Market Operation of Robi Axiata Limited

Market Operation of Robi Axiata Limited

Market Operation of Robi Axiata Limited

In this 21st century mobile networking is became a basic needs of our day to day lifestyle. Most of the people of our society are using mobile networking for communicating. The basic function of telecommunication is to connect people through voice transfer, text messages and via internet. Apart from this basic function, telecommunication has already started introducing some diversified areas with the help of its mobile network. Mobile technology is presently providing various cheap solutions in people‟s daily life. The traditional thinking of connecting people through mobile phone is far behind in comparison with the present scenario. Information technology enables telecom companies to provide economic solutions with a very cheap and easily available access which was earlier costly and not accessible to some extent.

Today, telecommunication has become a day to day necessity of the people. The number of mobile phone user is increasing day by day in our country. It is a very attractive market for the mobile connection provider. Presently there are six companies in the market. Each of them is trying to maintain and increase their market share. Among them Robi Axiata Limited is one of the leading company in the sector. Many other companies of different market have contributed a lot behind the success of Robi. I have got the opportunity to work with Robi in the Market Operation Buying Department. This department does the procurement for the market operation of Robi.

History of Robi Axiata Limited:

Bangladesh is a developing country. Moreover, in this informational and technological era Bangladesh also go ahead with these changes of information and technology. One of the familiar information and technology is mobile networking. In Bangladesh there are many telecommunication company in telecommunication industry. Robi Axiata Limited is one of them.

Robi Axiata Limited is a dynamic and leading countrywide GSM communication solution provider. It is a joint venture company between Axiata Group Berhad, Malaysia and NTT DOCOMO INC, Japan.

Robi Axiata Limited, formerly known as Telekom Malaysia International (Bangladesh), commenced its operation in 1997 under the brand name Aktel among the pioneer GSM mobile telecommunications service providers in Bangladesh. Later, on 28th March, 2010 the company started its new journey with Robi Axiata Limited. The brand name Robi. Robi is truly a people-oriented brand of Bangladesh. Robi, the people’s champion, is there for the people of Bangladesh, where they want and the way they want. Having the local tradition at its core Robi marches ahead with innovation and creativity. To ensure leading-edge technology, Robi has the international expertise of Axiata and NTT DOCOMO INC. It supports 2G voices, CAMEL Phase II & III and GPRS/EDGE service with high-speed Internet connectivity. Its GSM service is based on a robust network architecture and cutting edge technology such as Intelligent Network (IN), which provides peace-of-mind solutions in terms of voice clarity, extensive nationwide network coverage and multiple global partners for international roaming. It has the widest International Roaming coverage in Bangladesh connecting 550 operators across 205 countries. Its customer centric solution includes value added services (VAS), quality customer care, easy access call centers, digital network security and flexible tariff rates. With its strengths and competencies developed over the years, Robi aims to provide the best quality service experience in terms of coverage and connectivity to its customers all over Bangladesh. Together with its unique ability to develop local insights, Robi creates distinct services with local flavor to remain close to the hearts of its customer.

Company Objectives:

The main objectives of Robi Axiata are :

  • Commitment towards the need of the customers;
  • Maintain high form of ethical standards;
  • Improve all work process;
  • Improvement of employee knowledge and skill;
  • Securing the quality of the services to match that of competitors;
  • Maintain the brand image and position of the company.

Purpose and Principles:


The purpose statement is their ambition for future, to set a common direction for new brand, a framework for all their strategic planning.

Robi‟s purpose is also to empower their customers. They claim that, “We are there for you, where you want and in the way you want, in order to help you develop, grow and make the most of your lives through our services.”

The new brand is here to help people to empower and enable themselves to make a better life. They also believe that, “We will keep our promises and deliver. We will innovate, execute fresh ideas and, as a nationwide organization, we will be respectful of our customers and stakeholders.”


Principle statements define how people want to behave with each other in the organization. The statements are about how the organization will value customers, Vendors, and the internal community.

Robi also believes that no matter what they do to realize their purpose, they hold themselves accountable to the following Guiding Principles that the way for them. They are as follows:

  • Being respectful towards everyone.
  • Being trustworthy by action. Being passionate and creative in all we do.
  • Keeping things simple in the way we do things.
  • Being ethical and transparent.
  • Demonstrating individual and collective ownership.
  • Practicing an open culture in communication and internal
  • Emotional: Passionate, Creative, Respectful, and Open
  • Functional: Simple, Ethical, Transparent, and Ownership


Mission, Focus and Vision of Robi:


Robi aims to achieve its vision through being number „one‟ not only in terms of market share, but also by being an employer of choice with up-to-date knowledge and products geared to address the ever changing needs of our budding nation.


Axiata is focusing on not just developing a talent pool for the group and its subsidiaries – but on succession planning for key positions in the Robi. Robi Leadership program focuses on seven areas of leadership skills- strategic thinking, business acumen, result orientation, customer orientation, people management, coalition building and personal attributes.


Robi’s vision is to continuously monitor its customer‟s needs and to plan accordingly. It will monitor the development of technology and updated self to meet customer demand.

Long term Vision:

Robi strongly believes that subscribers are their most valuable asset. They have a strong Customer Service Center. Being always with their customers the Robi “Help Line’ is there. Robi has successfully migrated to a new switch with higher capacities in terms of accommodating higher customer base and as well as to let them use all the basic supplementary services under GSM technology. Robi Axiata Limited expertise and experience are acknowledged throughout the industry. Demand is growing all the time, not simply for the services it already provides, but for greater and more diversified services and even higher quality performance. Its pace is fast, rewards are high and work is of constant challenge. They introduced the both-way national roaming all through their network coverage. The Prepaid services with enhanced features have been commercially commenced successfully and now they are taking some projects to accumulate more advanced technological features in their network. In terms of Network Quality, the company will ensure not only the equipment are of world class standard but more importantly its size or capacity is catered to the right dimensioning of customer base, in order not to face the problems of drop calls or congestion. All these are done through proper planning, control and schedule maintenance program. They maintain the benchmark for providing the quality services. They monitor these through generating regular reports and on site survey. If there are any weak signals or a call drops, the skilled engineers are providing services round the clock to resolve the problem instantly.

This is the most important key resource factor in Robi Axiata Limited. Robi has efficient human resource. Moreover, its decisions are based on facts from market research and coverage survey.

Moreover, the above objectives can only be achieved through the right people. Robi has put its keen eyes in developing its employees through proper training, as they believe that the most important asset for Robi Axiata Limited. So they are ensuring quality services by quality people. Robi has the plan to give opportunity to every household in using cellular service in the country at the competitive price providing unparalleled quality service and customer care.

Product and Services:

Robi offers an array of different packages. In addition to offering the fundamental pre-paid and postpaid mobile services, it offers a wide range of value- added products and services such as, SMS, GPRS, EDGE, International Roaming SMS banking, Caller Ring Back Tone, MMS, Voice Greetings, Call Blocking and Bengali SMS. Robi has got the widest International Roaming coverage among all the operators in Bangladesh.

Prepaid and Postpaid:


Robi Prepaid has everything to offer; a single package that delivers simplicity and flexibility at the same time. Robi Prepaid is continuously adding new features and plans to provide absolute freedom to the customers. Robi has the single prepaid package with the best rates in the market. Moreover, there are different tariff plans in one package to meet different types of needs of customers. There are instant, easy & multiple migration facility from one tariff plan to another. A customer can have 5 FnF to any operator mobile with one Robi partner facility there is full BTCL connectivity with FREE BTCL incoming. There is extended and simplified refill validity for ease and freedom. Moreover, there is nationwide EasyLoad facility and high-speed internet connectivity all available Value Added Services (e.g. SMS, MMS, GoonGoon, ringtone, wallpaper, games, and animation download) are available in the service. Customers can recharge their Robi Prepaid by using scratch cards and Easy Load facilities.


Robi also offers post-paid service; along with the various packages. Robi Push Mail is a secure, reliable and feature rich email solution at price customers can afford. Now, customers can work as if at their desktop from anywhere. Customers can know their bill information through Web

Bill, E-Bill, SMS, USSD and Customer Care Center, Customers can pay their bills by following:

  • Scratch Card Auto Debit Easy load Bank
  • Customer Care Center

Key Success Factor

Company‟s key success factors are their means to prosper in the market place. KSF includes product attributes, competencies, and market achievements with the greatest impact on future competitive successin the market.

Technology Related KSFs:

Technological Innovation: Robi is the 1st Bangla SMS Service Provider in the market. Recently Robi introduced 3.5 G internet for its customers.

Distribution Related KSFs

Strong network of dealers, wholesale retailers, like, Robi Customer Care Centers, Robi Touch Points etc.

Infrastructure and Network Related KSFs

Strong Infrastructure and Wide Network Coverage. Robi provides network coverage in 61 permitted districts of Bangladesh.

Marketing Related KSFs

Better Product Quality and Broad Product Line. E.g. prepaid, postpaid, mobile-to-mobile, International roaming. Faster and Efficient Customer Service e.g. 24 hours helps line, customer service centers, etc.

Skills and Capabilities Related KSFs

Expert, motivated and talented workforce to provide professional: Better customer service. Faster Delivery time capability. Supply Chain Management Capabilities

Financial KSFs

Strong Balance Sheet to be able to invest in infrastructure and network. Low cost provider to be able to cut price and match competitors

Value Chain

The company value chain consists of the value chain of its‟ own as well as the value chains of its Vendors and its distributions channel allies engaged in getting its products or services to its end users. The competitiveness in end users market requires that the company managers understand the entire value chain system for delivering a product or service to end users of the company‟s own value chain.

Vendor Related Value Chains

Vendors of SIM Cards, Scratch Cards And Network Providers Company’s Own Value Chains

Technical Marketing Sales and Supply Chain

Forward Channel Value Chains

Alliance and Collaboration with Mobile Set Vendor,

Distributor or franchisee

-Consumers and Corporate


Organization Structure of Robi:

The organization is headed by its Chief Executive designated as the Managing Director entrusted with overall responsibilities of business direction of the organization and leading dynamically towards the attainment of its purpose and principles. In attaining the purpose and principles, the Chief Financial Officer, General Managers & department Heads assists the MD. Robi has established a strong and formidable sales channel, which consists of direct dealers and its own sales force.

Market Operation Buying Department:

This department was established in the year 2012. Previously it was under SCM department, but later it has been separated. Media Operation Buying department is again divided into two units one is ATL and the other one is BTL. These two units undergo the commercial procurement. The procurement process of SCM and MO Buying is similar.

ATL and BTL perform procurement for different purposes. ATL performs the procurement of TVC, Newspaper advertisement, Events, sponsorship, campaign, and out of home activities which include billboard, pole signage and site branding. Whereas, BTL performs procurement for sim card, scratch card, T shirt, diaries and other print activities. This department is one of the small departments comprising of only 8 members.

Media Bill Reconciliation:

As an intern my core responsibility was to reconcile the media bill of RobiAxiata Limited. I used to reconcile the bill of TV media, Radio and press. Initially I faced problem to understand the reconciliation process, so I took help from my manager. The reconciliation was done by manually, so it was pretty difficult and time consuming .However, day by day I felt interest and became expert on reconciling the bills. I would like to give an example to clarify the reconciliation process. Robi has a monitoring agency named Ryans who monitor and send all the spot from different media. On the other hand Robi has another agency Maxus who send the bill of different media. When this two sheet of data I got, I had to make the reconciliation to prepare the bill.

Vendor Creation:

As I have already mentioned the MOB team deals with procurement process of RobiAxiata limited. So, they need to deal with vendor. However, if they work with a new vendor then they need to create vendor first. To create the vendor we need to put all the necessary information of the vendor in a excel file then we have to create the vendor with a specific ID, So that we have specific ID for ever vendor. The main documents we need to create the vendors are Company name, Comany Address, TIN Number, Company Bank Account Number, Comany Bank and Bank Address, Contact person and details.

Vendor database management:

I also used to manage the vendor database. If any type of information became change the vendor informed us with mail and I had to update the information. For example, the contact person details has been changed then I had to updated the database in my file.

Inventory Management (Sample):

When I Joined MOB team, it was a time of Cricket and Robi is the proud sponsor of Bangladesh Cricket team. Therefore, I had to manage the inventory, for example the sample jersy of BD Cricket team.

Moreover, I had to manage all the sample inventory of this department.

Keep and Update records:

Moreover, I used to keep the record of all inventory, gift items and updated the records as well.

Scanning & Photocopy:

I used to do number of photocopy and scan of necessary documents and papers. I was also responsible for fileing the papers and keep record with maintaining series.


Finally, I used to do some other instant work as well. The most common works are to meet the client, to provide appropriate information to the client, to receive guest and so on. However, I took part in different session organized by the department. At the beginning of internship, I took part in a 3 hour session directed by the manager of SCM. Furthermore, I used to participate in focused group session for upgrading the marketing strategy of Robi.