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Report on In Plant Training In Beximco Pharmaceuticals (Part-7)

Report on In Plant Training In Beximco Pharmaceuticals (Part-7)

Training Department

Training plays a vital role in translating organization objectives and plans into desired results.


I.      To expose the participants to the new concepts pharmaceutical manufacturing.

II.      To expose participants knowledge.

III.      To improve job skill.

IV.      To change attitude.

V.      To make GMP as a culture.

Training procedure:

  •   Training need analysis
  •   Select “Resource Person”
  •  Preparing Training Calendar
  •   Conducting Training Session
  •   Evaluation of Training ,Trainee
  •  Documentation
  •   Retraining

Training type

  •   Classroom Training
  •   Audio-visual Training
  •   Interactive learning
  •   On the job Training
  •   Group Exercise

Training Applies to

All persons engaged in manufacturing directly and indirectly.

  •   Manager
  •   Officer
  •   Workman

Training Topics:

For New Employees

Induction training is conducted for New Employees on

  •   Basic GMP
  •   Safety overview
  •   On the job
  •   SOP’s

For Existing Employees

  •   Train the trainer’s
  •   GMP
  •   Safety
  •   Utility System
  •   General Self Development
  •   On the job training
  •   SOP’s



During the period of four week in-plant training we visited each department of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited. Not only the GMP guidelines but also the ICH guidelines are maintained in all the procedures and proper documentation, which is most appreciable.

BPL manufactures a range of dosage forms including tablets, capsules, dry syrup, powder, cream, ointment, suppositories, large volume intravenous fluids, metered dose inhalers etc. in several world-class manufacturing plants, ensuring high quality standards complying with the World Health Organization (WHO) approved current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). BPL also contract manufacture for major international brands of  leading multinational companies.

The solid dosage formulation department as well as the liquid dosage formulation department is well established and all the personnel perform their duties according to the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). The operators are skilled enough which is necessary for a quality product.

The Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) manufacturing plant of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is one of the finest facilities in the world to produce Ozone benign HFA based MDI products. Beximco Pharma’s intravenous (IV) fluid manufacturing plant may be regarded as one of the most technologically advanced plants in the world. In designing the whole process, special care has been taken by providing absolute sterile manufacturing conditions.

During our training period we also observed the good interaction between the officers and the staffs & workers. We think this helps them to work as a team.

By the overall performance of all the departments we really feel lucky to be introduced with the world class modern pharmaceutical technology. Thus BPL is serving the nation. We hope BPL will continue to fight against the diseases and bring glory to the country by exporting quality products.

Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. manufacturing plant may be regarded as one of the most technologically advanced plants in the world   However, after our 4 week long in-plant training in Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited we leave the following recommendations that may helpful at least to some extent.


Temperature and humidity control of the total warehouse may further improve the stability of the materials.

Air curtain may help to prevent insect entrance into the warehouse during unloading of the materials in the warehouse gate.

Solid Dosage Formulation

In the dispensing section of the Solid Department Laminar Air flow and moisture and temperature control system may be installed.

It would be better if the dispensing area becomes dust free amidst two different materials dispensing.

It would be better if it is possible to feed the hopper for compression automatically instead of manually.

Cleaner environment (perhaps by HVAC system) in solid department may contribute in the further improvement of the quality of the products.

LCO Department

More storage place may be allocated for the finished products of the liquid department may leave the department more organized.

Temperature and humidity control of the department may further improve the quality of the products.


Housing may provide for employees or transport facilities may be increased.

From this monthly internship program the well performed fresh pharmacist could be selected for the plant recruitment.

Safety arrangements in the exhausted air emission pipe situated in the roof of power station.


We are fortunate enough to get in-plant training opportunity in BPL covering a large number of dosage forms. Our four weeks observation in various departments helped us to make our theoretical knowledge clear. We have observed manufacturing procedures, quality control, packaging and other related activities of pharmaceutical products and fulfilled our thirst.

We have found a very friendly and cordial environment during our training periods. The personnel were cordial to make us known to various departmental activities and machines as well.

We have observed various latest technology applied valuable machines and large industrial area in BPL containing own power stations and liquid nitrogen plant. We have also observed strict quality assurance in every step before supplying the product to the national and international market. In this sense we are lucky and happy to see such practice of GMP.

At last we would like to give hearty thanks to BPL and our gratitude goes to its all personnel. We wish better cooperation between our Department and BPL day by day.

We wish BPL’s good luck to attain the desired goals in national and international market.