Kojima’s Xbox Game: “Microsoft Ultimately Showed That They Understood”

Kojima’s Xbox Game: “Microsoft Ultimately Showed That They Understood”

Back in June 2022, Microsoft declared a collaboration with Kojima Productions. The outcome of that relationship will promote a “never-before-seen concept” using Microsoft’s “cutting-edge cloud technologies.” Now that we know more about Microsoft, we can better understand why it sponsored Kojima Productions.

Kojima Productions’ founder and renowned video game director Hideo Kojima recently had a conversation with IGN on the studio’s future plans.

The article on IGN offers in-depth knowledge of both Kojima the game director and Kojima Productions. It’s a thorough conversation that covers everything from Kojima’s planned cloud project to the release of Metal Gear Solid 2 immediately following the 9/11 terrorist events.

“The project we’re working on with Microsoft is one I have been thinking about for five or six years already. The project required infrastructure that was never needed before, so I discussed it with lots of different big companies and gave presentations, but they really seemed to think that I was mad. It was ultimately Microsoft who showed that they understood, and now we’re working together on the project, including the technology front,” said Kojima.

The secret to Kojima’s forthcoming endeavor seems to be Microsoft’s cloud computing technology. During the initial announcement of the partnership with Microsoft, the director addressed this crucial element:

“It is now possible for me to challenge myself to create this never-before-seen concept thanks to Microsoft’s cutting-edge cloud technology and the shift in the industry’s trend. Even though it might take some time, I’m excited to work with Xbox Game Studios and am hoping to share some great news with you soon.”

In an interview with IGN, Kojima discussed how changing technology has given him new opportunities to produce games and beat boredom.

Although the information on the project itself is currently scant, we now have a better understanding of Kojima Productions’ decision to work with Microsoft.