Social Science

Report on Teaching Profession

Report on Teaching Profession

1.0 Introduction:

Teaching is the centre of all education related topics. So as a student of the Institute of Education & Research, we had to teach in real classroom environment. Before starting teaching in a real classroom environment it helps a practice teacher to acquaint them with the process, method, of teaching if they observe a class of a certain level before entering a class as a teacher.

2.0 Description:

At the first day in the school I had to collect my routine. Then I introduced with those teachers who used to take those classes before me. I asked them politely if they could give me the permission to observe their classes. Both of them cordially invited me to observe their classes.

I have observed 3 Social science lessons; among those I am analyzing the one below:

Day:  Sunday (11/3/2007)

Time:01.05 pm – 01.45 pm

At the 2nd day in my school morning I waited for him (Mr. Kamruzzaman; social science teacher of class Seven – B) to come to the class in front of the class. When he came and asked the class captain to clean the bench at the behind of the class to let me sit there. The class captain cleaned up and I sat there to observe the class.

When the teacher entered the class all the students stood up and when she told them to sit, they took their sits. At first he asked the students to give their homework copies. At this time he inquired about some students.

After seeing the homework copies, he stood up from her chair and started lesson. At first he showed a photograph of “Sangsad Bhabon” of Bangladesh and asked: Have you ever been their? Defining its significance to students he declared the lesson of the class today. Then he started to explain the issues one by one. At first he started with the fact what is Election. Then he Drew the classification of Election on the board and asked students to copy it. By this time he also came to me and assured his best possible help to me. Then he started to discuss the issues one by one. After discussing the classification of election he clarified the board.

Then he started to discuss the eligibility to be voter. After that he wrote down the homework in the right side of the black board (short-answer question no: 2 of exercise. While writing the Homework he reminded the class captain to write down the information about the class at the right top of the board.

Having finished his lesson, then he told the students about I.E.R. He described I.E.R as a famous institute to his class and made me acquainted myself to his class as their teacher from next class. He also made the students aware of the fact that if any student behaves anything wrong to me then, he would take action towards that student.

Then she let me talk to the class for five minutes and left the class.  I, then introduce myself to the class and talked to them till the class ended.

3.0 Main Features of the Observed Class:


A) Physical Facilities:

  1. Location of the class:  The class is in the right corner of the 3rd floor (Room No: 404) of the ‘L’ shaped main building.
  2. Shape of the class:  The shape of the classroom is almost squire.
  3. Doors and Windows: Windows (glass) are in the both right and left side of the class and the only door is in the right side of the class. The door is not very much spacious.
  4. Students’ Sitting System: Each one sits in a handled-chair. Chairs have a sufficient distance with writing tables. There are 6 columns and 10 rows makes sitting accommodation for 60 in the classroom.
  5. Blackboard: The blackboard is put in the wall of the class. It is not portable but fixed. It is in the middle of the front wall to the students. The color of the black board is all right and it is smooth to write with chocks. The duster can easily wipe out the writings in the board.
  6. Lighting and Ventilation: The natural lighting is adequate for the class.
  7. Provision of Artificial lighting and ventilation: There are 6 electric fans and lights in the class. The arrangement is quite adequate for the class.
  8. Teacher’s Table and chair: The wooden chair and a table are in the front side of the class. The chair is quite ok, as we should use in not for a long time to sit there while teaching, but the table was too heavy to move.
  9. Color of the class: The color of the walls in the class is white and brighter.
  10. Other Furniture’s: There is a lecture table took place left corner of the classroom, so that teacher can use it while teaching. It is also fruitful to students to practice their speech.

   B) Evaluation of the Teacher’s Proficiency:

             i.            Teaching Method: His teaching method is average. Sometimes he feels the need for recalling.

          ii.            Student Involvement and Participation: Student involvement and participation is not very high. More over most of the participants are the conventional good students and most of them are sitting in the 1st bench.

       iii.            Motivation: He created motivation for the class by showing the Photograph of ‘Sangsad Bhoban’.

       iv.            Classroom Questioning: After finishing the lesson, she didn’t ask any question to the students.

          v.            Dress up: The school has no specific dress for teachers. His dress up was suitable for the class.

       vi.            Use of Blackboard: He used the blackboard neatly. His writings are legible and can be seen from even the last bench. He also does not stand parallel to the board making the students facing his back. So the students take the advantage for side talking. Before going out of the class, he wiped the board.

    vii.            Punishment and reward: He didn’t use any Punishment and reward to absent student.

 viii.            Classroom control: His classroom controlling power is really strong. No student disturbed in the class while he gave his lesson. Only few students (about 7 out of 51) talked in the class while she was using the blackboard.

        ix.            Learning environment: The environment was calm and quiet which is an obvious condition for a math lesson. But the environment was not fear free because of his way of punishment.

           x.             Teacher student Relationship: Teacher student relationship is not friendly, but grim. he maintains a big distance with them. Students are afraid of him and they also respect him. The teacher is caring but not frank to the students.

        xi.             Way of expressing: He explained the issues clearly to the students with agile expression.

     xii.             Expertise in his particular lesson: He has a good expertise on his subject. He has other knowledge related to his subject beyond the textbook.

  xiii.             Beginning of the lesson: He made specific motivation for the lesson. So his starting is quite good and inspiring.

  xiv.             Punctuality: He was on time for the class. He started his class at the right time and closed up his lesson before 5 minutes for me to introduce myself to the class.

     xv.             Class work observation: When he instructed to the students to write the classification of election, he observed the class work by walking and watching the activities of the students entering the passages between the columns.

  xvi.             Voice and Tone: His voice is suitable for the class. It can be heard from the last bench. The changing tone of her voice creates some special situations or attention in the class, which is sometimes urgent.

xvii.             Confidence: His face, attitude, behavior, talking shows that he is confident, confident about his expertise and controlling power.

4.0 Assessment:

a)   Strength of the Teacher:

1)   Good controlling power over the class.

2)    He got the expertise lesson delivery.

3)   Punctual

4)   Appropriate voice and flexible tone.

5)   Tries to relate the lesson to everyday life.

6)   He can clarify an issue clearly.

7)   A specific and effective motivation towards a specific lesson.

8)   Depth of knowledge.

b)   Weakness of the Teacher:

1)    He finished the whole chapter in a period.

2)    Does not give much attention to classroom participation and student involvement.

3)    Does not give much emphasis to back-bencher.

4)    Cannot crate a friendly, fear free classroom situation.

5)    No emphasizes on reinforcement.

6)    Does not use any other teaching material but blackboard and constitution.

7)    He checks the class work copies during the class period that kills time.

8)    Doesn’t use activity based method.

5.0 Possible ways of improving the Lesson:

  1. He could use a poster writing on it the classifications of constitution and characteristics of a good constitution.
  2. There should be formative assessment.
  3. If he would check the class work copies of all the students after the class period it would help the students to do his class works more sincerely.
  4. He needs to learn the use of board.
  5. He should use activity based teaching method.
  6. Should give emphasis to back-benchers.
  7. Homework should be given in assignment method.
  8. Sometimes he should create a suitable funny situation in the class making the students laugh. But obviously it is related to the lesson.

Considering all those things my judgment is that, he got the talent to be in teaching profession. To me his performance is very good but not excellent. Though he is experienced enough and acquit the art of teaching, she should in tough of workshop.