Heroic Bystander Leaps On top of Alligator after it Attacks Handler

After a particularly angry alligator grabs an animal trainer by the hand and starts rolling, a heroic dad jumps into action and jumps over a giant reptile, which loses its strength and helps free the woman. Finding himself at the top of the alligator, the man is able to quickly jump to safety, potentially saving Handler’s life and giving his son a great story to be proud of at school.

The incident happened at a reptile factory called Scales and Trails Utah in West Valley City, where a 5-year-old had a birthday party. The handler entered the alligator aptly Darth Gator to feed the 2.4-meter (8-foot) animal, but Darth Gator felt a little extra hungry and decided to take the trainer’s hand as well.

In true alligator fashion, Darth Gator then moved on to the Death Roll, with the goal of severing whatever was in their jaws. The handler has done an impressive job of rolling with it, allowing Donnie Wiseman enough time to catch the gator and prevent it from rotating further. According to the owner of the company, the handler has undergone surgery and is recovering well. 

The wild incident happened on Saturday in front of a crowd of five-year-old children at the Scale and Tails Reptile Center in West Valley City, Utah. The reptile involved was an eight-foot-tall animal known as the “Darth Gator”. Recorded footage from Theresa Wiseman shows the moment when Getter held his guard’s hand – and the moment Theresa’s husband, Donnie, went to wrestle the reptile empty-handed.

The video begins with several children standing in front of the glass around the alligator’s tank when a zoo tells them to handle the reptiles. He then opens the enclosure and gives the alligator a hand signal to send it back to his tank. But the alligator does not mean. Instead, it licks the guard’s arm with its strong jaw and then slides into the water trying to pull him away.

The spectator gasps, thrashing the gator and then dragging the guard almost completely into the water as he fights to free his hand. “We have a problem here!” Donnie Wiseman screams, seen in a yellow and blue shirt at the edge of the tank. Wiseman goes behind the guard and tries to get him out. “We had a problem!” She screams again.