How to Write an Announcement of Company Representative Visit?

How to Write an Announcement of Company Representative Visit?

The announcement of a company representative visit letter is a letter written in order to make an announcement of a  representative for a visit which can be related to sales, accounting, etc. This letter informs the customer about new business contact and gives relevant details. It also makes the customer feel that he/she is important. Whenever a representative visits another company, the manager has to inform about his or her appointment to the customers of that area.

The letter works as a platform through which the visitor is introduced to others. Discuss the importance of the new salesperson with your customer.  It includes the name of the representative and talks about his or her skills, qualities and work experience. Give importance to your client’s needs in your comments. This helps the customers in knowing the representative before starting a professional relationship with him or her.

At the end of the letter, mention a line saying that the representative will contact and fix an appointment to meet the recipients of the letters personally. Talk to your client about introducing your new salesperson. This letter is a way to make the company familiar with the representative. Tell him/her that you will personally do it if it is workable for you. If you want to write an effective letter to announce the visit of the company representative then below is the sample of letter for your help.

The announcement of company representative visit Letter Writing Tips –

  • Write all the required details like the date, time of the visit and re-check that it does not clash with the company’s schedule.
  • Ask them to mention another date if the one you suggest is not convenient for the company/organization the representative is to visit.
  • Mention brief details regarding the representative who will be visiting the company.
  • The letter should be written in a formal manner, should be concise and positive.


Your name…

Job Designation…

Date: DD/MM/YY


Receiver name…

Other information

Subject: Company Representative visit.

Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms._____________,

It is my great pleasure to advise you that [name of new sales representative] will now be representing our firm in your area. (Describe in your own words). [name of individual] has been handling our accounts in [locality] for some time and is extremely knowledgeable in the field of [specify…]. (Explain the actual cause and situation).

The company representative is scheduled to visit your office on [date] at around [time].

In case, of any further query, feel free to contact us at (Contact Information). (Describe your requirements).

Thanking You,

Warm Regards,

(Your Name)

(Name of company and designation)


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