Pinterest Rolls out the Option to Reply to Comments with Wideos

Pinterest Rolls out the Option to Reply to Comments with Wideos

Pinterest is the most recent social networking site to enable users to respond to comments using videos. The company’s Idea Pins feature now allows users to do so. Pinterest introduced Idea Pins earlier this year, allowing artists to record and edit films with up to 20 pages of information, including voiceovers, background music, transitions, and other interactive components. 

Users may now pick the three dots menu and click “reply with an Idea Pin” when they locate a comment they wish to respond to. You may then either record a new video or upload an old one.

“On Pinterest, there are more opportunities than ever to interact with your community. In an announcement post about the new feature, the company said, “Now you can respond to all of the comments, questions, and requests with a tailored Idea Pin reply.” “We didn’t want to burden you and your thumbs with long, novel-text responses since certain things are simply better shown.”

Pinterest’s new feature debuted just a few days after Instagram launched a similar one. Instagram added the “Reels Visual Replies” function late last week, which allows users to react to comments on posts using Reels. When users choose to react to a remark, they will now notice a new option to make a video reply by selecting the Reels button. It is worth remembering that TikTok was the first to popularize the notion of video answers. 

Last year, the short-form video platform introduced video responses as a method for users to provide additional context for their films and respond to queries. Given the feature’s popularity, it is no wonder that Instagram and Pinterest have implemented comparable functions on their own platforms.

Over the last several months, Pinterest has introduced numerous new features geared at creators. With the acquisition of video creation and editing software Vochi for an unknown fee, the firm increased its investment in creator tools and video. 

Pinterest also introduced a new option for users to view Idea Pin films in a TikTok-style “Watch” tab, with $20 million in creator incentives to promote participation. Pinterest’s introduction of these features suggests that it is attempting to remake itself for the TikTok age, mostly by imitating TikTok features and then adding its own twists. Pinterest is not alone in this, since TikTok has spawned clones on Instagram, YouTube, Snap, Reddit, and other social media sites.