Paragraph On Save Trees

Paragraph On Save Trees

Trees are a boon of nature. Trees are a beautiful expression of nature. They are home to many birds and animals. They are a treasure and we must protect them. Trees help in maintaining the ecological balance of ecosystems on earth. If we destroy trees we destroy ourselves. Trees provide us what we vitally need to stay alive. They provide us with oxygen. If we cannot breathe in oxygen we will perish. Oxygen is released by trees as a result of the process of photosynthesis that occurs in them wherein they use up carbon dioxide. We live by oxygen. We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Trees, therefore, provide the oxygen that is vital to our life.

Our earth today is subject to pollution of air, water, and soil. Besides, we are also suffering from a reduction in the availability of water on our planet due to the drying up of lakes and pollution of water bodies. Trees play a big role in maintaining the hydrological cycle on earth. Trees are a source of food for man and all herbivorous creatures. Tree parts such as roots, stems, bark, leaves, flowers, and fruits are eaten for their nutritive value. Tree parts may also have medicinal properties and may be used to treat various health conditions.

Trees also keep down the heat on Earth. If there are no trees the heat on the planet will be intolerable. Besides, due to large amounts of heat created due to factors such as the smoke generated from industries and vehicular traffic, there is global warming resulting in climate change. Trees can help in solving this big crisis. Trees should, therefore, be saved. When trees are destroyed there is a greater concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. As carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas a greater concentration of the gas leads to greater warming of the planet. Besides, greater levels of air pollution have occurred due to various man-made reasons causing higher carbon dioxide levels in the air. All this has lead to the phenomenon of global warming that has led to climate change around the world.

Trees thus also help in keeping the levels of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, in the atmosphere in check. Global warming is a phenomenon that is caused by high levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.  Saving trees is therefore very important for our life and the life of planet Earth.