s standard charge for SMS will be applicable for sending SMS message. Any account holder of Mutual Trust Bank Ltd

are eligible for SMS banking service. Registration is mandatory for SMS Banking.

01730080690 is the mobile no used by MTB SMS Centre to receive and send SMS messages based on the services chosen by the customers.


Access your account from anywhere in the world through a    mobile phone.
Ability to make balance inquiries without visiting the bank.
Ability to receive mini statement of last 5 transactions.
Transaction Alert lets you get informed whenever there is an ATM/ POS transaction on your account.

5.1 Findings & Issues

Mutual Trust Bank Limited is a private sector bank. When preparing this report I have found some areas which require attention.

  •           When a client try to open an A/C he must have to need an introducer, sometime it may create a problems for the new clients.
  •           The person who wants to purchase pay order, TT, DD should have account in the bank branch. These will discourage customers to transact with bank.
  •           They have no own ATM booth, their Visa cards can be used by DBBL ATM’S.
  •           Their numbers of branches are not sufficient enough.
  •           MTB offer relatively low interest rate for Deposited Account than interest rate on lending.
  •           The advertisement of the bank is not enough.
  •           MTB provide comprehensive training to their employees.
  •           MTBL’S SWIFT service is only applicable for the branches of Dhaka city.
  •           As a private bank, MTBL is trying its best to increase their service to the public.
  •          MTBL gives emphasis on E-Banking.

5.2 Recommendations

Following are my recommendations for improvements-

  •           Very immediately they need to setup their own ATM booth to uphold their goodwill.
  •          Branch expansion should be done very rapidly to increase their market share, especially in the prime location of the country and to make the best use of online banking.
  •           They need more advertisement to promote their Tele and SMS Banking.
  •           MTB provide comprehensive training to their employees and need to continue it.
  •           They need to introduce SWIFT services in other branches of the country to facilitate customer.
  •           The bank should introduce new innovative products to attract new potential customers and also to keep its existing customer happy.
  •          They need to flexible conditions on P/O, TT, and DD to encourage outside customers to transact with bank.
  •           Personal relationship should be build up with clients.

MTBL should consider the above criteria to provide customer the best service which will add value to their company while at the same time will make them able to survive in the competitive field.

5.3 Conclusion

In today’s world every economic activity is depend on banking system. It plays a vital role for the economic development. So banking services are very important to speed development. MTBL as a one of the leading private bank in Bangladesh also introduce no. of new and customer oriented banking services and product to contribute in the economic welfare of the country. In this report I tried to highlight their banking services and which will help me a lot to be a professional banker in future.