Write A Letter To Join Politics

Write A Letter To Join Politics

(Write a letter to your father explaining why you want to join politics after completing your studies.)

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My dear father.

My Salam to you and mother. I Hope, you are well by the grace of Almighty. I am also well. I have received your letter just now. In your letter, you have wanted to know about why I want to join politics after completing my studies. Now I like to let you know about it. Every man has an aim. It keeps a man in the right track. Seeing your little helpful work for the distressed humanity and your working for the interest of the poor, I have become interested in politics. Only politics is a profession that can help change the destiny of common people. So, I want to join politics after completing my studies. Considering the present condition of the political party and the leader of the party you may discourage me from joining in politics. I also find that politics in our country has gone into the hands of wrong people who have made it nasty, corrupt and murderous. Leaders are working for their own interest neglecting the interest of the common people. But my intention is to serve the common people. I want to take the initiative to bring about a reformation in politics so as to make it clean, honest and oriented to people’s welfare. I am very much confident that I would reach my goal. Pray for me so that I may come out successful.

No more today. Convey my love to the younger. I am eagerly waiting for your next letter. With lots of love.

Your affectionate son,