Mobile banking in Mercantile Bank Ltd

Mobile banking in Mercantile Bank Ltd

Today Mercantile Bank Ltd. introduces mobile banking services to the people as it always strives to take care of customer need and satisfaction with modern and affordable banking services.  The technology is no doubt the cheapest and most convenient way to connect unbanked people into the banking system with the opportunity of availing a range of innovative banking services. This innovation of the service also produces the concept of branch less banking.  Now people need not to come to the bank premises, instead they may do bank from their own handsets or may go to the bank agent at their close proximity to avail their banking services.

Being a local bank, we have limitations in modern amenities, but full of urge to serve people of different segment with technology. We are inspired by our Government Digital Bangladesh Concept and want to continue our mission towards the goal.

Today we start our journey from Naogaon by signing agreement with the entrepreneurs of the UISCs of the district. This will open new windows for all the stakeholders here in terms of our goal at the same time financially complementing business successes line.

We can assure that MBL will always guide to these young entrepreneurs and shall take care of their future business opportunities. We shall bring wide range of banking products offer for the customers in the days to come. We expect UISCs should extend their potential efforts in rendering services for the customer and MBL will continue to provide all out cooperation to reach excellence. You need to learn the technical part to execute any transaction or services, side by side you need to know the art of customer service. You must always remember that you are rendering services on behalf of the bank, so you should get trained and be cautious to execute transactions and to serve the customer.

As this is a technology based service initially it may seems little bit hard. But in terms of benefit and time saving facilities, I hope everybody shall accept it.

MBL will bring many featuring products tailoring to suit your needs. These may include DPS, loan installment, insurance premium, agriculture incentives, allowances to the freedom fighter etc. Finally, I expect and believe all of you accept it and soon shall have a relationship with us as we call Mercantile Bank Ltd. is for ‘Banglar Bank’.

Mobile banking in Mercantile Bank Ltd