Socio Economic Impact of Direct Marketing in Bangladesh

Socio Economic Impact of Direct Marketing in Bangladesh

Main purpose of this report is to analysis Socio-Economic Impact of Direct Marketing in Bangladesh with emphasis on Destiny- 2000 Limited. Other focus es subjects are world wide expansion level of direct marketing and Comparison between traditional marketing and direct marketing. Finally discuss benefits of direct marketing in Bangladesh scenario and evaluation of its impact on Bangladeshi people and on their life style. Here also find out problem and prevention of direct marketing in Bangladesh.


This report focuses on some issue which relating with the direct marketing such as –

  • Origin of direct Marketing.
  • World wide expansion level of direct marketing .
  • Comparison between traditional marketing and direct marketing.
  • Entry period of direct marketing in Bangladesh.
  • Some direct marketing companies those operating there activities with comparatively strong position in Bangladesh.
  • Benefits of direct marketing in Bangladesh scenario and evaluation of its impact on Bangladeshi people and on their life style.
  • Problem and prevention of direct marketing in Bangladesh.
  • Find out which group of people is more attract to such business-their age, profession, Educational Level, Involvement period, and there satisfactory level.
  • And finally tried to present through this report the actual scenario on socio-economic impact of direct marketing in developing countries like Bangladesh and what’s the role played by Destiny-2000 Ltd. And also what role will be play in future.



To making this report I had to need help of some direct marketing companies in Bangladesh. Specially “Destiny-2000 Ltd”, and some other companies are neway Bangladesh (pvt.) Ltd, Bangladesh Ltd, MXN Modern Herbal food Ltd. Etc. To gathering actual information I went all those companies and talk with their sales & marketing finance, Administration, Training, IT, Production & Purchase, Customer Service even with their distributor. I also went some districts and divisional area for colleting information form root level. I was also take help of some books, Magazine, Article, web site, news paper etc. to make this report.


Traditional Marketing and Direct marketing: 

Mainly two types of Marketing Activities Currently Operating in the whole world.

  1. Traditional Marketing System
  2. Direct Marketing System.

As this report based on Direct Marketing so we must have to have a clear concept about Direct Marketing. But if we want to know clearly about Direct Marketing concept, first of all we must have to have clear concept about traditional Marketing system

  1. Traditional Marketing System:

This type of Marketing activities started from many years ago. At least from hundreds years ago. In which a manufacture or a producer sold their product and services to customer through a distribution channel. Some middle man were involved in the distribution channel. Such as importer, agent, dialer, whole seller, retailer, advertise etc.


Manufacture  → Importer  →  agent   →  whole seller  →  Retailer  → Customer

In traditional Marketing system a consumer get only consume facilities but don’t enjoy any financial benefit. Only all those middle man can enjoy financial benefit. As middle men enjoy financial profit so ultimately Product and service price become more expensive compare to production price. As consumers are the main source of Marketing and any financial benefit so, a few capitalist middle man become more rich day by day. And maximum percent capital of a country goes to a few persons  and create like an ice –berg.


  • Direct Marketing System:

This type of Marketing activities started from sixty five years back. Direct Marketing is also called as a Multi-level Marketing, Network Marketing, Direct selling, person to person Marketing, Matrix Marketing, One to One Marketing, Retail Marketing etc.

Direct Marketing is a dynamic, Vibrant, Rapidly expanding channel of distribution for the Marketing of products and services directly to consumers.

Manufacturer   →   Direct Marketing company    →    Consumer


In which, Direct Marketing company may be a manufacturer or primarily buy product and services form the manufacturer and sell it directly to the consumer in current market price. This type of company doesn’t use any middle man or advertisement media to sell their product to the consumer. So they can save same many from the cost of middleman & advertise and use it in following two purpose-

  • Administration cost of the company
  • Commission payment to the customer.

So in this marketing system mass people that means customer are both side benefited. One is consume benefits another one is financial benefit through the information sale to their family members, friends, relatives, neighbor, colleague etc. If they buy some products and services through  his/her reference.

So, ultimately we can say that in Direct marketing system everyone can enjoy not only consuming facilities but also enjoy financial benefits through the information sale in their free time without any extra investment and logistic activities. So this type to marketing can strongly help to break the ice-berg capital structure from few persons and also help to create a equalize capital structure all over the country and that will  create a positive socio-economic impact in developing countries like Bangladesh.



In 1940, American chemist Dr carl rain bourg Invented such kinds of vitamin capsule which known as a california vitamin under the california vitamin company. After some years changed the company name “Netrilite product incorporate.” Netrilite product like such as Burnett, studphen etc. on that time “Dr. Carl Rain” thought if he would market his product in traditional marketing way then general consumer would not get any financial benefit. But he wanted to give all financial benefit to the consumers who would eventually buy his product. He also wanted to deduct the role of middle man in his products marketing activities and to keep them away from any kinds of financial benefits. From that thought he made a way of marketing for his product that was directly introduced to consumers from the company without any distribution channel and advertisement and in market price and he also decided to give financial benefits to those consumers who would sale his product through their oral information. Thus created a new marketing system that is “Direct marketing”. So, that was the origin time of direct marketing and Dr. Coral Rain Bourg called as inventor or father of direct marketing system.


World-wide expansion level :

After 18 years from the origin that means in 1958 from American parliament direct marketing system achieved international recognition as legal marketing activities  in the whole world and the difference was (410-400) that means 10 votes. After then direct marketing never have to  look back.

In 1958, top level persons of the company Rich D. Vose and his friend J. Van Andel came out from Nutritile product incorporate and established a new direct marketing company and that was “Amway  corporation.” Amway was taken from two words that was “ American & wave”. In present time Amway corporation is the largest and number one direct marketing company in the whole world.

At present time almost more than 12,000 direct marketing company operating their activities under more than 150 countries in the world and global sales are more than $200 billion through direct marketing . Direct marketing practice is more in United States, Austria, United Kingdom, Brazil, France, Mexico, Korea, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, India etc.

In United States more people are involved in direct marketing practice in the whole world. Almost 1.5 core people and sales are more than $30 billion. One survey had seen that 38.8% of Personal care product and 34.8% of Household product marketed in United States through direct marketing in 1995. At present that excided more than 50% for both and Amway corporation in the largest direct marketing company not only in United States but also all over the world at present time having a yearly turn over more than $10 billion.

Now a days more than 10 million people are involved in direct marketing practice. Actually in 1990 whole Europe was very excited about direct marketing and saw their tremendous future.

In the beginning of 1970 direct marketing practice started in Asia.  At first in 1971 in Malaysia direct marketing practice started. In 1993 direct marketing did get government recognition by Malaysian government. Now more than 800 established direct marketing company operating their activities in Malaysia and majority of the total population are involved in direct marketing. Products are marketed through this system in Malaysia.  “Dr. Mahathir Mohammad” also strongly believe that direct marketing played a great role in development of Malaysia within a short time.

Recently in India direct marketing practice is growing very fast. Although direct marketing activities started in 1996 by the famous K.K. Modi group. Now more than 3,000 companies are working in India and largest direct marketing academy of India is “Academy for global Network of India” in Tamilnaru.

World famous some direct marketing companies are –

  • Amway corporation.
  • Herbalife international
  • Shaklee corporation
  • Discovery toys inc.
  • Nutri-Matics international (USA)
  • Natural world inc.
  • Enrich international
  • Excel telecommunication inc.


Some famous persons who are involved in direct marketing –

  • Jhon Milton Fogg – Author of the greatest Network in the world and editor in chief of upline.
  • Jhon David Mann-Edtor and designer of upline­TM
  • Bill Britt- From 35 years involved in direct marketing and also an Top class earner of Amway corporation per-day income $ 2 lac.
  • Anthony Robin – Top class motivator in the world and have to pay $ 1000 fee to join his seminar class. The Main Advisor of fomer American president Bill-Clinton.
  • Road Nucleolus – Consultant, Trainer, Writer.
  • Mark yarnell – contributing editor for success magazine and contributing editor for upline.
  • Paul Zane Pilzer – world’s most prominent economist a professor and counselor to president and truel champion of Network marketing sale.
  • Rafiqul Amin – Managing Director, D2K Group and pioner of direct marketing in Bangladesh.
  • Fath popcorn – Founder and chairman of Brain Reserve. Inc Newyork.
  • Russ Devan – Founder and Director of success by Design.
  • John Bonaham – Former Vice-president of IBM


Some popular books of direct marketing are –

In present world direct marketing involved as a course subject in many Universities in develop countries. Some published books are –

  • Being the best you can be in MLM- John kalench
  • Who stole the American dream ? – Burke Hedges
  • Wave: 3 The new era in Network marketing – Richard Peo.
  • Wave: 4 Network marketing in the 21st century – Richard Peo.
  • The greatest network in the world – John Milton Fogg.
  • The greatest opportunity in the history of world – John Kalench.
  • Your first year in network marketing – Mark Yarnell & Rene Reid yarnell.
  • Build your own network sales business – Gregory Kishel, Paticea Kishel
  • How to bild a large successful multilevel marketing organization – Don Faila.
  • Successful network marketing for 21st century – Rod Nicholas


Entry period:

In 18th February, 1999 1st direct marketing company entered in Bangladeshi market and that was “Global Guardian Network” (G.G.N.)  Canadian citizen “Navoratnam Sri Narawan Thasa, his wife, his sister and his son Murali Sri Narawan Thasa” were founder of the company. Their main product were water distiller machine, polar biear etc. Those were very costly and not necessary in Bangladesh scenario. On the other side some problem raised from illegal trade license and Govt. Registration. G.G.N also had a problem that was they did not provide products and commissions in due time and last four to five months G.G.N did not pay any commission to the customers. In that situation, founder of the company closed their activities and 27th January, 2000 formed a new company that was “Neway Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd.” At the same time of G.G.N another direct marketing company ‘Tong-chang’ origin of China also closed their activities. Neway was known as a sister concern of G.G.N. Neway started their marketing with service charge and few Indian and local products. Those were very below standard. As their operational software and all founder body were stayring in Canada then many problem raised that time. In that time Md. Rafiqul Amin and Mohammad Hossain had given some proposal. On other side receptionist Nazma Ahmed fancy build a close relation with Chairman of Neway and got a director post of the company. In that situation, Neway created an environment that could be termed as a total bad practice in direct marketing in Bangladesh. In September 5, 2000 the National Daily newspaper “Manob Jomin” published an article and which contained some information about Neway and some other companies those are engaged with bad practices of direct marketing in Bangladesh.

After than again in November 2000, Md. Rafiqul Amin and Mohammad Hossain had given another reformation proposal to management of the Neway. But their were no positive response. In that position, Md. Rafiqul Amin and Mohammad Hossain thought that they had come to Bangladesh from Luxurious Canadian citizen life because the reason only was to help  Bangladeshi people through the legal and honest practice of direct marketing. Lastly with another 9 persons Md. Rafiqul Amin and Mohammad Hossain came out from Neway and established a new company “Destiny-2000 Ltd.” Destiny got registration from joint stock company on 14th December 2000 and started their activities on 5th January 2001.In between G.G.N and Destiny all most 15 to 20 other companies started their activities in Bangladeshi market. Such as – THAIFU, DXN etc. But most of the companies closed their activities within short time. Because most of the companies had been cheating with Bangladeshi people. On that time without a very few number of company, most of the companies engaged in bad practices of direct marketing business in Bangladesh. So, most of the people were afraid about direct marketing company and business. A number of marketing researcher think G.G.N and Neway are more responsible for creating  that afraid situation . They started a trend of bad practice of direct marketing and some others companies got courage to continue the bad practice of direct marketing. In that tough situation Destiny 2000 Ltd. had played a great role in legal and transparent practice of direct marketing in Bangladeshi scenario with an honest and efficient leader Md. Rafiqul Amin and Mohammad Hossain. And result is that, now direct marketing is in a stable position in Bangladesh and create a good prosperity in socio- economic development in Bangladesh in which Destiny 2000 Ltd. stay in leading position.


List of the direct marketing companies:

According to join stock more than 70 direct marketing companies completed their registration formalities and allmost all start their activities with different categories of products and services. Such as general convenience products and information & communication technology, health related products, consumer products, innovative product etc.

A list of  direct marketing company those operated their activities in Bangladesh are:

  1. Destiny 2000 Ltd.
  2. Neway Bangladesh (pvt) Limited.
  3. Biznas.Com Bangladesh Ltd.
  4. Ganex Bangladesh (pvt) Ltd.
  5. Baw kang Health care Int. Company Ltd.
  6. Doorway Marketing Ltd.
  7. Al-Palah Communication services Ltd.
  8. Dream Bangladesh Information System Ltd.
  9. MXN Model information system Ltd.
  10. Sape (pvt) Ltd.
  11. Bangladesh FRC Ltd.
  12. DXM Health ((B.D) Ltd.
  13. Life line concept Ltd.
  14. A one system Ltd.
  15. Solveway Business Bangladesh (pvt) Ltd.
  16. Young Tai Health care services Ltd.
  17. Senzer T.D Ltd.
  18. Gnisoul (pvt) Ltd.
  19. Saimun Associate Ltd.
  20. Life Golden Bangladesh Ltd.
  21. Life time (T.A) Ltd.
  22. Grameen Star Education.
  23. First system (pvt.) Ltd.
  24. Rich Development (pvt) Ltd.
  25. Pioner Marketing company (pvt.) Ltd.
  26. Global Guardian Network Ltd. (G.G.N)
  27. International Tong Chang Products (B.D) Ltd.
  28. Inter (T.C)
  29. Taifu (B.D) Ltd.
  30. BNSSL
  31. B.D com
  32. Glaisier (B.D) Ltd.
  33. C.S.D
  34. Help Line
  35. Focus
  36. Save
  37. Ocean Marketing company Ltd.
  38. B.M.C Ltd.
  39. Gano Darma Main Stockist (B.D) Ltd.
  40. Gurdon Network Ltd.
  41. Faith Marketing system Ltd.
  42. Hi-way System Ltd.
  43. Geon Fabrics Ltd.
  44. kuntum Bangladesh Ltd.
  45. Easy way Ltd.
  46. Pasific path
  47. Willing ton
  48. Shajalal Network Ltd.
  49. Franceworld Network Ltd.
  50. Islamic Trade & commerce Ltd.
  51. Super Bio Linkage (pvt.) Ltd.

In present scenario of Bangladesh without a few number of direct Marketing companies, almost all are already closed their activities.


Major direct marketing companies in Bangladesh:

There are some major direct marketing companies still now operating their activities in Bangladesh scenario. Those companies are :

Neway Bangladesh (Pvt.) Ltd:

Although Neway is the First Generation direct marketing company in Bangladesh but at present time their operational activities may be termed as a middle class company in Bagladesh. Neway use some concept in marketing based on Canadian direct marketing companies. So, these don’t match with Bangladesh scenario.


Problems of the direct marketing companies:

Although direct marketing practices started in Bangladesh almost 10 years but still now Government did not provide any guide line or formal rules & regulations for direct marketing companies to operate their activities. So, day by day number of problems rising in Bangladesh. Those are :

  • Inefficient & dishonest management of the company.
  • Lack of proper knowledge & education of the management.
  • Unrealistic marketing plan of the company.
  • Payment system is not transparent of the company.
  • Unsmooth payment system.
  • Company doesn’t pay all taxes & vat properly to Government.
  • Most of the offers are unnecessary & costly products and services.
  • Late in delivery products & services to customers.
  • Lack of proper seminar & training facilities.
  • Lack of their own manufactured products & services.


Method of choosing an ideal direct marketing company:

There are some characteristics to identify a direct marketing company an ideal one. These characteristics are :

Marketing plan:

  • It must be stable for long time.
  • It must be easy to understand
  • It must be memorable.
  • It must be realistic
  • It must be acceptable

Management Division:

  • They must have to have proper knowledge and experience about direct marketing business.
  • Their should be transparent financial transaction in last years.
  • Must have to free from any claim about last years income tax payment.

Training Division:

  • Must have proper marketing related training facilities.
  • All trainers must have to have proper knowledge & experience about specific marketing training.
  • Must have to have training tools & also should arrange regular publications.

Products and services:

  • It must be in reasonable price.
  • It must be returnable.
  • It must be available.
  • Company’s must have some products in their product list of their own production.


Why Destiny Leading in Bangladesh?

Some of the reasons for acknowledged as a leading direct marketing company in Bangladesh are:

  • Destiny provided sufficient number of Net & Group office facilities to their customer around the country. Almost 122.
  • Destiny provided a large number of varieties products & services to their customers. More than hundred types.
  • Destiny already produced their own branded products and services.
  • Destiny already established almost 8 sister concern and a large number of sister concern are in the process of development.
  • Destiny had paid all tax and vat properly to govt. more than Tk. 12 core. That is also highest payment in Bangladesh as a direct marketing.
  • In short time 12 Lac people join with as a Distributor. This rapid growth is really tremendous not only in Bangladesh scenario but also in world scenario.
  • Destiny have more qualified and sufficient number of trainers and presenters than other direct marketing companies in Bangladesh. So, most of distributors get better seminar facilities than other companies.
  • Weekly, Regular & Smooth payment systems.
  • In recent Destiny Developed High performing distributors (HPD) Project. So, Distributor getting more facilities under this project. That is more incentive facilities one their sell rather than before. Also more than other companies in Bangladesh.
  • Commission payment ratio on sells revenue is more than other direct marketing companies in Bangladesh.


Types of Product:

  1. Health & wellbeing
  2. House hold items
  3. Home entertainment
  4. Telecommunication device
  5. Cloths & Fabrics
  6. Therapeutic
  7. Home applications
  8. Skin care & cosmetics
  9. Daily needs
  10. Educational software CD etc.


Marketing plan:

Anyone can buy Destiny’s products and services from their shopping centers or any nominated places. In this case, all are those acknowledged as simple consumer not as a distributor. So, they do not get facilities to earn commission through product selling by their oral information.

To become a distributor requirements are:

  • At least 18 years of age.
  • Minimum educational qualification (S.S.C)
  • Have to buy product or services from Destiny at least 500 p.v at a time.
  • Must have physical and mental fitness.

After fill up two forms, one is application and agreement which contains applicant information, sponsor information and nominees information etc. And another form is product order form which contains product types, quantity, price etc.

After fill up those two form one must have to drop any companies nominated Net office with cash then he/she will receive a money receipt with a distributor identification number (DIN). After entry their information in company software they will get a business centre. As Destiny use balance binary 50/50 software in their payment system so, distributor will get two sales volume for sponsor their prospect customer.


Designation and incentive are:

8 CycleSilver ExecutiveTk. 10,000/- for mobile
16 CycleGold ExecutiveVacation tour in Malaysia
30 CyclePlatinum Executive12 Months house rent allowance & Tk. 10,000/- for per month.
40 CycleP.S.D5% Profit share of Net profit of the company on their sales volume.
40 P.S.DDaimond ExecutiveTk. 15 Lacs. For car & celebration in Australia
13 Daimond ExecutiveCrown ExecutiveTk. 40 Lacs for flat.
07 Crown ExecutiveCrown AmbasitorTk. 1 core. For mercitize.


Role of customer service:

Customer service is a very important department Destiny-2000 Ltd. because customer service play great role in some major area. those are:

  1. Genealogy Tree Print
  2. Sales Volume
  3. Outstanding Form Correction
  4. Executive ID Card Order
  5. Center Transfer & Entry
  6. Sponsor Change & Check
  7. Letter Dispatch
  8. Net Code Change
  9. HPD form Entry & Outstanding Correction
  10. Incentive Check
  11. Tree Certificate Form Entry
  12. Customer Service Over Telephone
  13. Form Query
  14. Vacation Tour
  15. Maintenance Logistic Items & Courier Receive
  16. Outstanding Form Storing. etc.


Some sister concern of Destiny Group:

In the process of diversification plan Destiny has already established 8 sister concerns. Those are:

  1. Destiny Sales Training centre. (DSTC)
  2. The Daily Destiny.
  3. Destiny Shopping centre Ltd. (DSCL)
  4. Air Destiny Ltd.
  5. Destiny Multi purpose co-operative society Ltd. (DMCSL)
  6. Softalk online (pvt.) Ltd.
  7. Destiny Electric & Electronics Industries Ltd.
  8. Destiny Tree plantation Ltd. (DTPL)

On the other side some sister concerns are in the process of development are:

  1. D2k Consumers Product Ltd.
  2. D2k Transportation Courier Service Ltd.
  3. D2k Media & Publication Ltd.
  4. D2k Tea Ltd.
  5. D2k Fishery Ltd.
  6. D2k Bank Ltd. Etc.


Destiny Sales Traning Centre (DSTC):

Training is a very important factor for significant growth and rapid success for a marketing company specially in direct marketing company. There is no alternative without providing sufficient and effective training facilities. So, keep it in mind Destiny established (DSTC) on 12th February, 2006. It is a institute for human development and also the first formal direct marketing institution in Bangladesh. DSTC provide service and training facilities around all over the country. And Trainer Presenter Association (TPA) is a voluntary organization that supports to DSTC.

DSTC Develop efficient and powerful Trainer & Presenter panel under some categories are:

Corporate Trainer:

  • Rafiqul Amin (Mananging Director, D2K Group).
  • Monir H. Khan (Consultant in Marketing Department of Phoenix University, U.S.A)
  • MD Akbar Hossain (CEO, BRIDDHI)
  • Mario Turshika (International Trainer & Motivator, Canada).

National Trainer:

Still now nobody in this position. Those are, who will be better perform as executive Trainer will come in this position.

Executive Trainer:

  • Ashraful Amin
  • Azad Rahman
  • Mahabubur Rahman (Sumon)
  • Shaheen Ahmed

Divisional Trainer:

Almost 11 persons are in this position.

Regional Trainer:

Almost 23 persons are in this position.

DSTC Already established some Training Course:

  • Start-up Training Course (STC).
  • Special Basic Training Course (SBTC).
  • Invite & Follow up Training Course (IFTC).
  • Closing Training Course (CTC).
  • Distributor Follow up Training Course (DFTC).
  • Tree Plantation Selling Skill Development Training
  • Special Seminar of Destiny-2000 Ltd (SSD)
  • Presenter Training Course (PTC)
  • Leadership Training Course (LTC)
  • Trainers Training Course ( TTC)
  • Team & Time Management Training Course (TTMTC)
  • Selling Skill Development Training Course (SSDTC)
  • Executive Training Course (ETC)

On the other side almost 23 new Training Course are in the process of development.


The Daily Destiny:

Daily Destiny is an organization of D2k media & publication Ltd. This organization registered form DC office on 27th June, 2006 and in first July 2006 started activities to print as a tasting four color and eight pages. Daily Destiny had sign open agreement for taking picture facilities from focus Bangla and news services facilities from BD News and Bangladesh Songbad songastha (BSS).  Management of the Daily Destiny wants to go in final publication and circulation all over Bangladesh within next month that means June 2007. Opening Page will be 48 with four color and regular will be 16 page which also four color.

The main theme of the Destiny is “Poth Anek, Amra Sottar Potha”. Management of the Daily Destiny wants to achieve as a higher circular and as create more demand in market within 6 to 12 month from the opening day.

Destiny Shopping Center Ltd (DSCL): 

DSCL is a most important sister concern of D2k group. Because mother company D2k mainly a direct marketing based company. Service is the main objective of DSCL.

Five Wings of DSCL are:

  1. Operation
  2. Marketing
  3. Retailing
  4. Sales & Distribution


Air Destiny Ltd:

Air Destiny is another sister concern of D2k group. Air Destiny got registration from joint stock & civil aviation on 23rd August, 2004. After G.MG Airlines, Air Destiny is the 2nd private air organization in Bangladesh. Air Destiny also a member of International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Some services of Air Destiny are:

  • Air Ticket
  • International/Hotel
  • Transportation
  • VISA Processing & support
  • MAAT services (At Zia International Airport)
  • Package Tour.
  • Holiday package
  • Hajj package
  • Omra package
  • Special Europe package etc.

Management of the Air Destiny already contact with America about General sales agent (G.S.A) & with Malaysia about passenger sales agent (P.SA). They also hopeful that end of 2007 on 1st of 2008 Air Destiny will fly in air.

Destiny Multi-purpose co-operative society limited (DMCSL):

Destiny Multi-purpose co-operative society limited a sister concern of Destiny Group which registered on 23rd April, 2005 and started their operation on 1st may, 2005. Their main goals & objectives are to help educated unemployed people to give loan facilities for starting business or any profession. Their primary Goal is providing loan facilities 10,000 little and middle class business man in short term basis and simple terms & condition to become self sufficient.

Some established scheme of DMCSL are:

  1. Saving scheme
  2. Fixed deposit scheme
  3. P.S
  4. Monthly profit payment scheme
  5. Double growth scheme
  6. Tree package loan scheme
  7. High education loan scheme
  8. Consumers credit scheme

Some other scheme are in the process of Development are :

  • Micro credit
  • SME loan scheme etc.

Proposed Branches of DMCSL are:

  1. Mirpur
  2. Uttara
  3. Jattrabari
  4. Kourt House street etc.


Softalk online (pvt.) Ltd:

Corporate background:

Softtalk online (Pvt.) Ltd. a leading ICT company in Bangladesh and it is also a IT base sister concern of Destiny group. Softwalk online (pvt) Ltd. incorporated on 2nd September 2003 is one of the innovative Pc software companies, with an authorized capital of 300 million BDT. The company employs approximately 25 personnel and has it registered office in 2/c Purana paltan 10th floor, Dhaka-1000. Today softalk offers a comprehensive line of software and different taste of creative service in information Technology sector.

Some Projects:

  1. Computer aided Education software
  2. Media monitoring
  3. SMS provider
  4. M- learning etc.

Some Services & Achievements:   

  1. Software Development
  2. Web base system development
  3. Hardware & software registration & maintains
  4. Project management
  5. Biometric access control
  6. Distributors Data Entry
  7. Corporate web service solution
  8. Web base software registration system
  9. VBGS etc.

Some Products & Services :

  • Computer aided education software (Vertual CD)
  • Computer Meridian Diagnostic (CMD)
  • Prognos
  • ID & Point privilege Card (PPC)

Computer aided education software (Vertual CD):

Softalk is the premier provider of Computer Aided Educational (CAE) software. Products in this line include a series of computer based interactive learning software named Virtual Learning. We already produced Virtual Learning education software for the students of secondary level, which was nominated for UN IT award.

Computer Meridian Diagnostic (CMD): 

Softalk introduced Internet based advanced health checkup system named Computer Meridian Diagnostic (CMD). One can instantly get a complete status of twelve main organs & systems of human body including Lung, Heart, Kidney, Liver, Gall bladder. Stomach, Digestive System. Urinary Bladder and Pancreas etc.

CMD takes reading from fingertips through specialized sensor and provides the report through Internet analyzing data within minutes. Softalk successfully launched the Internet based CMD (computer meridian diagnostics) program for the first time in Bangladesh on 18 December 2003. We are in the process of launching the higher version of CMD ‘CMD Prognos’ (Doctor’s Version) in Bangladesh soon.

CMD Training :

Countrywide they have trained thousands of doctors already on CMD.


The diagnosis and therapy control system PROGSSJOS® is based on the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) on the one hand and represents a high tech product on the other hand. The hardware in the form of the measuring handle which was optimized compared with the EAV (electro acupuncture according to Voll) and the software were developed in Russia within the field of space medicine by Prof. Zagriadskii and Dr. Poljakov. The device has been used for more than ten years in the space capsule MIR.

The meridians are representing the most sophisticated overall regulation systems of the body as they have relationships to all organs, organic system and the mind, too. These systems can be measured in terms of their energy content with the formerly Russian electro acupuncture device the electrical skin resistance of the endpoints of the meridians, inversely related to the organ system energy. By determining this not only once but several times under different provocation circumstances the regulation and compensation abilities of the body can be determined.


ID & Point privilege Card (PPC):

Digital ID has become the technology of choice for the majority of organizations and with good reason. Digital ID card are growing increasingly affordable, are easy to use, and offer a host of benefits including fast production, low cost per card, single-step printing, unlimited card design possibiiities, unlimited colour options, automatic magnetic stripe, bar code, proximity, or smart card options, database options, durable cards, difficult to counterfeit, easier badge replacement and above all – “IT’S SMART”.

Point Privilege Card (PPC) is an electronic voucher system for the holders to get discount of any purchase from selected shopping centers. Most advanced hardware and software combination allows the enterprises (shopping mall) to provide better service to its customers. Currently more than one million members are using PPC cards.


Destiny tree plantation Ltd. (D.T.P.L):


Although tree are well known to every one in the world. But tree package as complete product under direct marketing sale with point value (p.v) is a very unique creation of Destiny group. Md Rafiqul Amin M.D. D2k group is the innovator of this unique product. Destiny tree plantation Ltd (DTPL) registered form joint stock on 29th March, 2006. Once a  Established Destiny & direct marketing in Bangladesh was as a big challenge to Md. Rafiqul Amin. I think, after then Rafiqul Amin wanted to invent a product that will be unique to the people and every one must have to come in his company for buy this product. From that challenge, this idea generated in his mind and today’s Destiny tree plantation project is the result of that.


Product Overview:

DTPL CARE for the millions of trees they grow from seed, planting them in the best locations, tending them in order that they will grow to sizes where they will be harvested to provide the timber and its products demanded by the world.

DTPL CARE for our environment. After all, only industrial tree plantations are considered by the Kyoto Protocol to absorb and store some of the carbon dioxide they emit in abundance, resulting in global warming. DTPL plantations also provide a habitat for many species of wildlife, preventing their extinction.

DTPL CARE for people of the Third World. In areas where there once was only poverty, DTPL bring regular paid employment, and providing whole families with hope for the future our plantations, the people of the area are shareholders and receive a percentage of the income. They also contribute to essential community services that will improve the quality of their life.

DTPL CARE for its investors, ensuring that their trust in DTPL is rewarded – amply rewarded in fact, because DTPL offer interim cash returns at 6 and 9 years during the 12 year full- growing cycle. In spite of this, the equivalent return will be far better than offered by most other forms of investment. They deserve it, however, for without them, there would be no plantations.

Project Overview:

Plantation of trees in a systematic manner on large scale basis in suitable areas of the country has now become the pressing need of time. The plantation program as envisaged by Destiny Tree Plantation Ltd., has been fully designed as per principles / norms suggested by concerned experts and professionals for making the scheme a success.

It is true that a dismal picture was prevailing in the forest sector during 1990 while in 1970, forest area accounted for 30% of total land in Bangladesh. That scenario did not prevail any longer and the forest area percentage came down to 9.2% in 1990. With some measures in a limited sphere taken up by the govt. in early 90’s, the situation started improving slowly due to Govt. policy of introduction of participatory social forestry program. In spite of this and some other measures introduced by the Govt., the success is yet to attain the desirable target. It is no denying the fact that more realistic and pragmatic measures need to be immediately taken up to revamp the sector so as to create mass awareness vis-à-vis social participation of the people.

Never before in the forest sector, such vigorous and extensive program for plantation of trees was ever taken by any private organization that Destiny Tree Plantation Ltd., one of the vital concerns of Destiny Group has augmented courageously in the face of several problems. The socio economic objectives behind this investment stake is the creation of huge job opportunities of ordinary skilled and unskilled persons including a remarkable size of related professional groups in one side and, on the other part, this program will effectively ensure congenial situation for environmental protection.

Bangladesh, with her severe land constraints, is endowed with unique soil pattern that every inch of our land, be it plain or hilly area, is equally fertile fulfilling all the requirements of organic components.

In view of the premises mentioned above, it reveals that investment programs in tree plantation projects, both in plain and hilly areas in a massive scale has guaranteed positive economic return, i.e., the Return On Investment (ROI) in this sector is proved to be higher than the opportunity cost of the land.

Moreover, the tree plantation project shall alleviate poverty by creating huge job opportunities adding value to the GDP thus directly contributing to the Growth Rate. In environmental consideration, the massive plantation will absorb Carbon Di Oxide, preserve water in the soil thereby keeping soil active and fertile and this, in turn, will prevent desertification to save future generation from the threats of Green House effect.

Destiny Tree Plantation Ltd. (DTPL) has undertaken this project with a view to bringing all possible suitable areas of the country under plantation, phase by phase over a period of time. Particulars of projects presently under implementation are given below:


Project No.

LocationArea (acres)Nature of landNumber of existing trees (Appx.)Area of land where under new plantation (acres)No of trees under new plantation

(lacs) (Appx.)

1.Project No – 1Mouza : Choto Kanchanpur, Hathazari, Chittagong.460 Approx.


2.Project No – 2South Madrasa Satkania, Chittagong699 Approx. (includes lake of 152 acres) **Hilly & Plain2,50,0002502,50,000
  • Further land of 400 acres with 200,000 trees under negotiation.
  • Further 4000 acres having large number of existing trees of high timber value contiguous to this land is under arrangement of lease from the govt. for tree plantation.


Planting With No Use of Chemicals:

Saplings will be planted at the recommended spacing and in the manner of best forestry practice. During their early years especially, the trees will receive regular applications of non-chemical plant nutrients to encourage extensive root growth, an essential for a healthy and vigorous tree. After six years, a thinning will be undertaken that will remove the less vigorous plants, allowing the remaining to have the benefit of the available nutrients. Click here for details, Although this thinning has little value as lumber, it is saleable for other uses such as charcoal production, fencing posts, etc. and thus a dividend can be declared from the sales.

Nine years after planting, some trees will be of suitable size for use as commercial lumber. These will be harvested to not only obtain a return on the investment, but to once again allow the remaining trees to obtain maximum benefit from the surrounding soil, thus promoting the final vigorous growth required. During this period, replanting will also commence. After a further three years, the final harvest will be undertaken and the full potential realized.


Thinning Explained:

The more space a plant has in which to grow, the more likely it is to reach an optimal size. One can demonstrate this by using indoor potted plants as an example. A plant kept in its original pot will only grow to a certain size, then its growth will cease. Should it be re-potted in a larger pot, then it will continue to grow until again its limits are reached. It may have appeared to be at its maximum size, but if again it is re-potted, growth resumes. Trees, being plants, react in the same manner. Their growth is dependent on their ability to extract sunlight, water and nutrients from the soil surrounding them. If sufficient space is available, then a tree will grow as quickly as nature will allow to reach harvestable size.

DTPL CARE for our investors, ensuring that their trust in us is rewarded – amply rewarded in fact, because we offer interim cash returns at 6 and 9 years during the 12 year full- growing cycle. In spite of this, the equivalent return will be far better than offered by most other forms of investment. They deserve it, however, for without them, there would be no plantations.

Environmental Benefits:

Most people are aware of the environmental damage that has been caused in just the last forty years. As human beings, DTPL all contributed to the devastation that is around us today. We are aware of global warming, a seemingly irreversible condition that has been caused by mans total disregard for his planet. This will cause a major climatic change as well as a flooding of thousands of square kilometers of coastal areas.

Plant and animal species are dying out because of pollution of both earth and water. There is little doubt, that although man continues to throw billions of tons of palliative gases and particles into the atmosphere, had he not devastated the forests of the earth, the results would have been less disastrous than they currently are.

How Do You Know Your Trees Have Actually Been Planted?

The tree number is allocated by Destiny Tree Plantation Ltd., and number plates are fixed only on trees after examination and proper counting of trees done by the Department of Forestry of the Government of Bangladesh.

Watch Your Money Grow:

DTPL website will feature regular photographs from around the plantation side as well as providing up-to-date news on its activities and achievements. Of course, should you ever consider a visit to the plantation to take advantage of its beautiful hill areas, then DTPL shall be able to photograph you standing among your trees.

Each And Every Tree Is Safe Against Destruction By Fire And Other Hazards:

An Insurance / Compensation provision to be implemented ensuring that the owner of trees shall remain unaffected in getting his due payment(s) despite any damage caused to his trees by fire or any other hazard.

Trees Nature’s Gifts:

Make no mistake about it – we are all contributors to global warming. We demand electricity to power our appliances. We burn fuel to heat our homes. We believe it is our right to own and drive a vehicle – and all of these produce carbon dioxide, a gas that is the direct cause of the greenhouse effect. Over 100 kms. above the earth, the ever-increasing volume of this gas is trapping the heat emitted from the earth and causing a small but steady rise in mean temperatures. The anticipated effects of this is obvious by the reduction of glaciers, the melting of ice-caps and gradual changes in weather patterns. We blame carbon dioxide for this. It has become our enemy – and yet this is not true. Without carbon dioxide we would have no food to eat. Carbon dioxide is our friend – it is the huge surplus of carbon dioxide – for which we humans are directly responsible – that is our enemy.

All plants need carbon dioxide. It is an essential part of their food chain, without which they would be unable to grow. Trees, grains, vegetables, etc. take in carbon dioxide from the air through their leaves, and using a complex system called photosynthesis, using the energy from the sun, convert this gas into glucose, the building material from which cells are created and growth can occur. Animals, including humans, cannot produce glucose even though we need it to survive and grow, and so we obtain it from the plants and/or the animals.

If the benefits to mankind stopped there, still we would be grateful, and yet additional service is given to us by trees and plants; the complex photosynthesis process also requires hydrogen, yet another gas. The plant does not take this from the atmosphere, however, but by its roots as two parts hydrogen one part oxygen (H20). Then breaks up the molecules, keeps the hydrogen and releases oxygen, thus giving us the very air we breathe. Without trees and plants we would not only starve to death but eventually suffocate.

Global warming has been exacerbated not only by pumping more and more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, but also by the exploitation and spoilage of our forests. Deforestation has become dramatic. To survive, we must reverse the process. We are trying to do that. However, it is not an easy task though. Let us say that you have a modest house of 100 sq. mts., one car and a smoker. Just for your own lifestyle to be making a zero contribution to the carbon dioxide build-up, you need, somewhere in the world, to plant quite a lot of trees.

Community Benefits:

Bangladesh is a developing nation. Throughout the country, especially in the countryside, large areas of poverty exist. There are few opportunities for employment. Families exist on subsistence activities at best. Although as an investor you do not ask for charity opportunities, still you will be giving to some of your fellow men new hope and dignity. The reason is obvious; a project such as this requires manpower. A great deal of manpower. In fact, each sub-project of 1,000 Has. will require approximately 350 full-time workers. They will be required to work in the nursery, transfer and plant the saplings, provide water if necessary, fertilize, clear weed growth, maintain firebreaks, harvest and transport, provide security, etc.

In addition to all this, Destiny Tree Plantation Ltd., on behalf of its investors, will ensure that its workers and their families enjoy medical and educational facilities as well as basic needs such as clean water, electricity and hygienic waste disposal.

For watering of trees, huge quantity of water will be required for which lakes will be created on the valley land. Besides fish culture, these lakes will also be source of irrigation throughout the year for the plain agricultural lands in the area, which will have the trickle down benefit from the Tree Plantation Project.


Tree Type details

The types of trees selected for the project pass a number of important criteria.

These include:

– Proven to grow vigorously in Bangladesh climatic conditions.
– Less susceptible to pest and disease.
– Less susceptible to fire

The type of timber is recognized in market demands.
The types of trees that meet this criteria are generally from three distinct families; Acacia and Gamary, The preferred trees are: Mahogony and sagun ( Chittagong Teak)


After all the discussion about Destiny Group. I think that, Destiny Tree plantation Ltd is most important organization of Destiny Group. Because through only this project Destiny can be rached on their destination. On the other side in present scenario of Bangladesh this sister concern of Destiny group will play a great role in socio-economic development of Bangladesh. I think it will be happen more then hundred percent. I also think for only this product Md. Rafiqul Amin and his company Destiny-2000 Ltd will get noble prize within few years.



Significant growth and rapid success encouraged Destiny to look ahead towards a competitive and viable future. To meet the future challenges, Destiny has developed a five year strategic plan to involve 2 million beneficiary distributors by the year 2010. To cope with the increasing service demand of additional number of Distributors, organizational structure have been planned to setup six (06) divisional, four (04) regional, sixty four (64) Net, 480 Training & Sales Centers (T S C) and 68000 Family Sale Centers (FSC). As of today Destiny has established 19 Shopping Malls in different locations of the country and planning to open 60 more Mini Malls in near future i.e. one in every district of the Country.

Destiny-2000 Ltd has planned to expand its activities beyond the boundary of the country. Collaborative arrangement is in process to develop business relationships with renowned entrepreneurs like “Videocon of India” and “Byram International” in Singapore, Erkul Cosmetices (Golden Rose) of Turkey and other business organizations of Srilanka, China and India. Under the plan of diversification, it has already established five sister concerns and nine more are in the process. Destiny-2000 Ltd. has also planned a joint venture Tower Project with Diamond Builders. The proposed project “Asia Business Centre”- a 40 storied complex is going to be constructed in the heart of Dhaka City. The Project consists of three (03) Towers, Namely Destiny Tower, Diamond Tower and Diplomatic Tower. The Tower will be constructed between 30-40 floors depending on the approval of Rajuk (Capital Development Authority) and other Govt. Authorities. The construction will be made on 106 Kathas of land (approx 1.75 acre) at 36/A, Inner Circular Road, Kakrail, Dhaka-1000 (Presently where Bijoy Nagar Hotel Complex is situated). The expected date of starting the construction is in the month of July 2006.




Table-1: Length of Involvement In Direct Marketing Practices

Length of InvolvementFrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulative Percent
 0 to 6 month5227.427.427.4
 7 to 12 month115.85.833.2
 13 to 182111.111.144.2
 19 to 2463.23.247.4
 Above 2410052.652.6100.0

Length of Time: According to table – 1,27.4% respondents are involved in direct marketing practices for the period of 0 to 6 months, 5.8% respondents are involved in between 7 to 12 months, 11.1% respondents are involved for the period greater than 13 months and less than 18 months, 3.2% respondents are found to be involved in this business for about 19 to 24 months, and 52.6% are involved in this business for a period above 24 months. So, it is clearly that, most of the distributor understands about the benefits of direct marketing business, and direct marketing got popularity in Bangladesh in recent.

Table-: Educational Level of the Respondents

Educational LevelFrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulative Percent

Education: Table–2 shows that, 18.9% respondents are competed their education level of S.S.C and 10.5% are completed H.S.C. .5% didn’t answer to this question. Where, 47.4% done their Honor’s & 22.6% completed their Master’s. This statistics is very important for direct marketing business. Because in present time more educated people are involved in direct marketing practices.


Table-3: Source of Income In Direct Marketing

Income SourceFrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulative Percent
 Main Source8142.642.644.2
 Supplementary Source10655.855.8100.0

Main or Supplementary Source: Although, more people are involved in direct marketing practice as a supplementary source of income rather than Main source if income. But in present scenario, more people are interested about to take it as a Main source of income. Because Table–3 shows that 55.8% respondents take this opportunity as supplementary source of income whereas 42.6% respondents take this opportunity as a Main Source of income.


Table: Age of the Respondents

 Age GroupFrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulative Percent





18 to 258343.743.743.7
26 to 304322.622.666.3
31 to 352714.214.280.5
36 to 40178.98.989.5
41 to 452010.510.5100.0

Age: Table–4 shows that, in 31 to 35 age Group 14.2%, 36 to 40 age group 8.9% and 41 to 45 age group 10.5% of respondents are involved in direct marketing practices. Whereas in 18 to 25 age group 43.7% & in 26 to 30 age group 22.6% of respondents are involved in this business. So, it is clear that, still now mainly young generation are more involved in this practice.

Table :Gender

GenderFrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulative Percent

Gender: 89.5% of the respondents are male whereas only 10.5% of the respondents are female involved in direct marketing practices. Because as a Muslim country, Bangladesh have an religions values & believes which influence under to be involvement in direct marketing practices.

Table: Correlations Between Educational Qualification and

Length of Involvement

Sig. (2-tailed) N Sig. (2-tailed) N

  Involvement PeriodEducational Level
Involvement PeriodPearson Correlation1.116
Educational LevelPearson Correlation.1161

Educational Level & Length of involvement: Table 6 shows that low degree of positive correlation between educational level and length on involvement. The relationship between educational level and length of involvement is insignificant as significant level is more than .05 (that is .110). Actually there is not relationship between them.



Table 7: Cross tabulation Involvement Period & Educational Level

 Educational LevelTotal
Involvement Period0 to 6 month145231052
 7 to 12 month116311
 13 to 186210321
 19 to 2410326
 Above 241412482599

Educational Level & Involvement Period: Table-7 shows that, more educated persons are involved in direct marketing practices in long-term. Because 48 persons in honor’s and 25 persons in Master’s  Degree completed distributors involved in direct selling from over 24 months. On the other side, most of the Honor’s & Masters Degree holders also quite early from this practices within few month.


Table 8 : Correlations between Source of Income & Education Level

Sig. (2-tailed) N Sig. (2-tailed) N

  Source of IncomeEducational Level
Source of IncomePearson Correlation1-.063
Educational LevelPearson Correlation-.0631

Source of Income & Educational Level: Table show that correlation between them is -.063 and it is very low degree of negative correlation  was found between source of income & educational level. Significant level shows .395 that means the relationship between them is highly insignificant.   When education level is increasing more then respondents are takes it as a supplementary source of income rather than main income.  But this ratio is very little that means very rare.

 Table 9 : Cross Tabulation between Educational Level & Source of Income

 Source of IncomeTotal
 Main SourceSupplementary Source 
Educational LevelS.S.C112334

 Education Level & Source of income: Table-9 shows that most of the Honor’s degree holder distributors taken direct marketing practices as a main source of income. It is a good sign for our country. Because through more educated people easy to established direct marketing practices in Bangladesh.


Table 10 : Relationship Between Age of the Respondents & Educational qualification

Sig. (2-tailed) N Sig. (2-tailed) N

  AgeEducational Qualification
AgePearson Correlation1.169(*)
Educational QualificationPearson Correlation.169(*)1

*  Correlation is significant at the 0.05 level (2-tailed).

Relationship between Age & Educational Level:

Table 11 :   Cross Tabulation Between Age of Respondent& Educational Qualification


 Educational QualificationTotal

Age of respondents & Educational Qualification: Table-11 shows that, most of the young people those Age group 18 to 25 and those educational qualification Honor’s level are more involved in direct marketing practices in present Bangladesh scenario.


Table 12 : Influence on Living Standard

 FrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulative Percent
 Strongly Agree15883.283.284.2

Living Standard: Table 12 shows 83.2% respondents are strongly agreed that direct marketing practices influenced on their living standards & 15.3% respondents are agreed with its. Whereas 0.5% are Disagreed & 1.1% are not given any comments. So, it is easily to say from this table, direct marketing practices improve their living standard and also increase their pure lasing power.


Way of knowing: This chart shows that, 52.1% & 27.9% respondents are involved in direct marketing practices from knowing their friends and relatives whereas .5% from advertisement, 7.4% from colleague & 11.6% from others. So, it’s clear that, most of the respondent, got message about direct marketing from their nearest persons. To become success in this sector, their must have to involve firstly their very nearest person.


 FrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulative Percent
 Service Holder4724.724.797.9
 House Wife21.11.198.9


Profession: This chart shows that, 1.1% had come in this practices from teaching background & house wife. 24.7% from service holder, 31.1% from students and 42.1% from business background. Income of service holder is not sufficient in Bangladesh perspective, students have enough extra time and for business man easy to understand this type of work is the main reason for more percentage of involvement in direct marketing practices.

 Division: Direct marketing practices are more in chittagong & Dhaka division that are 38.4% and 35.3%. Whereas in Rajshahi 8.9% in Sylhet 1.1%, in Barishal 12.1% and in Khulna division 4.2% are involved in Direct marketing practices at present Bangladesh scenario. Infustractural facilities are the reasons for more practices in Dhaka & Chittagong devision.



Socio economic impact of direct marketing in developing countries like Bangladesh & Destiny-2000 Ltd:

I think direct marketing played, playing and also will play a great role in socio economic scenario of Bangladesh & Destiny-2000 Ltd. will play a great role as a leader of direct marketing in Bangladesh.


Help to create employment opportunity:

Although every year more than 3 Lacs people Enter in Job market in Bangladesh But Govt. & Non Govt. Sector Cannot arrange job opportunity more than 1 Lac. So, Large number of people are become as a unemployed every year. In this cases, Direct marketing companies can reduce this percentage of unemployment. Destiny already create thousand of employments facilities.

Help to create part time practices:

Actually in Present Scenario, a little number of part time job opportunities exist in Bangladesh. Through Direct marketing it is easy to create large number of part time job facilities. Now in Destiny more than 8 Lacs people working as a part time.

Independent work facilities:

Direct marketing provide independent work facilities. So every people become more enthusiastic and try to show their creativity and more efficiency.

Help to capital formation:

Through direct marketing any people get a facilities to earn extra income by using their Free time. So its help them for savings. for strong economy saving is very important.

Create earning opportunity:

As Direct marketing also provide part time job facilities. So, every one, specially all students get a facilities to earn some money by using their free time. So it can help their parents to become free from their economic burden.

Capital equalization:

Through direct marketing possible to break monopoly capital market. For raising of direct marketing, role of middleman are decreasing day by day. Where as mass people play there role as a middlemen and earning money. So create a situation of capital equalization.

Help to skill development:

As in direct marketing, people are engage to convenience other. So once upon a time automatically develop their skill. That he/she can utilize any sector. It also help them to become more effective.

Increase Industrialization:

Direct marketing Companies are want to produce product & services with its own brand to give facilities to their customer. Its help to increase industrialization. Already Destiny  established 8 sister concern.

Reasonable price of products & Services :

As through direct marketing, increase industrialization so, competition also arise in pricing. SO people get product and service in comparatively low price.

Provide better quality:

As  through industrialization price is more competitive with each and other. So only quality become important factor to the customer. So direct marketing provide not only reasonable price facilities but also provide high quality of product. In this case, Destiny is the better example.

Help to people awaking from sleeping merits:

Through Direct marketing everyone can enjoy independent work  facilities. So some sleeping merits get a chance to do somethings. Sometimes they perform very well that means awake their sleeping merits.

Increase Purchasing power:

As in direct marketing every one can involve and also enjoy the facilities of earning which called extra earning so, ultimately this extra income help them to increase their purchasing power. Increased purchasing power of at least 50,000 people through Destiny.

Reduced Crime in Society:

As, direct marketing increase purchasing power of mass people, So ultimately reduce  their financial demands and its help to reduce crime in society.

Build Proper attitude:

Direct marketing training provide to the customer to know how to deals other, what is right or wrong etc. so, through those training easy to build personal proper attitude.

Source of govt. Revenue:

Although, in traditional marketing easy to hide their actual information about transaction but in direct marketing business it is quite impossible. Govt. Can easily collect all revenue from all taxes & vat. Destiny already paid more than Tk. 12 Core tax and vat to the govt.

Improve life style:

Through direct marketing peoples are not only enjoy financial benefits but also enjoy tension free time leverage. That’s help to improve their life style.

Easy to proper utilization of our manpower:

In present scenario, India as a developing country, improved tremendously in socio-economically by using their man power properly. So it is also easy to proper utilization of our manpower through direct marketing involvement for our better economy.

Increase G.D.P:

Direct marketing is a very important and effective way to increase National G.D.P. In that point Destiny strongly agreed. Destiny also strongly believed that, their tree plantation project will play a great role to increase national G.D.P.

Increase Export:

As, direct marketing companies are always try to provide better quality products to their customer. So they try to establish industries. Result is that, production will be increase and that will help to increase Export to earn foreign currency.

Help to create leader:

All developed countries  in the world has a secrete of their massive development. That secrete is their honest & efficient leadership. Through direct marketing creates thousands of leader those are lead their team.

From all those discussion we can clearly see and understand that, If we wants to develop  Bangladesh in socio-economically, Then without proper utilization of our manpower is quite impossible. So, Direct marketing is the only one way to proper utilization of our manpower and development of socio-economic. In this situation, Destiny-2000 Ltd. may be play their role as a driver of the journey.


Suggestion & Recommendation:

After discussion of all parts of this report of we can see that, direct marketing is very popular & more effective way of socio economic development of a country in world scenario. But still now in Bangladesh, direct marketing is not so popular & believable in maid of Bangladeshi people. Only the reason for this type of situation is bad practice of direct marketing system in Bangladesh from the beginning by some fraud & inefficient companies. As, Bangladesh govt. had not any formal rules or regulation about direct marketing, So govt.  had not any control over bad practice of direct marketing companies. Result is, most of the direct marketing companies taken a opportunity that is, fraud with innocent consumer classes.

In present time, If we want to come out from all those fraud & chit activities then only one way is that, Govt. Must have to made a formal & strict rules and regulation about direct marketing practices in Bangladesh with the help of WFDSA & FTC. In this situation govt. should have control direct marketing activities under a specific ministry and also have to arrange about mass peoples involvement in direct marketing through some encouraging activities by the media highlights.

Bangladesh govt. should have to take initiative to be a member of WFDSA.


WFDSA History:

Founded in 1978, the WFDSA is a non-governmental, voluntary organization globally representing the direct selling industry as a federation of national Direct Selling Associations. The United States Direct Selling Association serves as the Secretariat for the Federation and is based in Washington DC.

Direct selling involves the marketing of products and services directly to consumers in a face-to-face manner, away from permanent retail locations.

Our membership consists of more than 56 national direct selling associations and one regional Federation, with one delegate from each association, as well as a number of regional and global officers, serving as the Board of Directors.


The WFDSA mission is to build understanding and support for direct selling worldwide. The association supports direct selling companies and associations by:

  • Developing, maintaining and promoting the highest global standards for responsible and ethical conduct.
  • Advocating the industry’s positions and interest with governments, media and key influencers.
  • Serving as a trusted global resource for information on direct selling.
  • Facilitating interaction among direct selling executives on issues of importance to the industry.

On the other side, to make a formal & strict rules and regulation , govt. Should have to take FTC’s help.


The Federal Trade Commission is the nation’s consumer protection agency. The FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection works For The Consumer to prevent fraud, deception, and unfair business practices in the marketplace. The Bureau:

Enhances consumer confidence by enforcing federal laws that protect consumers Empowers consumers with free information to help them exercise their rights and spot and avoid fraud and deception Wants to hear from consumers who want to get information or file a complaint about fraud or identity theft

FTC had given some advice to boycott direct marketing companies. Those are:

  • Those companies are give commission against membership not for product sales.
  • Those companies start their business with high price & unnecessary  product
  • Those companies prepare their marketing plan with high price & unnecessary product
  • Those companies bound their customer/distributor to buy their product to fill up their regular cota.
  • In those companies has not opportunity to give back unnecessary product under (Buy-back- policy)
  • Those companies appointed as a distributor under booking system.

In Bangladesh perspective, we thing that population is burden for our country. But this large amount of population may be an important element for socio-economic development of our country if we can proper utilize to them. Direct marketing may be the only one way of rapid socio-economic development in Bangladesh perspective if we can start and continue direct marketing as a good cultural practice. For this, government must have to play a great role as a supervisor of our direct marketing companies. Lastly I want to say that, if we can do all those things properly, honestly and efficiently then within 2018 Bangladesh will known as a socio-economic developed country in the whole world.