Neil deGrasse Tyson and Steak-umm are Arguing about What Science Is on Twitter

Neil deGrasse Tyson and Steak-umm are Arguing about What Science Is on Twitter

We live in strange times, where robots roam the ground; monkeys play computer games with their minds, and famous astrophysicists and science communicators on Twitter are saying that frozen meat being cut into pieces. Neil deGrasse Tyson went on to dramatically promote on Twitter that “the good thing about science is that it’s true whether you believe it or not.”

A simple message, perhaps trying to make a critique, for example, flat-ground or covid-deniers, that their beliefs do not change the truth: the earth is round, and cavid-19 exists (as you have noticed). However, not everyone, including many scientists, was interested in reducing the scientific method in this statement.

“There is no blue. The truth is you do not really believe it or you do not believe it. Science is a way to get closer to the truth, but it is just an incomplete process. Well) finder,” wrote Philip Biochemistry, professor of biochemistry, molecular biology and molecular genetics at the University of South Carolina in the North. 

“Scientists who mix the scientific method with the absolute truth become unbearably egoistic and no one invites them to their dinner … for the true story.” Adding their voices to the argument came to beef vendors. Steak-umm Tyson’s tweet taken the same way as everyone else, although at first simply wrote, “Stop browsing”.

Soon, Steak-Umm was trending on Twitter, largely with the support of the scientific community. They took the side of the beef. While the argument with Tyson may seem strange, it is a great brand for the steak product, which ranges from evaluating news sources to creating threads about the importance of knowing the differences between conspiracy theories and anecdotes and data.

Instead of what you would expect, Tyson felt the need to respond to beef. After the argument had been trending for some time, Neil linked his post to a 2016 post on the subject, clarifying his thoughts. The argument in this post agrees with Steak-umms. 

“These are not established by any sitting authority, nor are they established by a single research paper,” he wrote in the post. “Studies can be conducted everywhere until the experiment is converted to one direction or the other, with no or no direction, usually not indicating an event in itself.” “Once the objective truth is established by these methods, it is no longer proved to be false. We will not reconsider the question of whether the earth is round; whether the sun is hot; whether humans and share share more than 98 percent identical DNA? Whether it 78 percent nitrogen.” In the post, he distinguishes between truth (established information) and the scientific method. Calm down everyone. Although his tweet spread like wildfire – and not without merit – his long-term thoughts are in tune with the flesh.