Marketing Activities of Rahim Afrooz Golbatt Limited

Marketing Activities of Rahim Afrooz Golbatt Limited

The main objective of this report is to analysis the marketing activities of Rahim Afrooz Golbatt Limited, here focus on daily functions, working process and various events performed by the RH department. Other objectives are identify and describe the marketing activities of RGL and illustrate the strength, weakness, opportunity and threat of RBL. Finally find out some problems related on Marketing Activities and suggest some recommendation to solve this problems.


Objectives of the Report:

  1. To provide an exposure to the job world and to facilitate an opportunity to implement theoretical knowledge in real corporate situations.
  2. To make a bridge between the theories and practices on real corporate world.
  1. To identify and describe the marketing activities of RGL
  2. To illustrate the strength, weakness, opportunity and threat of RBL


Methodology of the Study:

The report has been prepared mainly on the basis of collected primary and secondary data that has been obtained from the RGL officials and Rahimafrooz Intranet. The daily functions, periodic programs, and annual events performed by the RH department of Rahimafrooz Globatt Limited have been presented here in a descriptive form.  There is no any numerical data and its interpretation here in the report due to irrelevance with the topic.


Rahimafrooz Globatt Limited



Rahimafrooz Globatt Limited (RAGL) began its operation as a trading company in 1954. Today Rahimafrooz has diversified in many areas from storage power solution to automotive aftermarket to retailing. Today Rahimafrooz is striving into the 21st century with a vision for growth and diversification. Their corporate strategy aims at international partnerships and a path of dynamic growth. They intend to transcend national borders and evolve into a globalize business group.

Rahimafrooz is one of the leading Battery manufacturing companies in Bangladesh and their experience curve shows that they have successfully completed their 50 years of operations with the dedication of lot of highly qualified and experienced managers.


Rahimafrooz Philosophies:

Rahimafrooz Aspiration

To be the most admired and trusted organization through excelling in everything we do, following ethical business practices and adding value to stakeholders.

Rahimafrooz Values

  • Integrity in all our dealings
  • Excellence in everything we do
  • Total commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Thinking ahead and taking new initiatives

Rahimafrooz Vision

Be an enterprising Group of Taka 2,000 crore by the year 2010 with a diversified business portfolio focused on dynamic growth, excellence, innovation, customer delight in enriching our world.


Rahimafrooz Strategic Business Units (SBUs):

At present Rahimafrooz has seven strategic business units (SBUs)/ broad subsidiary companies. Those are:

  1. Rahimafrooz Batteries Limited (RBL)
  2. Rahimafrooz Distribution Limited (RDL)
  3. Rahimafrooz Energy Services Limited (RESL)
  4. Rahimafrooz Superstores Limited (RSL)
  5. Rahimafrooz CNG (RACNG)
  6. Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy (RRE)
  7. Rahimafrooz Excel Retreads Limited (ERL)


Rahimafrooz Batteries Limited (RBL):

Rahimafrooz Batteries Limited (RBL) is the largest lead acid battery manufacturer in Bangladesh and offers the most extensive range of automotive and specialized industrial battery. It manufactures more than 300 different types of battery in both JIS and DIN standard in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified plant. Rahimafrooz Batteries Limited is the local leader in marketing automotive and industrial battery in Bangladesh. With excellent export growth rate it has also emerged as a major regional player.

Product Range

Flat Plate:

  • Automotive Battery: Standard Group/ Economy Group
  • Motor Cycle Battery
  • Appliance Battery
  • Deep Cycle Flat plate for Solar and IPS
  • VRLA
  • EV Battery

Tubular Plate:

  • Traction
  • Stationary
  • Solar
  • IPS

Current Production Capacity:

  • Automotive Battery: 1,320,000 (N50) units per annum
  • Industrial battery: 38 million AH per annum


Rahimafrooz Distribution Limited (RDL)

RDL involves in the marketing and distribution of a wide range of products through its nation-wide distribution network. It deals mainly with tyres, automotive batteries, Instant Power system (IPS), UPS and lubricants. It’s batteries are produced in Rahimafrooz Batteries Limited (RBL), which is ISO 9002 and 14001 certified.  Commitment to customer and quality of services for best satisfaction have been a motivating force behind the steady and remarkable success of Rahimafrooz Distribution Limited.

RDL product portfolio includes the followings:


RDL markets different tyres for car, bus, truck and auto-rickshaw. It is the sole distributor of DUNLOP in Bangladesh. RZ Tyre is its own premium heavy duty truck/bus tyre fit for Bangladeshi road. It also markets other economy tyres.

Automotive Battery:

RDL markets three major brands of automotive batteries: LUCAS, VOLTA, VOLTA MF (Maintenance Free) and SPARK. All batteries are produced by RBL.

Power Back-Up System:

Rahimafrooz IPS and Rahimafrooz UPS are two popular power back-up systems marketed by RDL.


RDL is the marketer and sole agent of Castrol, one of the lubricant giants
Famous RDL Brands in Bangladesh:

One Name You Can Trust


Lucas is the leading lead-acid battery marketed by RDL in Bangladesh with its wide distribution network. Lucas is available in 6 and 12 volt ranging from 28AH to 200AH. Lucas lines includes Lucas Automotive Batteries, Lucas Appliance Batteries, Lucas Armored Vehicle Batteries, Lucas Marine Batteries and Lucas Motorcycle Battery.

Connect it Forget it


Volta Maintenance Free battery is a Calcium-Calcium automotive battery with expanded metal technology with more power and longer life. It is hassle-free and save time. It is environmental friendly and tropicalized.


Driving to the Future


RDL is the sole distributor and marketer of Dunlop Tyres in Bangladesh and sells Dunlop tyres of various sizes covering off-the-road, truck, bus, light truck, passenger car and motorcycle.

Heavy Duty Truck & Bus Tyre

RZ Tyre:

RDL launched RZ Tyre in 2000. It is a premium quality cost effective tyre for truck and bus. RZ Tyre is specially designed to act tough on rough roads. Since its introduction RZ Tyre has become the preferred choice of the Institutional, Corporate, Local & Multinational companies. Backed with guarantee RZ Tyre is the trusted companion on the road.


One second please!

Rahimafrooz IPS:

Rahimafrooz IPS is an ideal power back-up system for continuous power supply during failure in the main power grid that means at the time of load shedding.

Rahimafrooz IPS comes with many district features. It incorporates the state of the art inverter technology, and the ‘built-in Centre Processing Unit’ continuously monitors and controls the automatic functions of the IPS. Rahimafrooz IPS is available from 350 VA to 2.00 KVA models

Every Moment Counts

Rahimafrooz UPS:

Rahimafrooz UPS is the latest power back-up solution for PC users. With attractive packaging and the new look, Rahimafrooz UPS is a reliable power backup for computers. The available models are 500, 600, 800 & 1000VA.


Caring Only Your Car

Rahimafrooz Service Center:

Rahimafrooz Service Center started in 1990 is managed by a group of professional engineers & technicians for assisting car users in maintaining the health of their cars. It is equipped with computerized equipments.

Distribution  Network:
Rahimafrooz operates through the most well-connected marketing network. The network is powered by its own five outlets. This network connects over 150 dedicated Dealers. Within its network there are also 200 independent retailers.

Rahimafrooz Energy Services Limited (RESL):

Rahimafrooz Energy Services Limited (RESL) provides standby, captive and distributed power solutions. It is a leading name in the diesel generator market in Bangladesh.

Presently, RESL is the exclusive distributor of PRAMAC in Bangladesh. RESL has become a reliable name in diesel generated power solution up to 2500 KVA. Its customers are industrial plants, real estates, hospitals, educational institutions, telecom companies, super markets, corporate houses and government establishments. RESL has grown as a highly secure energy solution company.

 Product Line: Diesel Generators, Gas Generators and Electrical Accessories.


Product Domain  

  1. Diesel Generator
  2. Electrical Lighting & Accessories
  3. Power Rental (Gas Generator)
  4. Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)
  5. Castrol Industrial Lubricants

Product Range:

  1. Diesel Generator: Up to 2500 KVA
  2. GE Electrical Lighting : Bulb, Tube Light, Energy Savings Lamp, Starter, Ballast

Business Association

  1. Exclusive distributor of Pramac diesel generators , Italy
  2. Authorized distributor of GE consumer & industrial lighting in Bangladesh
  3. Distributor of Castrol Industrial Lubricants in Bangladesh (Internal arrangement with RDL)


  1. Corporate Houses
  2. Educational Institutions
  3. Government Establishments
  4. Hospitals
  5. Industrial Plants
  6. Real Estates
  7. Supermarkets
  8. Telecom Industry


Rahimafrooz Superstores Limited (RSL):

Agora -The REAL Supermarket

Characteristics of Agora

  • Everything fresh.
  • Fixed price recommended by the suppliers
  • All the daily necessities under one roof.
  • All guaranteed Product.
  • Standard quality Product.
  • Computerized billing.
  • Computerized inventory management.
  • Total customer care.


Other value added services at Agora

  • Car parking facility
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Refreshments
  • Flower shop
  • Kids play area

RSL’s Plan

  • Establish a chain of supermarkets.
  • Each supermarket outlet will have at least 7000 sq ft in a single shop floor.
  • The supermarket outlets will have adequate parking space.
  • The supermarkets will carry wide variety of quality assured products only.
  • Develop and promote local products.

Main Objectives:

  1. To offer a clean, healthy and a friendly environment to customers for shopping.
  2. To give customers confidence and establish an environment of trust.
  3. Offer better range of quality products.
  4. Establish rational prices.
  5. Encourage products standard and quality products, or better prices.
  6. Improve product packaging and presentation
  7. Contribute improving living standards.

Unlimited Aspiration of RSL:

To consistently provide remarkably satisfying and valuable shopping experience through a business that improves the QUALITY of LIFE for customers and team members.

Table Showing Rapid Popularity of Agora

YearCustomers Served (In million)


Rahimafrooz CNG (RACNG):

Rahimafrooz CNG Limited (RACNG) offers one stop total solution for CNG refueling, conversion and setting up conversion stations. It assists individuals or the business houses in installing CNG refueling stations on the basis of Build, Own and Operate (BOO). It has its own CNG automobile conversion center and refueling stations.

RACNG offers training and services related to CNG vehicles and conversion. It is an exclusive technical and marketing representative of Lo.gas s.r.l of Italy. RACNG has made available a number of choices for its customers. The range of conversion system covers conventional first generation CNG conversion to 4th generation multi-point sequential fuel injection system.

Service/Product Line:

Online CNG Refueling Station (conventional), Mother –daughter refueling stations, CNG Conversion Systems, Cylinders, Technical Services.


  1. gas.s.r.l,
  2. Sicom s.r.l,
  3. Emer s.r.l.

Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy (RRE):

Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy Limited has played a leading role in the promotion of solar photovoltaic solutions in Bangladesh. Over 20 years of effort in this field has resulted in Rahimafrooz unique expertise in the design of deep cycle solar batteries, charge controllers and fluorescent lamps. Rahimafrooz solar works closely with NGOs, government bodies and international agencies to deliver renewable energy solutions to rural Bangladesh.

Product Range in system integration

  • Remote rural home lighting
  • Water Pump
  • Medical Refrigerator
  • Computer Solution
  • Navigation
  • Telecommunication
  • Signaling
  • Lantern
  • Street Light
  • Water Heater


  1. Rahimafrooz Solar
  2. BP Solar


Rahimafrooz Excel Retreads Limited (ERL):         

Rahimafrooz Excel Retreads Limited (ERL) is the leading tyre retread company in Bangladesh. ERL has been serving the industry since 1994 providing best quality of retreads. Its plant is capable of re-treading tyres of car, bus, and truck.

About Retread:

Retread of tyre is a process where by new tread rubber is applied on a used tyre casing and allow similar mileage like new tyre. The process extends longer casing life. Based on the casing a tyre can be retread 2-4 times. Tyre can be retread as many times as long as the casing supports. The retread process is eco-friendly and does not create any pollution. A retread tyre can Save up to 50% of the tyre cost.

Every time you buy and use a retread tyre, you help to conserve our valuable natural resources and since retread tyres are less expensive than comparable new tyres, one can save money while helping the environment. This is truly a win-win situation.

Retread is cost effective: The cost of a retread tyre will usually be 30 to 50% less than the cost of a new tyre. So it is cost highly effective and profitable.

Retread is safe: Retread tyre can be driven at the same speeds, including highway and Interstate speeds, as new tyres, with no loss in safety or comfort.

Retread saves energy: Tyres are basically petrochemical products. It takes almost 100 liter of oil to manufacture one new truck tyre. As the casing of the tyre is reused in the retread process, it takes only 30 liters of oil to produce a retread.


Other SBUs:

Excel Resources: Tyre retread is one of its key operations. It also manufactures and markets emery clothes

GreyFab and Asia Tex: They are two ventures that manufacture and export textile and terry towels.

Social Investments: Rahimafrooz aids to improve access to education and media by patronizing Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) and the Financial Express. It is also investing with an American counter part to set up a hospital.

Metronet Bangladesh Limited:

Metronet is a joint venture of Rahimafrooz. Metronet Bangladesh Limited has established the first ever fiber optic networking backbone on commercial basis in Bangladesh. Presently this backbone is providing data communication facilities in Dhaka Metropolitan Areas. Its communication backbone facilitates financial institutions, ATMs, mobile phone companies, business houses and ISPs to connect their different branches, bases, nodes and customers. For both retail and corporate customers, the network offers instant access to very high bandwidth at greatly reduced set up and running cost.


HRM of Rahimafrooz Batteries Limited (RBL):


RBL Introduction:

Rahimafrooz Batteries Limited (RBL) is the largest subsidiary company (SBU) of Rahimafrooz group with a yearly turnover of Tk.400 crore plus. It is the largest lead acid battery manufacturer in Bangladesh and offers the most extensive range of automotive and specialized industrial battery. It manufactures more than 300 different types of battery in both JIS and DIN standard in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified plant.

Rahimafrooz Batteries Limited is the local leader in marketing automotive and industrial battery in Bangladesh. With excellent export growth rate it has also emerged as a major regional player.


Three Broad Divisions of RBL:

It has a large management and non-management staff with three broad divisions. They are:

  • Battery Head Office (BHO)
  • Savar Factory (Unit-1)
  • Savar Factory (Unit-2)

Battery Head Office (BHO)

BHO has both management and non-management staff including management staff maximum. The management staffs are divided into several departments as follows

  1. HR and QMS
  2. Administration and Welfare
  3. Finance and Accounts
  4. Automative Battery (Auto) Marketing
  5. Procurement
  6. GRA (Government Regulatory Affairs)
  7. Industrial Battery (IB) Marketing

Savar Factory (Unit-1)

Nakhalpara Factory (Unit-1) is also consisted of management and non-management staff but it includes non-management staff (workers) maximum. This section is also divided into several departments such as-

  1. Production
  2. Store
  3. Quality Assurance(QA)
  4. Administration

Savar Factory (Unit-2):

This section is also formed with maximum numbers of workers and less number of officials. It has the following departments:

  1. Production
  2. Store
  3. QA
  4. Administration

HR and QMS:

The Human Resource (HR) and Quality Management System (QMS) department is headed by the GM who runs the department with six subordinate employees. They are:

  1. One manager (grade-10) of group QMS
  2. Two HR executives (grade-7)
  3. One manager (grade-8) of RBL QMS
  4. Two senior officer (grade-6) of RBL QMS

The GM of HR and QMS is also responsible for the general administration and welfare department and the employees of this department report to the GM. This department is contains two employees A manager of grade 8  and an office assistant.


Tasks performed by the GM, HR & QMS:

Functions of HRM:

The role of human resource management is to plan, develop, and administer policies and programmes designed to make expeditious use of an organization’s human resources. It is that part of management which is concerned with the people at work and with their relationship within an enterprise.

The major functional areas in human resource management are-

Human Resource Planning (HRP):In the human resource planning function, the number and type of employees needed to accomplish organizational goals are determined. Research is an important part of this function because planning requires the collection and analysis of information in order to forecast human resources supplies and to predict future human resources needs. The basic human resource planning strategy is staffing and employee development

Recruitment: Recruitment involves searching for and attracting candidates to fill job vacancies. During recruitment, it is important to have a large pool of qualified recruits. However, after having recruited this large number of job applicants, organizations must weed out the unqualified ones and then select the very best remaining candidate(s) for the job.

Selecting: Selection is a later stage of the recruitment process which involves choosing competent and qualified applicants suited for the job. This selection of competent employees is one of the most important activities a firm can do. Spending a few extra dollars, to select a competent employee who might potentially save the firm thousands of dollars, is money well-spent.

Orienting: Orientation is the first steps toward helping a new employee adjust himself to the new job and the employer. It is a method to acquaint new employees with particular aspects of their new job, including pay and benefit programmes, working hours, and company rules and expectations.

Placement: After completing the initial orientation the employee finally placed in the position for which he or she has been chosen. It is another function of HRM to place proper people in the proper place.

Training: Training focuses on the current KSA based on the current job. Training effort initiated by an organization to foster learning among its member. It tends to be narrowly focused and oriented towards short-term performance concern. It is also called learning process that involves the acquisition of knowledge, sharpening of skills, concepts, rules, or changing of attitudes and behaviors to enhance the performance of employees. It may be also defined as a method whereby people get hold of abilities to aid in the accomplishment of organizational objectives. It occupies planned learning activities premeditated to develop an employee’s performance at her/his recent job.

Development: Development focuses on the required future KSA needed to perform future job. Development is the effort that is oriented more toward broadening individual’s skills for the future responsibilities. Development is a wide-ranging, enduring multi-faceted position of behaviors to bring an employee or an organization up to another entrance of presentation. Development also suggests achieving several jobs or new role in the upcoming.

Performance Appraisal:  This function monitors employee performance to ensure that it is at acceptable levels. Human resource professionals are usually responsible for developing and administering performance appraisal systems, although the actual appraisal of employee performance is the responsibility of supervisors and managers. Besides providing a basis for pay, promotion, and disciplinary action, performance appraisal information is essential for employee development since knowledge of results (feedback) is necessary to motivate and guide performance improvements.

Compensation: Human resource personnel provide a rational method for determining how much employees should be paid for performing certain jobs. Pay is obviously related to the maintenance of human resources. Since compensation is a major cost to many organizations, it is a major consideration in human resource planning. Compensation affects staffing in that people are generally attracted to organizations offering a higher level of pay in exchange for the work performed. It is related to employee development in that it provides an important incentive in motivating employees to higher levels of job performance and to higher paying jobs in the organization

Employee Relation: employee relation could be divided in to two categories which are-

Staff Relation: The purpose of staff relations is to ensure effective communication between management and staff, to secure maximum cooperation from staff, and to motivate staff to give their best by ensuring that they feel fairly treated, understand the overall direction and values of the Civil Service and those of their departments, and how decisions that affect them have been reached.

Labor Relation:The term “labor relations” refers to interaction with employees who are represented by a trade union. Unions are organization of employees who join together to obtain more voice in decisions affecting wages, benefits, working conditions, and other aspects of employment. With regard to labor relations, the personnel responsibility primarily involves negotiating with the unions’ regarding wages, service conditions, and resolving disputes and grievances.




Successful human resource planning should identify our human resource needs. Once we know these needs, we still want to do something about meeting them. The next step in the acquisition function, therefore, is recruitment. This activity makes it possible for us to acquire the number and types of people necessary to ensure the continued operation of the Organization. Recruiting is the process of discovering potential candidates for actual or anticipated organizational vacancies or from other perspective, it is a linking activity- bringing together those with jobs to fill and those seeking jobs.

“Recruitment a process to discover the sources of manpower to meet the requirements of the staffing schedule and to employ effective measures for attracting that manpower in adequate numbers to facilitate effective selection of an efficient working force”——Yoder & others

 “It is a process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating and encouraging them to apply for jobs in an Organization. It is often termed positive in that it stimulates people to apply for jobs to increase the “hiring” ratio i.e. the no. Of applicants for a job.”——-Flippo

Technically speaking, the function of recruitment precedes the selection function and it includes only finding, developing the sources of prospective employees and attracting them to apply for jobs in an organization, whereas the selection is the process of finding out the most suitable candidate to the job out of the candidates attracted (recruited).


Objectives of recruitment:

  • To attract people with multi dimensional skills and experience that suits the present and future organizational strategies.
  • To induct outsiders with a new perspective to lead the company.
  • To infuse fresh blood at all levels of the Organization.
  • To develop an organizational culture that attracts competent people to the company.
  • To search or head hunt/ head pouch people whose skills fit the company’s values.
  • To devise methodologies for assessing psychological traits.
  • To seek out non-conventional development grounds of talent.
  • To search for talent globally and not just with in the company.
  • To design entry pay that competes on quality but not on quantum.
  • To anticipate and find people for positions that does not exist yet.


Recruitment Process:

The steps to recruitment process as follows-

  • A vacancy arises; sometimes this is due to the creation of a new job, on other occasions it may be because of an existing member of staff has been promoted or is retiring.
  • The job description is updated and an employee specification is written. The job description lists the duties of the job whilst the employee specification gives details of the experience, skills and abilities needed to carry out the job.
  • A vacancy advertisement is been written and is circulated via weekly bulletin; other media can be used including newspapers, internet recruitment sites, specialist publications and the employment service.
  • Application forms are sent out along with copies of the job description and employee specification and must be returned on or before the closing date that has been set.
  • A shortlist is compiled of applicants who are going to bee invited to attend for interview. This is done by the recruitment panel that compare each application from with the requirements of the employee specification, Feedback can be provided to those not short listed and applicants have the right to complain if they feel they have been unfairly treated.
  • Interviews are held. The panel will use the same set of questions with each interview. The interview may include a selection test. Feedback can be provided (upon request) and unsuccessful applicants have the right to complain if thy feel they have been unfairly treated.
  • References will be requested. The successful applicant for jobs working in certain areas, including working with children or vulnerable adults, will be asked to apply for a criminal disclosure check through the Criminal Records Bureau and responsibility the selected candidate.
  • Before appointment the successful candidates medical checkup and arrange induction training.




Selection is increasingly important as more attention is paid to the costs of poor selection, and as reduced job, mobility means that selection errors are likely to stay with the organization for longer. Selection and evaluation techniques are explored that help you pick among qualified candidates. Successful selection activities entail a lot of careful planning and careful thought. Employee selection processes are critical to hiring a superior staff.

According to R.M. Hodgetts “Selection the process in which an enterprise chooses the applicants who best meets the criteria for the available position.”

Selecting Process:

Selection processes as follows-

Step 1: Preliminary Selection:Preliminary selection of applicants is done by setting minimum standards for the job, and communicating these standards to your employees, and agencies who help you recruit. The fact that some potential applicants may not apply because of their inability to meet the minimum requirements serves as an initial screening device.

Then, when reviewing resumes and application forms, firms are further able to screen out unacceptable job candidates. At this point, firms can also assign priorities to the resumes so that the most promising candidates may be seen.

Step 2: Employment Tests: Throughout the practice of Human Resource Management, firms should endeavor to act on objective data. This is true for compensation management and for performance appraisal, and it is certainly true for the selection process where firms wish to assess the match between job applicants and job requirements.

One way to ensure that a selection decision is based on the objective data is to use employment tests. Employment tests provide firms with objective data for purposes of comparing applicants. Examples of such tests include; paper and pencil test, manual dexterity and strength tests, and simulation exercises.

Step 3: Selection Interview: Selecting the best candidate for the job is the #1 priority of the selection process. The employment interview is conducting to learn more about the suitability of people under consideration for a particular job and is one further obstacle for the applicant to overcome. The interview is one further means of reducing the number of people who might be eligible for the job.

Put simply, the interview is a formal, in-depth conversation conducted to evaluate an applicant’s acceptability for the job opening. The interviewer is interested in answers to the following questions:

  • Can the applicant do the job?
  • How does this applicant compare with others who are applying?

Prior to the interview, other selection procedures (obstacles) should have narrowed the selection to a manageable number of applicants that look promising for an interview. The more applicants picked, the more time the process will take. For most jobs, less than six candidates should be ample.

The selection interview proceeds in a series of stages. Initially, the interviewer needs to be prepared. Part of this preparation includes deciding where to hold the interviews and which type of interview to conduct. Preparation also includes carefully reading through and making notes on the applicants’ application forms and resumes. At this stage, interviewers should make frequent reference to the job (job description) to compare the applicant’s background with the job’s requirements. The preparatory stage also includes developing a series of job-related questions. During the interview, the interviewer should have an outline of questions, on which to take notes.

During the interview process itself, initially, the interviewer(s) should ensure the creation of rapport between interviewer(s) and the interviewee. Next, the two parties can engage in the exchange of information. Once the interview has been terminated, the interviewer(s) must set aside some time to evaluate the notes they have taken during the process.


Step 4: Verification of References:

  • Q: What kind of person is the applicant?
  • Is the applicant a good and/or reliable worker?
  • Use references the find answers to these questions

Personal References

  • usually provided by friends or family
  • objectivity and candor are questionable
  • not commonly used

Employment References

  • differ from personal references
  • discuss the applicant’s work history
  • questionable usefulness
  • former employers are unlikely to be candid
  • useful primarily as confirmation of prior employment
  • frequently omitted entirely from the selection process

Employment References: the Telephone Inquiry

  • fast
  • cheap
  • voice inflections or hesitations to blunt questions may be very informative
  • less than 22% seek negative information
  • 48% used to verify application information
  • 30% used to gather additional information

Step 5: Medical Evaluation:

  • Generally a health checklist
  • Health information
  • Accident information
  • Occasionally the checklist is supplemented by a physical examination


  • Employer may be entitled to lower health or life insurance rates for company-paid insurance
  • May be required by provincial or local health officials
  • May be used to determine whether the applicant can handle physical or mental stress


  • A congenital health condition may be considered a disability
  • Failure to hire an applicant due to a disability may be seen as discrimination against a qualified applicant

Step 6: Supervisory Interview: Since the immediate supervisor is ultimately responsible for new workers, he or she should have input into the hiring decision. The supervisor is better able to evaluate the applicant’s technical capabilities and is in a better position to answer the interviewee’s job-related questions. Further, the supervisor’s personal commitment to the success of the new employee is higher if the supervisor has played a role in the hiring decision.

In fact, in a majority of firms, the supervisor has the authority to make the final hiring decision. In these cases, it is the role of the HR department to do the initial screening and to ensure that hiring does not violate laws such as Human Rights legislation or Labor legislation.

Step 7: Realistic Job Preview: The realistic job preview involves showing the applicant(s) the job site in order to acquaint them with the work setting, commonly used equipment, and prospective co-workers. The realistic job preview is intended to prevent initial job dissatisfaction with a job by presenting a realistic view of the job. Research shows that job turnover is lower when realistic job previews are used.

Step 8: Hiring Decision: The actual hiring of an applicant constitutes the end of the selection process. At this stage, successful (as well as unsuccessful) applicants must be notified of the firm’s decision. Since money and effort has been spent on all applicants, the HR department may wish to consider even the unsuccessful applicants for other openings in the organization. The applications of unsuccessful applicants are often kept on file and the applications of successful applicants will be retained in the employees’ personnel files.

No matter what the form of the job offer, the principle is generally the same: do not make promises or statements that you cannot or do not intend to keep. Such statements can lead to expensive litigation if it is later decided to terminate the employee.

When a job offer is made, it should include the following information:

  • The position offered
  • Location of the job
  • Salary (although sometimes salary must be negotiated before the applicant will accept)
  • Benefits
  • Starting date
  • Any papers or information that should be brought on the first day of work
  • A date (or time) by which the applicant must respond to your job offer, so you can move on to the next candidate if your first choice does not accept.

Practices in the Company:

Rahimafrooz Batteries Limited is a large battery manufacturing organization in Bangladesh. In RBL there are 2000 employee works (including factory and head office). Among these 2000 employees, 300 are managers & executives, 1200 are NONACS and 500 are ACS. The size of the employee shown in the below pie diagram:

The HR department of RBL is very strong in order to maintain a large number of employees. There are about 60 employees’ works under the HR department. Among these employee 15 are managers & executives, 35 are Non-ACS and 10 are ACS. The overall employee of HR department in RBL shown as follows:

In order to maintain theselarge employments of personnel Human Resource Department (HRD) prepares HR plan, job description, and job specification and performs job analysis for all level. The organization have corporate strategic plan and prepare human resource plan every year after consulting with respective department. That is prepared by HRD. Rahimafrooz used ratio analysis, trend analysis, statistical analysis, management judgments and computerized forecasting for forecasting human resource method. The principles of recruiting and selection are the incumbent should be creative, trustworthy, responsive and courageous, should have experience, skills and good qualification.

Rahimaroooz prepares job description for different position. In order to prepare job description at first particulars department prepares job description, which is signed by the department head and then send to HR department. HR department then review the job description and approved the job description for that particular position.

For recruitment of a particular position particular department sends a recruitment requisition which is signed by the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and then send to HR department. After getting that requisition HRD uses online or newspaper, advertisement for that position and collects CV up to certain period.

Selection of the incumbent differs in Rahimafrooz according to the levels of management. For selection grade 5 and 6 that means officer and Sr.Officer post the organization first screen the collected CV’s then short listed candidate ask to give a written test that called ability test. Then the selected candidate from the ability test asked for the interview. After checking references and all other requirements HRD makes the final decisions and finally makes the orientation program for the new employees.

On the other hand, for selecting the executive levels they took two interviews from short listed candidate. First interview is for selecting candidate for the final interview. After having final interview, organization selects that employee who meets all the requirements.

Again, in order to selects manager and above level of management all the process done by Rahimafrooz corporate office (RACO).


Performance Appraisal:

Meaning of performance Appraisal (PA):

Once the employee has been selected, trained & motivated. , He is then appraised for his performance .Performance appraisal is the step where the management finds out how effective it has been at hiring and placing employees .If any problems are identified steps are taken to communicate with the employees  & to remedy them.

Performance appraisal is defined “as a process of evaluating the performance of a job in terms of its requirement.”

According to Heyel “ It is process of evaluating the performance & qualifications of the employees in terms of requirement of the job for which he is employed   for purposes of administration including placement, selection for promotions providing financial rewards  & other actions which require differential treatment among the members of the group as distinguished from actions affecting all members equally.

“Process of estimating or judging the value, excellence, qualities or status of some object, person or thing.”

Importance of Performance Appraisal:

  • Performance appraisal provides systematic judgment to back up salary increases, transfers, demotion or terminations.
  • They are means of telling subordinates how he is doing & suggesting needed changes in the behavior attitudes, skills, and job knowledge. They let him know where he stands with the boss.
  • The superior uses them as a base for coaching & counseling the individual.
  • It provides adequate feedback to each individual for his or her performance.
  • It plays a vital role in identifying training & development needs & to evaluate the effectiveness of training & development programmes.


Special Training Program for Employee Development:

“I Plan”:

The I Plan program is developed based on 10 Habits of human being that are essential for both personal life and professional life. To install these 10 habits in the behavior of the employees the HR of Rahimafrooz undertakes an interesting off the job-training program named “External Community Session”.

External Community Session:

In an External Community Session, a group of about 20/25 management staffs go to the pre decided training spot with residential preparation for 1.5 days. In this program several sessions are arranged where each person talks about each person’s behavioral good sides and bad sides. First, a person is sited in the “Hot Chair” and then the other persons of the audience start talking about him by tern. The hot person needs to keep his mouth stop and to listen only the colleague comments about him. The audience speaks about hot person’s good sides-

  • What are his good habits?
  • How does he works with,
  • Which woks he is good at?
  • What are his most pleasing manners? etc.

After finishing saying about the good sides of the hot person the Audience start talking about the bad sides of the person on the hot chair. They speaks out-

  • What are the worst parts of his behavior?
  • What behavior he should change immediately?
  • What weak sides he posses on his professional life?
  • What are the problems of his personality?
  • What areas he needs to improve him? Etc.

Each person gets a turn to sit on the hot chair and thus each person gets opportunity to speak about each and every person. The peer colleagues speak about each other, the boss speaks about subordinates, the subordinates speak about their boss and in this way each and every person can get a real picture about how he is actually perceived by the people around him.

After the behavioral problems are identified of the staffs, the trainer provides the 10 Habits of the I Plan as prescription for development. This is called I+ 10 Habits.


The main objectives:

  1. To identify the points where behavioral improvement- is required for both personal life and professional life.
  2. To install the prescribed 10 good habits in the usual behavior pattern of each employee

 The Renowned 10 Habits are as Follows:

I + 10 Habits

Habit 1:

Respond rather than react.

Anticipate likely changes. Takes steps to avoid/minimize the impact of the possible changes to the business situation ·Acts calmly when faced with unexpected situations. Asks a lot of questions to understand the situation ·Acts in an unhurried manner ·

Habit 2:

Be purposeful

Displays knowledge of the company mission statement in day to day activities· Shares personal purpose with others· Gets about day to day work in a purposeful manner (body language, vocabulary, energy)· Satisfies even the unexpressed needs of the customer.

Habit 3:

Choose to grow

Produces quality output· Finishes deadline related work well on time· Spends time doing purposeful work such as learning, physical exercises, relationship building, spiritual work, improving personal finance and developing emotional maturity· Does not spend time doing non-purposeful activities.

Habit 4:

Work towards success for all

Tries to understand the objectives of others· Shares knowledge and resources with others· Comes up with solutions to make sure the other person wins while the individual wins too · Shares credit with others· Appreciates others contribution

Habit 5:
First enter the other persons world before inviting them to your world

Genuinely listen to the other person· Matches the other persons emotions, thought process and behaviors · Genuinely tries to understand the other persons emotional state· Helps the other person solve problems, without trying to ‘fix it’· Thinks of the other persons situation when communicating a different point of view ·

Habit 6:

The even better, third alternative

Appreciates other points of view· When faced with a situation of another person having a different point of view, tries to understand that point clearly ·Willing to look at other options [third alternative]· Works passionately to Willing to let go of a point of view in order to find a better alternative

Habit 7:

Constant and never ending improvement

Shows constant desire to improve in a balanced way in all 6 aspects of life [Competencies, Health, Relationships, Emotions, Finance, Spiritual]· Always Uses every opportunity to learn something new, from colleagues, company manuals, TV, newspapers, kids etc· Displays a beginners’ mind set in the face of learning.

Habit 8:

The Magical right brain and the logical left brain!

Believes imagination and hope are powerful and uses them· Works towards improving even the little things ·Uses brainstorming methods to allow individual and team creative juices to flow.

Habit 9:

Lighten up

Appreciates even the little things in life and considers them blessing ·Always smiles, greets, remembers birthdays and is a pleasure to be around · Takes things lightly, while maintaining high standards· Gives feedback in a pleasant, non-threatening manner.

Habit 10:

Give more than expected

Promises only what can be delivered· When promises are made, they are delivered better than promised [earlier, more caring, better quality]· Balances giving to work, home, profession and community and ensures all these groups are given more than expected


RBL SWOT Analysis


  • Local market leadership
  • Manufacturing Infrastructure
  • Export markets
  • ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certifications
  • Product range
  • Distribution network
  • Rahimafrooz image of with 50 years
  • Management structure and practices
  • Experienced manpower
  • Price leadership in local market
  • After sales service


  • Inconsistent product quality
  • Process of new product development
  • High cost
  • Technical know-how
  • Inadequate of market information
  • IB production constraints
  • Export price competitiveness
  • Lack of technology partner
  • SAP Implementation
  • High debtors’ outstanding


  • Local market growth in CV and rural
  • Solar and telecom markets
  • New markets with MF batteries
  • India market opportunity
  • Anti dumping withdrawal from battery export to India
  • Significant growth opportunity in Sri Lanka and Nepal
  • Duty-free access to Australia and New Zealand
  • Direct investment in India and Thailand
  • IB traction sells export to Thailand/ ASEAN/ Australia


  • Supplementary duty withdrawal from battery import
  • Duty free import of battery solar system
  • Raw material price increase
  • Political unrest
  • Limitation of Lead availability
  • Gas crisis at Savar factory
  • Local manufacturers
  • Competitors penetration in Rahimafrooz distribution channel


Findings & Recommendation

The findings of the study are as follows:

Effectiveness of performance Management: The HR department in Rahimafrooz conducts surveys, people voice, to evaluate the effectiveness of performance management. The metrics used in this study for measuring the effectiveness of performance management in rahimafrooz are-

  • Percent of available positions filled from within the organization.
  • Average performance rating
  • Employee turnover rate
  • Employee satisfaction and attitude survey

Increased Employee Motivation: Rahimafrooz’s compensation system is designed to offer pay that is competitive and reflective of performance. At the same time non-financial rewards are also provided through recognition, the provision of opportunities to succeed, skills development and career planning and enhancing job engagement and commitment.

Enhanced Leadership Capacity: the performance management process helps managers to improve their ability to lead, guide and develop the individuals and terms for whom they are responsible. The HR department in Rahimafrooz works alongside line managers, helping them as necessary to develop their skills and encouraging their use. In essence, HR specialists exist to support performance management rather than drive it.

Corporate Hospitalization Policy: Only permanent employees and his or her family unit are eligible for the Hospitalization benefits. The temporary, contractual and casual employees are not getting the corporate hospitalization policy benefits.

HR team member formulate and co-ordinate recruitment, orientation and training program as per HR plan.

HR – QMS team members Review and keep up-date Quality Management System (QMS) in line with ISO 9000 requirement. As well as Environment Management System (EMS) in line with ISO 14001 requirements.



After the analysis of information and data regarding the HR Management System of Rahimafrooz, this study has found that the system effective and efficient in achieving the organization’s long term strategic objectives through the processes for managing, motivating and developing employees. However following recommendations have been made for the system to improve further and hence can be regarded by other organization’s for benchmarking.

  • More Employee Involvement: To be successful, involved should be more than just systematic approach; it should become part of the organization’s culture and management philosophy . Employee involvement help generate a sense of responsibility and ownership of decisions in the minds of employee.
  • Use of 360-Degree Feedback: A 360-Degree Feedback approach is recommended for assessing employee development needs. Compared to single source feedback process, 360-degree feedback is significantly more powerful, reliable and accurate. The information that it provides is one of the best sources for suggestions on where development effort s should be planed.
  • Performance Management for all Staff: Performance management should be applied all the group staff and should not be confined to management staff (employees from grade-5 to grade-12) only. Otherwise the organization may fail to keep up its effectiveness in the future.
  • Hospitalization Policy: Hospitalization Policy should be applied to all  employees for getting more productivity.
  • Need to establish the process, review and update marketing and administrative policies, practices and procedure as per corporate guideline for facilitating the desire marketing changes and improvement.



The ultimate goal of HR managers is to create and maintain a satisfied and committed work force that will contribute to the success of the organization. Because organizations with more satisfied employees tended to be more effective then the organizations with less satisfied employees. Rahimafrooz who has determined its corporate vision by the year 2017 that strive to identify the improvement areas in and will be accomplished by the dynamic and committed work force. Better HR performance confirms better job satisfaction and better job satisfaction confirms organizational success. Rahimafrooz believes on it.

To make the job satisfaction in terms of financial the company recently introduced monthly variable point bonus system by which employees get this bonus with their monthly salary by fulfilling the point target. Each employees of Rahimafrooz can avail their casual leave, sick leave and earned leave when necessary by which they can attend in their social activities. They also have a very good medical policy. Two contractual MBBS doctors in Savar and Nakhalpara areas are also available to check up the health of the employees. Now they are identifying the other areas to develop for fulfilling the satisfaction of the Rahimafrooz employees.