How to Identify Types of Triangles by Angles?

How to Identify Types of Triangles by Angles?

Identifying Types of Triangles by Angles

The triangle is perhaps most common shape ever studied in geometry. It is a kind of polygon which has three sides. A triangle eventually has  three vertices as well. Types of triangles based on their angles

  1. A RIGHT triangle has one 900
  2. An OBTUSE triangle has one angle that is greater than 900.
  3. An ACUTE triangle has all three angles less than 900.

Right Triangles: A right triangle has one 90° and a variety of often-studied properties. When an angle of a triangle is right angle, i.e. 90°, it is termed as a right triangle or right-angled triangle. Its diagram in demonstrated below.

Acute Triangle: The Acute Triangle has three acute angles (an acute angle measures less than 90°). A triangle is said to be an acute triangle or acute-angled triangle if all three angles are acute, i.e. less than 90°. The diagram of acute triangle is shown below.

Obtuse Triangle: The Obtuse Triangle has an obtuse angle (an obtuse angle has more than 90°). In the picture on the left, the shaded angle is the obtuse angle that distinguishes this triangle Since the total degrees in any triangle are 180°, an obtuse triangle can only have one angle that measures more than 90°. If a triangle has one angle obtuse, i.e. greater than 90°, then it is called an obtuse triangle or obtuse-angled triangle which is shown in the following figure.