Job Application Format for Senior Clerk

Job Application Format for Senior Clerk

Job Application Format for Senior Clerk


The Manager,



Subject: Job Application for Senior Clerk

Respected Sir/Madam,

In high words it is to state that I had come to know that in your prestigious company/organization the seat of clerk is vacant. The knowing of this came to me from my ex. colleague as he had read about the said post in the newspaper.

With due respect and honor I worked at the post of clerk in the office of (Company Name) for four years and won the certificate of Best Employee in the office. I got my retirement from (Company Name) on the score of my some personal issues and joined (Company/Organization Name) on the seat of clerk as well. I worked there for three years and my performance was in excellent grades. I resigned from the job because of extensive work and too long duration of working hours which was not good for people like me who falls in the old age category.

I am rich in accounts experience and can handle many tasks at a time. The reason why I am applying here for the job is that in your company/organization there is Old Age Benefit and working hours are flexible which the feast is for me. My working experience certificates and other formal documents for further legal and channelized process are attached with these curriculum vitae for your gracious speculation. Kindly consider not my age but my work experience and the ability to tackle the job challenges.

I shall be very grateful to you.

Yours Truly,

Name: XYZ

Date: xx-xx-xx