Difference between Business Communication and General Communication

Business Communication and general communication are two major branches of communication. Business communication differs from general communication in the case of objectives, styles, format, and scope of applications. The methods, processes, types, and principles, etc. of Business Communication remain almost the same as those of general communication. The basic differences lie in their objectives, styles, and areas of application.

Business Communication is an exchange of ideas, news, and views in commerce and industry are regarded as in an exchange of ideas, news, and views are regarded as Communication. According to Mr. Brennan ‘Business Communication is the expression, channeling and interchanging of ideas in commerce and industry.’ The following points can explain the difference in detail.

Business communication

  • Definition: Business communication deals with only business-related information.
  • Approach: It is formal and directed in approach
  • Format: It uses a specific format for communication
  • Personal touch: There is no scope of using personal feelings in business messages.
  • Scope: It is involved with practical information that is impartial and objective.
  • Presentation: Business communication follows organizational policies.
  • Objective: This communication is made to take a specific action.
  • Type: Business communication is official or organizational communication.
  • Feedback: Feedback is very important for the success of business communication.

General communication

  • Definition: General communication deals with all the information except business.
  • Approach: It is a less formal and indirect approach.
  • Format: Different formats are used based on circumstances.
  • Personal touch: Personal feeling covers most of the part of general communication.
  • Scope: It may be involved with fictitious information and the scope is partial or subjective.
  • Presentation: General communication does not follow any formality.
  • Objective: Here communication is done to inform the receiver about certain issues.
  • Type: General communication is personal communication.
  • Feedback: Feedback is not very much important for general communication.

It can be said that business communication and general or personal communication both are important for us, yet there are some important differences. Enumeration The application, style, method, formalities of both the communication systems must be considered with due importance to make them effective.

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