How to Evolve Bisharp into Kingambit in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

How to Evolve Bisharp into Kingambit in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Game Freak has now made Pokemon Scarlet and Violet available to players worldwide so they can begin their journey in the Paldea region. In the large open universe, there is much to learn and catch. The special evolutions in Scarlet and Violet, like in earlier games, include Bisharp and Kingambit.

Apart from merely leveling up, there are several other ways to evolve Pokemon in the main series. Some evolve by trading, while others need players to utilize a certain stone or item on the pocket monster. There are many other evolutionary processes, like Eeveelution. To get the desired outcome, players must figure it out.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are no different from previous generations in that they use both established and novel evolutionary strategies. The infamous Coin Pokemon’s evolution from Gimmighoul to Gholdengo is one of the game’s most intriguing processes.

This article describes another unusual type of evolution used by Bisharp and Kingambit in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Players can develop Pawniard (found in the South Province Areas 1 and 5) into Bisharp, a Generation 5 dual-type Dark and Steel Pokemon, at level 52. The bipedal pocket monster’s name is a combination of the words bishop and sharp, and its appearance is greatly influenced by the samurai armor of the middle ages.

The nearest fly-in location for Bisharp in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is North Province Area 2, which is located in the northeastern portion of the map in the bamboo forest. Players should be aware that in order for a Bisharp to evolve into a Kingambit, it must possess the Leader’s Crest.

They will need to fight and capture a Bisharp that is holding the Leader’s Crest if they don’t already have it. Players must come across a Bisharp commanding or leading a squad of Pawniards in the wild in order to capture one with it.

If the player already has a Pokemon in their party with greater stats, they can give the Leader’s Crest to that Pokemon instead of evolving the just captured creature. In either case, they will need to track down three additional Bisharps who are leading some Pawniards in the wild while holding the Leader’s Crest.

Once these three have been eliminated, players must level their Pokemon once more in order to obtain a Kingambit for their party. The latter is the only known Pokemon that can learn the move “Kowtow Cleave,” according to Bulbapedia. It is undoubtedly a strong ally to have by your side.

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Kingambit has the following entries in its Pokedex:

Scarlet: A Bisharp can only become a Kingambit if it dominates its whole army.

Violet: Despite having a big army at its disposal, it lacks sophistication in its strategy-making. To keep pushing, it merely relies on sheer power.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are the first games in Generation 9 of the multi-decade video game series. There are currently 400 Pokemon listed in the Pokedex, which you may view here.