My Visit to the National Zoo

My Visit to the National Zoo

My Visit to the National Zoo

A visit to an important place is always helpful to gain knowledge. A zoo is an interesting place for people of all ages. Similarly, a visit to a zoo is also helpful for enriching our knowledge of zoology. A zoo is related to zoological science or animal world. But it is a fascinating place particularly for children and young. Thus we can learn a lot about various animals, their nature, and their detailed history. We can learn about how various animals, birds live, are born and survive. Once I had an opportunity to visit a zoo.

Last Friday I went to pay a visit to the National Zoo at Mirpur. I had a desire to visit the National zoo at Mirpur in Dhaka. So, a few days ago, I made a plan to visit the zoo. At the entrance, I collected a ticket for taka 20/4- standing in a big queue. The majestic gate and a big signboard attracted my attention. I saw many men crowding at the gate. The covering area of the zoo is quite extensive. But still, it seems inadequate to me.

At first, I went to the shed where the monkeys live. They were jumping here and there with chattering. I was amused to see their jumping and chattering. I offered them some nuts and they seemed very happy to get them.

Then I was attracted to the place where the snakes are kept. Two pythons seemed to be asleep. The sight of the snakes made my blood creep. Afterward, I rushed to the place where I saw some porcupines. Then I hurried to see deer, giraffes, camels, donkeys, zebras, etc. They seemed to be very gentle and innocent animals. I went to the cages of tigers, lions, and bears. They greeted me and other visitors with loud growls. As they are wild and are ferocious, their appearances made me afraid.

I felt rather happy when I visited the birds. They were of various colors and shapes. I crocodiles kept in a small pond. They seemed to be very weak. I felt pity for them.

At a short distance, I found the elephants. Some boys were mounting on the elephants. animals were carrying the boys silently on their backs. I also saw gorillas and chimpanzees. Their performances and activities made me laugh.

I gathered some experiences about the animal world from this visit. I had little knowledge about the nature and behavior of the birds and beasts before. But this visit helped me to have first-hand knowledge about the nature and behavior of the birds.

The sight of the birds and beasts gave me great joy. I learned many things about the lifestyle and food habits of different kinds of birds and animals. Though I felt tired after a visit of long four or five hours, I left the place with a joyful mind and immense experience. The experience that I have gathered through visiting the zoo will remain ever fresh in my mind.