The First Horizon Chase 2 Expansion is now Accessible

The First Horizon Chase 2 Expansion is now Accessible

The first Horizon Chase 2 addition, Japan World Tour, is currently accessible on Apple Arcade. Players can experience the environment and culture of the Land of the Rising Sun by racing through futuristic cities, ethereal dagos, and thick gardens and woodlands in this DLC.

The extension includes a World Tour campaign and 11 extra events distributed over 9 cities (9 normal and 2 pit-break races). As soon as all of the Japan races are finished, a brand-new vehicle called the Dream will become available. Vehicle customization options include 3 bodies and 6 panels.

In order to create three new circles, Rodrigo Bellao, the artistic director of Horizon Chase 2, drew on influences from Japanese culture and inspiration from actual locations.

Arakurayama Sengen Park: “Japan’s premier trail combines temple architecture with a stunning backdrop, with an emphasis on Mount Fuji, to represent the country’s traditions. Our objective is to provide a highly introspective and stylized atmosphere with a brilliant color scheme and breathtaking sunsets that are strategically located to open up new perspectives for the region.

Akihabara: “Japanese towns and arcade racing games in the 1990s share a strong aesthetic affinity. We put a lot of thought into how to construct Akihabara to respect this tradition. We’re paying thanks to the Asian pop culture figures who served as our team’s inspiration. It portrayed a lively night with a focus on the aesthetics of the neon lights, enormous robots, and monsters;

Lake Mashu: “Our intention with this track is to give our gamers an exceptional experience. We wanted to give the players that finished the ride something special, primarily because it is the final track in the World Tour. We enhanced the race’s dynamic weather system and visual effects to make it more visually arresting and challenging in terms of gameplay.