Paragraph On Noise Pollution

Paragraph On Noise Pollution

‘Noise Pollution’ is the proliferation of excessive noise that causes an adverse effect on human health and other living species. It can be indoor as well as outdoor. Indoor noise pollution that is mainly caused in the residential areas is due to loud music, humans screaming, domestic dogs barking, etc. Noise pollution is also generated due to household electricity generators and various kitchen and cleaning appliances. The outdoor noise can be mainly caused due to machines, aircraft, trains, and other transport systems. Industrial areas are on a rise and this is another cause of noise pollution. Any noise that violates the nature and upsets the human and animal life is hazardous. The noise level of 50DB is normal for residential areas and the noise level above 97DB is considered harmful. Chronic exposure to noise poses a serious threat to the psychological and physical health of humans and also has a damaging effect on animal life.

As per the World Health Organization (WHO), up to 70DB sound level is normal for living beings but the constant exposure to noise level 85DB or more can be distressing. For example, if you work in an Aviation Industry you are more likely to be exposed to noise more than 85DB noise level for longer hours daily. This can damage the ears. It not only has an adverse effect on your health but also causes a disturbance in day to day activities.

Noise pollution is harmful to the physical as well as mental health. When noise disturbs normal activities of life such as sleep, communication or lessens the quality of life it becomes unwanted. Noise can also have a severe effect on our wildlife. It impacts not only one species but it will mask the voice of other species and eventually will lead the whole ecosystem to speak louder. If creatures don’t speak loudly their voice will be masked directly or indirectly due to human activities causing noise pollution. Marine life is also negatively affected by noise pollution caused by ships and military sonar. Noise pollution is known to have caused the death of various species of animals living on land and water.

Thus, the lack of urban planning and several other factors are responsible for unwanted noise and the problem of noise pollution is rising and harming our environment. The adverse effects of noise pollution can harm human and animal life severely. Thus, prevention is vital and can be mitigated by efficient urban planning.