Gas Cabinet

Gas Cabinet

The gas cabinet is a metal enclosure that is intended to provide local exhaust ventilation, protection for the gas cylinder from fire from without the cabinet, and protection for the surroundings from fire from within. It is a metallic enclosure that is used to provide a local exhaust ventilation system for virtually all of the gases used or generated in the Semiconductor, Solar, MEMS, NANO, Solar PV, Manufacturing, and other advanced technologies. Many of the odorless and colorless gases are highly toxic and flammable and this calls for utmost care while handling them.

The primary purpose of gas cabinets is to contain potential leaks in piping and fittings at the cylinder connection. Gas cabinets have many features; therefore, it is necessary to know the intended use of the cabinet so that the correct features can be selected prior to purchase. The cabinet must be exhausted by a specifically designed fan and exhaust system. The cabinet exhaust system draws leaking hazardous gasses out of the cabinet. In the case of a flammable gas the cabinet will contain the flame for a period of time. Whatever the reason a gas cabinet is chosen, installation and operation should follow manufacturer requirements. Gas cylinders must be stored away from heat sources. Place the valve cap on the cylinder whenever the regulator is removed.


Gas cabinets come in a variety of sizes, which include single, double, and triple cylinders, as well as lectures and small capacity cylinders. There are a variety of gas cabinets available in the market in different gas cylinder configurations, such as 1, 2, and 3 bottle designs. They can be either new, used, or reconditioned. A gas cylinder cabinet can have many features depending on the specific gas. These features include a gas sensor, sprinkler head, excess flow sensor, automatic operation with automatic purging, and excess pressure sensor.

Reconditioned gas cabinets can be more useful than non-reconditioned used gas cabinets because of the thorough process used in professionally reconditioning and testing to ensure all systems meet the manufacturer’s specifications. Different types of gas cabinets can be used, depending on the gas type in the cylinder. Automatic gas cabinets with multiple sensors are useful and fulfill many other requirements. Before a regulator is removed from a cylinder, the cylinder valve must be closed and the regulator relieved of gas pressure.

Gas cylinders must be stored in a separate storage area outside the building. A gas cabinet can also be manufactured specifically for a company’s needs and at a lower cost. It is required that a gas cabinet is used for fire safety for gas cylinders. Flammable gas cylinders must be separated from oxygen cylinders by a distance of 6m or by a wall of 30 minutes of fire resistance.