Health is better than Wealth

Health is better than Wealth

Health is better than wealth

Introduction: Health is the first source of all happiness. He who said that health is wealth was quite on the right. It stresses on the importance of health and places it above richness. Health is the sound condition of the body. If a person is healthy, he/she can work to gain wealth. It is a great wealth that none can deny. A healthy person can work and earn money. If you are not healthy then you cannot work or earn money. A man of health can enjoy all happiness in life.

Good health: Health is wealth in more than one sense. Good health has money value. It makes all those who depend on bodily labor or a living to earn money. The worker in the field or in the factory must have good health. The office boy who has to go to different places carrying messages, the postman who has to go his daily round, the policeman who has to control traffic, and all who have to do outdoor work must have sound health or they will lose in money. Even a trader in ill health cannot prosper well. He could possibly flourish more with better health. The teacher, the doctor, and the lawyer all need to have good health in order to be able to do well in their profession.  Also, good health can be affected if a proper case of health is not taken and the rules of health are not followed. So we should take care of our health.

Ill Health: The saying is true in a higher sense. Health gives the man more than what wealth can give. Only a healthy person is a happy person. Wealth without health is worth little or nothing. Only if a person is healthy that he can feed his family. A diseased man who has millions of money finds no joy in his wealth. An unhealthy person will find it difficult to meet the requirements of his family. His untold riches can give him no happiness. One can’t buy health with money but the money, of course, can be earned if one is healthy. His food, however delicious, gives him no pleasure and his soft bed, no rest, and comfort. He would heartily desire to change place with a poor beggar who enjoys good health. Health is more important than the other thing in our life. So, we’ve to take proper care of our health so that we can enjoy our life completely.

National health: National prosperity is dependent on national health. It is healthy people that can produce wealth and bring prosperity and progress. A nation of weak people cannot hope to reach any high standard of prosperity. It runs the risk of being enslaved by a stronger nation. The saying is, therefore, as true of a nation as a person. We must eat healthily and exercise to stay healthy and fit. The true value of wealth is lost without health. To keep fit mental health we have to control our emotions and have to be patient and also its respect other person‘s feelings and rights.

Conclusion: The being so, it is the duty of every man to improve his health. It is also a national necessity to raise the standard of national health. A diseased and injured person cannot work and care for others. Even if you have money, you will not be happy unless you are healthy. True that wealth brings prosperity and happiness, but all that is worth only if one is healthy. So, we should always try to become healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle.