Importance Of Values And Ethics

Importance Of Values And Ethics

Introduction: The human being as a social animal has to follow certain social norms. Truth, non-violence, benevolence, humility, and truthfulness are many qualities in these limits of society. Ethics and values are very crucial for a human being when it comes to personal and professional success. The ways an individual or any group discusses with others express their real character because actions always speak louder than words. Those who have strong values and ethical standards of the highest degree are easily remarkable by their actions.

Ethics and values come and develop from the place, family, beliefs, and school; professional values and ethics are bare developments of what one learns prior to joining the personnel. So, the attitude and habits one picks up early in his life follow into the experienced world and show an impact either a positive, or negative over career success.

Importance: It has a great value in human personal and professional life both. Everything is directly or indirectly depends on ethics.

  • If people have all the qualities and they do not have good ethics to respect and understand other emotions then will not be able to connect and enjoy the world.
  • To maintain a good relationship either we partner, family, friends, in our workplace or anyone else ethics plays a great role in human life.
  • Ethics also shows human behavior and their background the way they had brought up.

That other way people want to be treated, never try to show down others.

Definitions of Ethics: The word ethics is derived from an ancient Greek word ethos which means habit, custom or character. That is morality in the real sense. The habits and character of a person talk about the moral values ​​he/she holds. In other words, a person’s moral values ​​define his character. We are all told what is good and what is bad based on moral norms set by society. Ethics and morality are usually stated in relation to values, as they are the moral and social idealogy and application of one’s values. Professional or personal ethical codes renders the ability to understand what is right, fair, honorable, and righteous. Misc. organizations and businesses have established codes of ethics and having an ethics committee also by which they conduct business. The code of ethics or rules of ethics is the standards to which employees are expected to abide and follow the same.

Definitions of Values: Values are of extreme importance to a person. This is because they determine their behavior, temperament, and overall behavior towards life and other people. The decisions we make in our lives are largely based on our values. A value or ethics is, according to Ozment, “an enduring belief or trust that a specific mode of conduct and dealing or end-state of its existence is personally or socially likable to an opposite or converse mode of dealing or end-state of existence”. Skillful values are the same as explained above but in the reference of a company, any organization, or group and what they would want their expected end-state to be. The efficient value system of group entities is shown in their business practices and habits; from their communication with other companies to how well taken care of the old and new employees are.

Uses of Ethics and Values in Our Life: Currently, everyone knows the value of ethics and values. Every individual should have manners and ethical principles to live a life, and in all the areas ethics and values are being used to work smoothly. A sample of the value as can be seen if one wants to make a friend with another they must have values with them they should be a hard worker and honest with one another and forever be truthful with them.

Also, ethics can be said as if someone has stolen someone’s things so we should help the people whose things have been stolen and not to run away from the situation. Ethics and values are very important and necessary in our lives, and we should always follow them all through our lives.

Expert values and ethics are bare extensions of the values and ethics which a person learned from family, spiritual leaders, and teachers. Whatever is taught in school and colleges to value growing up will carry over in the professional world. Experienced with upstanding values and ethical or moral standards are easy to recognize, as is the company that employs them. Values-based business decisions and ethical guidelines adhered to by all are the benchmarks for success. Those who agree to accept less can have an adverse effect on their company and maybe, the rest of society.

Conclusion: If we want to evaluate a social community that has a no or very less corruption rate and where all persons can live happily, we all have to look into the social values and the ethics that our carve and religious masters preach. We should take ownership of making our society and in turn our planet a beautiful world where all persons can live a life with respect and dignity without any fears in their mind. Once we all start following the rules of ethics and values the world will be a great place to live long.