Report on Instant Cooking Powder

Report on Instant Cooking Powder

Executive summary

As a course requirement of Project Management, this report is designed to the gap between academic knowledge and the practical to some extend. It is really a great opportunity to have on real life experience while passing through the process of theoretical learning.

In this report at the first part we will introduce about the report background, secondly we will describe about the product, fourthly we will work on above the data finally we will analyze all information and findings.

Here we are going to analyze on the impact consumer have on their purchasing intention. That’s why we find out all reasonable hypotheses. At the last we gave conclusion and recommendation.

Orientation of the report-

1.1  Origin of the report

This report prepared as an ac academic requirement of the course (Project Management) of University of Information Technology & Science(UITS). This is assigned by Momtazul Haz Azad, course instructor, school of business.

1.2  Objective of the report

The main objective of the study is developing the knowledge in practical level and find out the reality in the practical life.

–         To have an overview of operation of the INSTANT spices.

–         To gain practical knowledge for making the career in project mangement sector.

–         To get the overview of advantages and disadvantages of managing a project

1.3  Scope of the report

The operational activities are very small of INSTANT spices in Bangladesh. But this study is limited to the the consumer preferences on that product.

1.4  Limitation of the report-

During the study of the report we have faced following problems-

–         Time is not enough for such an extensive study.

–         Information relating to the product is very sensitive that is why secondary data have been used in some extent.

 1.5  Methodology

Data collection-

The information and data used in this report have been collected from both primary and secondary sources-

         Primary sources-

                      Personal observation.

                      Studying different cases.

         Secondary sources-

                      Books, some research report.

                       Lecture sheets.


1.6  Benefit of the report-

As a student we have learned the procedure of writing the report. As well as we have gathered knowledge about the product to be introduced in the marketing “INSTANT” cooking powder.



A research method is the plan for specifying the methods and procedures for collecting relative data’s analyzing all information for getting total output or getting respondents responses about the product. Marketing research is the process of survey market according to customer needs, wants and demand.

2.1 Type of study

In the initial stage of the research mainly exploratory research was carried out to clarify and define the nature of the demographical variables effect on customers purchasing intension. First stage of the research about customer perception was discussed on the basis of Instant’s  existence . This extensive discussion about the hypothesis was carried out to crystallize the problem and identify information for future research. The problem statement, objectives and the scope of the research were developed on the basis of the exploratory research.

Once the dimension of the problem and the hypothesis of the study were identified, the subsequent research was aimed towards fulfilling the objectives and hence finding the level of product quality, which should be lead to identify how the demographical variables should effect on consumers purchasing intension. At this point mainly we had to conduct by causal research to prove the effect of demographical variables on consumer purchasing capability and choices. How ever we had been used descriptive research method for fulfilling some specific objective regarding the characteristics of the phenomena.

2.2 Data collection Method

The main data utilized in the research and analysis was primary data collected through a questionnaire survey. The questionnaire was developed from a research questions identified for this study. Secondary data sources include the information about Instant as the product to be launched in the market, study different research report and such as.

2.3 Limitations

  •  Lack of comprehension of the respondents was the major problem that created much confusion regarding verification of conceptual question.
  •  Limitation of time was one of the most important factors that shortened the present study.
  •  Conditionality of data was another important barrier that was faced during the conduct of this study


3.1 Introduction

Instant is one of the newly launched cooking powder in Bangladesh which will constantly evolved, innovated and changed with time. It has different kind of variants with different flavors. It will dramatically change in cooking techniques. Any one can easily use it and cook as an expert. Who never been idea about using spices using for cooking they can follow easy procedures of using manual which provided by “Instant”.

3.2 Variants of Instant

There will be may variants of Instant spices. Each variants has its own unique character, flavor, and special easier mode for cooking. In the bellow given name some of them-

  •  Instant chilli powder.
  •  Instant Turmeric powder.
  •  Instant Coriander powder.
  •  Instant Cumin powder.
  •  Instant Meat Curry Masala .
  •  Instant Fish Currry Masala.
  •  Instant Garam masala.
  •  Instant Biryani Masla.
  •  Instant Panch Foron (Five Mixed whole spices) etc.

3.3 Techniques of cooking

For cooking  now we do not have to blend all spices such as chilli, turmennic, coriander, cumin and so on. Now-a-days we can easily use these spice packets. Instant can be used easily by following way-

Step 1- We can use it directly while we are cooking.

Step 2- We can use after washing meat or fish.

Step 3- We can use it half of cooking too.

3.4 Packaging

 The packing of Instant is attractable to customers. It has various quantity of sizes packets. Instant has double packed packaging system as well as have polyethene mini packs too.


ResponseNumber of respondentPercentage of the respondents

4.1  Expected Instant’s goodness as compared 


4.2 Rating of Instant as a easy cooking spice.

ResponsePercentage of respondentsNo of respondents
Very bad4%02
Neither good nor bad16%08
Very good80%40

Now-a-days people are too much cognizant about their cooking, especially female who regular cook in kitchen. Currently in the market have different kind of spice but people are looking for time reducing for their cooking that’s why Instant comparatively more easy to use and have different flavors which attracted customers. That’s why 80% people appreciate with Instant’s easy cooking facility.

4.3 Consumer feelings with Instant.

ResponsePercentage of respondentNo of respondents
Extremely bad0%00
Very bad10%05
Very good30%15
Extremely good40%20


People are commonly use that product which they feel good with that, so consumer mostly depend on that product which quality is good and availability also another important factor too. Here we asked about their feelings with Instant, the percentage of their feeling valued continuously – 0% people feel extremely bad, 10% people feel very bad because of Instant’s scent, 20% people feel good with that, 30% people feel very good and majority part feel very good and the quantity is 40%.



Now a day’s people are too much health conscious. They also like to manage their time too, because we all are so much busy. In that busy condition we should have to meet with our hungriness. We can not live without foods but making food is not easy job without appropriate spices. Now world depended on short cut process. Instant is that kind of spice which can easy to use for our cooking, who never cook himself or herself if once he or she read the manual they can cook. We have made several kind of hypothesis about the product based on demographical variables. And we all were trying to prove hypotheses that we were conducted research on the people who will be using Instant.

5.2 Hypotheses

It is essential to have the clear idea about the hypothesis for which the project research has done. As we know that hypothesis is a result or conclusion of an observable phenomenon, which may be true or false. Our hypothesis was- “How demographical variables have effect on consumer purchasing intention of Instant”. We have done research on those people who are using that and try to carry out how and why the demographical variable have important impact on customer purchasing intention-

1. Instant goodness as compared to other spices.

2. Rating of Instant as easy cooking spices.

3. Consumer feeling with Instant.

4. Customer’s preference other than Instant

5. Consumer’s opinion for charging fair price

6. Preference about advertisement of Instant

7. Customers perception on better quality of Instant

8. Customer’s exception to receive any new benefit

9. Instant’s ability to understand customer demand.

10. Acceptance of good packaging and different flavor.


It’s very common in business to identify all kind of opportunity by through giving higher scale of customer satisfaction. But in business another crucial matter is up and down. In the current stage Instant is the new in overall  Bangladesh as well as it’s export in Malaysia, United Kingdom, United state of America, China, Middle-east and so on. These report carrying such information, which will be able to inform people about all kind of components which was playing vital role for purchasing intention of customers. But our project took a long research criterion as Instant is completely a new product which is to be launched in the market.


Based on our work and the knowledge that we have gained from our course work, we made some recommendations for the “Instant” that I believe will be helpful for it-

We should describe the recommendation in two parts which are as follows-

(a)  Problems Part.

(b)  Solution part.

Problem part

  •  As a spice people will not first think about Instant
  •  Most of the Instant users will be female.
  •  Only town living people will be heavy users of the Instant.
  • People have some other preferences too.

Solution Part-

  •  Instant will add some benefit so that people be interest on that and consider it at first as a good spice.
  • Instant will give some such advertisement create a very good awareness in male consumers.
  • Instant will provide some information that should be attracted rural people too.
  • Instant has to introduce more competitive advantages.