Human Resource Management

Functionality of HR Department at Panwin Garments

Functionality of HR Department at Panwin Garments

The Functionality of HR Department at

Bangladesh is one of the largest readymade garments (RMG) exporters in the world. Panwin is one of them. Panwin is an organization of five different strategic business units; of which, one (Panwin washing plant) have been launched in the reporting year and thus, it expanded both vertically and horizontally. The core business unit is Panwin Garments Limited which is a woven apparel manufacturing factory. There are separate units for poly, carton, sewing thread & accessories as well as printing and embroidery. The group is also planning to expand their new building with another 31 lines production unit in the year 2016 to 2017 that will contribute more to the national economy.

At present, Panwin Garments Ltd employs approximately 6000 employees. As a worker the organization is committed to pay at least twenty percent more wages than the legal government requirement and helps the workers to have a better lifestyle. Moreover, annual profit sharing scheme with the workers is also put into action and thus the organization celebrates its success with the workers and makes them feel like owners of the company. As a compliant factory, free lunch is provided for all the employees of the group. Hence a friendly relationship is maintained with the workers promoting an excellent work environment.

This year, the annual turnover is over $85 million which is an increase of 25% on the last year’s revenue. The groups has also achieved a number of awards and thus earned recognition in the global arena. One of the recent award was the received from Germany (C@A Sourcing Bangladesh) – 10th Feb, 2014 for the best vendor of the world due to on time garment delivery, good quality of product and services.

The market is becoming more competitive everyday but the organization believes that with the innovative planning and strong management team, the group can boost its position in the market. It is the innovations and changes with time that have kept the company on course. The group believes that all these efforts described above, can help fulfill its vision: To be the most regarded company in Bangladesh by 2014(Information source -“Panwin Garments Ltd” web site)


Objectives of the Study

The objective of the report is to discuss the Human Resource Policy in Panwin Garments Ltd in relation to Human Resource practices.

Specific objectives include the following:

  1. To find out the problems regarding recruitment, safety, employee relations, compensation and benefits, compliance and training and development practices
  2. To resolve problems of managing talent pool
  3. To make the departments leaner and target-oriented.
  4. Whether RMG is maintaining any written human resources policies.
  5. Whether there is any discrimination in their functions of HRM.
  6. Are they playing fair rule in the process of recruitment, selection, safety, employee relations, compensation and benefits, compliance, training and development, and performance appraisal.

Scope of the report

The report entirely discusses the current service offered by “Panwin Garments Ltd” and how they perform different HR practices at Panwin Garments Ltd”. The report discusses the current resource policies of the Panwin Garments Ltd. at its top, mid and entry management level employees. The work is not based on any other garment manufacturing factory otherwise mentioned, or does not include blue collar labor force at Panwin Garments Ltd. Also, it does not try to discuss or conclude on any policies that does not affect the recruitment of management employees at any rate.

Product and Services

In Panwin their main product is Basic Pant, Shorts, Bermuda, Capri, Heavy Cargo Shorts, Heavy Cargo trousers, Chino Pants, Infant’s Trousers, Jeans Trousers, Skirts, Stretch Trousers, Swimming Trunks, Three Quarter Pants, Zipoff trouser, Joggers Pant, Overall, and Dungarees .In addition , they also produce the Blazers, Vest, Denim Jackets, Unlined Jacket and Quilted Jacket etc. Their main buyer is C & A, Terranova, Gymboree, Crazy8, Bel &Bo, Kiabi, H & M and Charles Vogele. So, they are very sincere about their Quality, services, and commitment their on time garment delivery.


Panwin is a fast growing privately owned apparel manufacturing company in Bangladesh. Their first business was Garment Accessories that have been established in 1993. After that they have established the Garments Units in 1998. They have total 3 Units / 34 Lines. Their yearly turnover was US $85 Million in 2014 and they are trying to achieve the target $100 Million 2015.

Moreover, they are going to expand their business for the upcoming year that plans are mentioned in my Internship report below:

21 more production lines: will be started within July 2016

10 more production lines: will be started within May 2017

Washing Unit : will be started within Decm 2017

ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant): will be started within Decm 2017

Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and Selection

This Recruitment and Selection Policy has been framed with the view of recruiting and selecting people who have a strong desire to achieve The Panwin’s vision, and who will assist us in achieving the business results. The main difference between recruitment and selection is recruitment is positive processes where candidates are attracted for the post apply there. On the other hand selection is a negative process where competition arises and candidates compete with each other and meritorious candidates get job.

Recruitment is the process of searching the candidates for employment and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization whereas selection involves the series of steps by which the candidates are screened for choosing the most suitable persons for vacant posts.


Minimum requirements are detailed

Throughout this policy and include:

  1. The position is defined and justified by the requisitioning Business Unit Head/Function Head and authorized and processed by Human Resource Department.
  2. The position is advertised unless a person has been identified through the succession planning process or other business requirements.
  3. The Business Unit Head / Function Head are involved in the recruitment and selection decision. As a minimum, at least one other person from the Business Unit/Function, competent in the recruitment process, should assist beside the authorized person from HR Department.
  4. Pre-requisite skills, qualifications, experience, competencies and other The Panwin’s or legislative requirements are met and documented
  5. At least 2 reference checks and medical checkup are completed and documented
  6. Offers are approved and made by Head of Group HR and in some special cases by the Managing Director
  7. All people, whether internally or externally recruited, are inducted through employee orientation program.

The process explains how pools of candidates are generated from different sources. It is impossible to collect all the candidates of different category and experience using only one source. These sources are proved to be very useful and effective for finding the right amount of capable people.

Current Recruitment Process:

When a vacancy comes about within the approved establishment and it is deemed necessary to fill in the vacancy, the Employee Requisition Form has to be completed and a copy of it has to be sent to HR Manager, Talent Management at the Corporate Office who finds out if there is any suitable candidate already working in the Group for whom a transfer to the vacant position would mean either a promotion or better prospect promotion. HR Manager, Talent Management returns the Requisition Form with his comments to the requiring department at the earliest.

Succession planning:

The “Panwin Garments Ltd” has succession planning which is a tool to assist with planning Group’s future people needs. Within the succession planning process, potential successors are identified for certain management positions.

When such a position becomes vacant, an individual may be approached about the vacancy. However, this may not preclude advertisement, or consideration of people who respond to that advertisement. Vacant positions not filled through the succession process are advertised.

Recruitment Standards for different positions will be available with the HR Department which should be strictly adhered to and no deviation there from should be made without the approval of the Head of Group HR.

It is the responsibility of the Head of Group HR to review and update the Recruitment Standard from time to time. Such standards would not be applicable to existing employees but for promotion cases, the set standards except the educational qualification should be considered.

Each HR Head / Top level management has involvement in the selection process, since their assessments of employee performance directly influence the HR Function operations.

However, the following guidelines to be followed in the promotion selection process:

  • Promotions will be based upon merit.
  • Evaluations must be job-related.
  • Supervisors must consider as many potential candidates as necessary to assure high quality candidates.
  • Management retains the right to select or not select candidates from any source it considers appropriate

Employees may be moved to different Business Units / Functions/ departments by transfer or promotion. If the move is not a promotion then the transfer should not cause an increase in salary.


SWOT analysis means strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats.


Good Owner Structure:

Bangladesh is very rich in garments industry. Panwin Group is one of the reputed Garments industries in Bangladesh. They have their own garment unit in Bhager Bazar, Baniarchala, and Gazipur at Dhaka. They have good corporate office with own building at Uttara, Sector-6, house no- 9 road no-3. They have also own Accessories division that is the company’s biggest strength.

Financial Soundness:

CEO Mr. Salim is the main planner of the group. Under his dynamic leadership, the group has already been exceeded US$100 Million turnovers mark & employed more than 6000 people. The salary structure is better than other organization.


Skilled Human Resource:

There are two part of Human Resource Department. Almost 20 expert human resource people Works in this department.

High Ethical Standard:

“Panwin Garments Ltd” is strictly following its ethical standard to keep the quality of products and manpower. If the candidates do not have sufficient quality they are not recruited though they have strong references.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

The group has launched a ‘0-5 Year Child Health Clinic’, conducted quarterly ‘eye camps’ to serve the poor, and sponsored expensive medical machineries and donates fund to a rotary club, donates the garments for the workers, established an auditorium in a local school etc. on its endless effort to serve the society. Panwin has established the school beside the factory premises so that worker kids can study without paying anything for schooling purpose. Their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) activities include Social, Educational, Health Care, and Environmental.

Equal Employment Opportunity:

The Company will maintain a policy of nondiscrimination with all employees and applicants for employment. All aspects of employment within the Company will be governed on the basis of merit, competence and qualifications and will not be influenced in any manner by religion, caste or region.


In Panwin management, employees from different places and universities are existed. There are various departments’ like-Fabrics, Accessories, Dying, HR, Washing, and Panwin guest house etc. Here, employees are from Textile University, BGMEA, DU, and National University etc.That’s why, sometimes there may be lack of understanding due to cultural gap. Human resource department should alert to solve misunderstanding of other departments.

There is another major problem in this industry. As it is a garments industry, all garments production units is in same area. Sometimes some labor tries to break law and try to create dispute. This chaos is quickly spread out to other production unit. What HR does is, they intentionally turned down those labors that can create problem.


New and Better Agreement:

Panwin Group and CRP-Bangladesh signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to help the physically challenged persons. They also signed MoU in reputed universities for internship or attract fresh graduates. They can involve with new agreements so that people can know about this company. Sometimes their HR department organizes various corporate presentations in many universities.

New International Gateway:

As Panwin only export garment products so they are high about their Quality. Often foreign buyers visits Woven manufacturing units and observe quality. Often various agreements are signed by them like- H@M. Those meetings are arranged by HR. There is also more opportunity for marketing people to go foreign country to meet the buyer and can negotiate the price in the spot.


Upgraded Technology Used by Competitors:

In our country garments industry is well established. So, there are lots of other competitors is in this industry. If they negotiate with prices and give there product in low prices it can be a major problem. Their main competitor is India.

Because in India the labor cost is not much high. So they can easily sell their products in cheaper prices.

Political Instability:

Political instability is another threat because, with the change of Government, policies are also changed. So, this is difficult for any organization who deals with foreigners.

Risky Position of Valuable Resource and equipments:

As it is a garments industry, so many raw materials like cotton, thread and dyeing stuff etc is imported from different countries. In these sectors efficient employees should be hired. If timely it is possible to communicate them it becomes a great problem. Some necessary equipment are also needed for HR Department like- Computer, Laptop, Printer etc.

Findings of the report

Overview of the Company

“Panwin Garments Ltd.” started its journey as a full-fledged Garments producing industry back in the year 1998 with a view to manufacturing readymade garments and exporting their product to Europe, and America.

Today, PANWIN is a company having 34 production lines and is a member of 100% export oriented garment industry.

The Company is increasingly supplying its customers and thus end users across the globe with garment sourcing solution. They have good manufacturing unit with reasonable prices. The garment industry occurred and set up in Bangladesh in 1980 for the sake of skillful sewing quality, cheap labor and for the ability of assembling, in particular, desired quality garments (making readymade garments) for end users. Since, all factories have been employing all-out efforts to achieve excellence in their production and increase their capability.

Bangladeshi garment manufacturing companies have leaded through in last 3 and half decades that is truly very good. Panwin has also been looking for the dream of a large number of American and European apparel companies to supply the quality readymade garments to reach the satisfaction level in every step of production. There were few local entrepreneurs who knew and had passion and knowledge about international trade. Even the readymade garments sewing started with manually operated small “Singer sewing Machine”. But over the years both on personal and business ethical ground, to ensure quality the entrepreneurs were made to install multifunctional sewing machines. “Panwin Garments Ltd” also walked this path for the professional excellence and is equipped with modern technology in all their operations. So this is the small overall overview and background of both Panwin and Bangladeshi Garments’ establishment.


Key facts about PANWIN

The total number of employees at the Head Office is 75 and the personnel consist of a versatile variety of HR officers, Merchandisers, Marketing officers, Liaison Officer and on top of all the upper level managers. But we know that it is always a continuing process to retain and open new wings for the smooth functioning and expansion of the company.

Production Process

A readymade garment factory is basically the production unit for making and finishing of attire largely from fabric form. Most of the buyers of PANWIN are from Europe and USA. PANWIN has met the desired satisfactory level of the European customers which has helped them to make itself a credible Garment for them and the existing buyers turned into loyal customers. The production goes on according to the buyers’ demands and specifications about fabrics, garments’ style and measurement size, sewing, weight, buttons, cuffs and packaging etc. In the garments’ production process the skillful workers sew everything according to the wish of the customers and finally they bring out the picture of complete uniform. Each step of production process goes through very careful quality inspection and garments are shipped to the destinations after proper quality check and clearance. The quality and the certified measurements are again checked by the quality control inspectors of the respective foreign customers. According to my study I hardly found that any shipment was cancelled from the buyer’s side due to quality issues and any irregularities. It has all been possible and has come to happening due to the effort of our hard working human resources to attain the professional excellence.


To study the cost of producing a garment, all inclusive things are considered like such as fabric consumption, fabric GSM, color, print, embroidery accessories, sewing charge, and other additional expenses that are required in the production process.

Panwin’s responsibility to Work Environment:

Safety need for the workers is a mandatory issue to maintain in all the organizations. But due to lack of safety measures and arrangement, accidents occur sometimes in some factories. Some important causes of the accident are given below-

  • Routes are blocked by storage materials
  • Lack of space allocation for escape routes
  • No provision for emergency lighting
  • Doors, opening along escape routes, are not fire resistant.
  • Doors are not self-closing and often do not open along the direction of escape.
  • Adequate doors as well as adequate staircases are not provided to aid quick exit
  • Fire exit or emergency staircase lacks proper maintenance
  • Parked vehicles, goods and rubbish on the outside of the building obstruct exits to the open air
  • Fire in a Bangladesh factory is likely to spread quickly because the principle of compliance is practiced. Now every compliance factory must have to buy fire door to maintain the compliance as well as worker safety.
  • Lack of awareness among the workers and the owners about the safety issues

But now the situation is becoming much improved and we found, all the surveyed garment factories are fulfilling the requirement of emergency exit. It is provided in all the cases, signage is present and fire fighting equipments are up to date, a departure from the past. Even fire drill is held once in a month in most the factories including Panwin Garments Ltd.

Next to its security measures, the factory is well equipped and furnished with enough fire-fighting equipment, fire alarms systems and trained personnel for facilitating emergency evacuation. All of which contribute to minimizing the fire-risks. At Panwin, the factory environment, with excellent lighting and ventilation, is one of the very best of its kind in Bangladesh. The company always prioritizes the safety of their staff and workers.

PLEST Analysis:

Political Factor:

Panwin basically check out the political situation where they want to export i.e. in case of selecting export country. They also consider other political issues like

  1. Stability of those countries political environment
  2. Government’s overall economic policy and changes in policies
  3. Government’s position on marketing ethics
  4. Government view culture and religion

Government involvement in regional trade agreements After analyzing all these political issues they go for exporting as well as running operation business where they match with and also get benefit by generating more revenues.

Legal Factors: Panwin is also aware of legal an issue that is why, they go for legal factor analyzing of the exporting countries. As we know that Statutes governing commerce vary by country, so it’s essential to understand how they will affect on their export activities.

Economical Factors:

Panwin also analyzes the economic factors of the exporting country. They mainly consider the state of the economy in which they are planning to enter. They look at

  1. Interest rates
  2. GDP growth
  3. Purchasing power
  4. Inflation rates

Employment levels taxes and fees on foreign countries

  1. The cost of employee benefits
  2. Long-term economic prospects.

Generally, they come across about those countries economic condition, because achieving success in international business mainly depends on the economic condition of country. If economy goes well, they hope to run business effectively.

Socio-cultural Factors:

The social and cultural influences on business of exporting country may be very different from those of importing country. Cultures vary from different perspective like- dressing habit, language, religion based and so on. Based on these they enter in to new market where they can provide standard quality product.

If culture varies, they have to go for modification. So prior to exporting, they identify the cultural factors.

  • Language
  • Dressing Habit
  • Dominant religion and its influence on business

Attitudes to foreign products and services after analyzing these issues they enter in to new market and develop product for them.

For example- in exporting countries like – UK, USA, China etc countries company think about their choice they are Christians and like to wear gown in wedding. But in our country, our tradition is not wearing gown in wedding.

Technological Factors:

Technological advances are one of the easiest ways of gaining advantage over competitors. The use of technology is vital to competitive advantage. So, Panwin also seeks for new technology to use in those countries. So they consider these issues. Like-:

  1. Technology help reduce the cost products and services
  2. Technology offers them a new way to communicate with buyers.

Electronic and social Media available advertise their industry name and products

Core activities of HR department PANWIN GARMENT LTD.:

Pursuing the candidates:

Internal versus External Job Posting

The ultimate target is to select and recruit the best possible employees for respective positions. At Panwin, most of the employees are recruited through internal references or personal contacts, especially at the head office because the organization, basically, asks for experienced and ‘reliable’ people. However, at factory level and particularly in lower level recruitment, the vacant positions are advertised outside the factory which attracts the candidates.

While recruiting someone to be filling a post in top level, the recruitment process goes through more formalities such as head hunters, news paper advertisement and job sites. Those who best meet the skills, qualifications, experience required for the position are taken.

Human Resource forecasting:

HR officials use forecasting to guess in advance the future demands for the motivation of the employees. Major issues to be examined are the company’s growth, construction, status quo and the employment history. The above issue’s studying will help the company to initially forecast the future needs.


In garment industry, people go through thousands of communication every day. It requires good number of training sessions because these people will have to communicate with foreigners as well. Now, the goal of training efforts for the employees is to make them acquire the ability which will be applied in their day to day activities.

Training is very crucial issue as the whole industry is very labor extensive. At PANWIN, employees are provided with complete scale of training orientation which they will apply in the professional operations. It helps them to carry out their duties day in, day out. Take one example of impact of training. In the garment industry, the deadline is very strict and any failure in meeting the deadline often results in the cancellation of orders. At Panwin, in training sessions, one very important message to the staff remain that they have to get done with their jobs in time, no delay is allowed. They are trained accordingly with technical know-how and motivation. If this practice would not be there, the company would potentially not be able to meet the time points and thus would lose a good amount of orders and subsequently the buyers would retreat from Panwin. So, here it proves the importance of training.


At PANWIN, the size of compensation package for a new employee largely depends upon the amount of experience and apparent potential they show through the recruitment process. For others, usually, there is a certain salary structure reviewed bi-annually according to the overall performance of the company. However, performance is the other measure that sets the bar of compensation for individuals. Every employee goes through challenge to achieve the professional experience. Works are best done under pressure.

People and employees are all engaged with pressure but those who can live up to the challenge are rewarded with hefty compensation package.

Succession Planning:

PANWIN has a succession planning process that assists the organization to make planning for the company’s future needs. Within this process, potential successors are identified for specific positions. When such a position becomes vacant, to fill that void, an individual may be approached from the existing employees who has been performing well all the way through up to that point in that department, though this may not always rule out advertisement for people to come from outside the organization. Vacant positions not filled through the succession process are that’s why advertised and recruited after a thorough process.

Human resources inventory

It actually gives us an idea of how many employees are present in the company, such as what are the skills, abilities, interest, skills and qualifications of the present employees. The personnel inventory allows the HR managers to perceive the organization’s present employee strengths and weaknesses against the future requirements. When the decision is made to recruit new employees, information must be gathered on each position. At the same time they must establish minimum requirements so that suitable applicants can be hired. This information is developed through job analysis, job description and job specification. In garment sector the job analysis is done by surveying the skill requirements needed to be an eligible employee from the line managers. Their feedback from past and experience determine the job analysis. Job description is a written summary of the scope, function, duties, responsibilities and relationships involved in a job. Job descriptions help management to select, orient, and compensate employees effectively. At PANWIN, it can be very effective as it is a labor intensive and labor oriented manufacturing section. For example, when a line manager is hired, that person is given the responsibility of his line and he will be held accountable for it. Job specification is a profile that interprets the basic traits and qualities needed in someone who could efficaciously uphold and perform a given assignment. Job specification helps managers to determine an applicant’s fitness for a certain position by defining qualifications for education, training, experience, and behavioral qualities the person must have to perform throughout his job career.

Orientation and training

First week I was introduced to Panwin’s HR and Merchandising department. I had to visit different managers and departments to figure out how the garment factory works and how all the department gets coordinated. How Brands Supply chain, Brand, Customer Development are interrelated. As an intern of HR I had gone through HR activity with meticulous details. At the same time how to interrelate all the info’s from several departments and report it to the HR head.

Reviewing the organization’s current manpower and resources

While I was in the organization I had to visit regularly the organization to review the organizational current manpower and resources. Competitive pricing is the pre-requisite for getting an order. Every order comes up with a technical sheet. In a technical sheet of a order everything are specifically mentioned. Like the embodiment of the fabrics, raw material of the fabric, dying formulation and dying process. Design, swatch, team, packaging and all small technical aspects.

Cost estimation is very intricate thing. First thing is that, find out the fabric requirement for production, check that production floor is free for production, trim all other required things. Next thing is ask the suppliers for their price. In many cases buyers have their nominated suppliers. In that case we have to communicate with the suppliers as the price of all raw materials. Buyers are very serious about the quality of the raw material and compliance standard of  the manufacturer. Quality and worker compliance is very important for their brand value. After examining fabric requirement and per yearn costing we quote the price to the buyer. All time the lowest price bidder wins. In addition to the price previous performance, quality, delivery before schedule is also very important to get order. The least price plays the most vital role forget the order.

Costing estimation has got some system. First thing is that fabric cost estimation, cost associated with other accessories. CM that is cutting and making cost is the margin of the company. In CM is included with all expenses related factory. How many machine hours required for all the production is also required for the costing. I participated in how to collect buyer’s requirement.

Nowadays the business model of big brands has changed. Most of the RMG brands outsource their requirements to low cost production abduction destination. As we know that cheap, available and skilled RMG workers make Bangladesh one of the most preferred RMG production destinations in the globe. We basically supply our products to western Brands. By season they used to change their fashion, color, style. Before the season they procure their inventory. Most of the time they go value for money supplier. They expose their requirement to their supplier that is different garments companies ask for price quote. Lowest bid with the compliance wins the contract. Another thing that can happen is some garments factories used to select by different brands as their regular supplier. Collecting buyer’s requirement is a very important task for the business. Keeping in touch with the buyers’ agent or directly with the buyer is the key for survival followed by the growth. Merchandiser follows up everything. After getting work order suppliers send pre-production sample to us.

They have to send to the buyer for approval. Or sometimes they suggest for testing in local laboratory. After approval from laboratory buyer confirms us to go ahead the start the production.. When raw materials are in house we have to go for a quality inspection of raw materials. After approved by our local QC (quality control) inspector we finally approve the raw materials for production.

As a merchandiser we have to communicate all update to the buyer or buyers’ local agent. I monitored how the whole production process works from scratch. From collecting the fabrics till the finished product. I also went to the fabric  warehouses situated in different units our garments. I saw how a pattern is being made, how the product is sewed, how the swatch is made, how it is packed and loaded to the covered van.

Reviewing the HR policy

My entire treatise is mainly focused on qualitative study based on observations of the whole garments’ HR department throughout my whole experience one very crucial element that I noticed is that the female workers are the backbone of the garments industry. But ironically the turnover rate was very high. A high employee turnover rate can be pernicious for any organization. High turnover rates can create a lack of staff to complete essential daily functions of a company. In addition, high turnover rate can cause a loss of productivity as new employees take some time to get up to tempo, particularly in complex jobs.

During my internship period I also reviewed the HR policies of the company. The HR policies are as follows:

Standard Conduct

Employees are expected to conduct themselves on the job in a manner that contributes to operating effectiveness, productivity, safety and a harmonious work environment. If employees do not meet the company’s expectations of performance and/or conduct, corrective action, up to and including termination may be taken. It is within management’s discretion to determine what measure would be appropriate under each circumstance. does not employ mandatory progressive steps of corrective action. To monitor all the activities the authority has installed cameras all around.

Harassment Policy

Nowadays this is a major issue and if any such incident takes place it can ruin the reputation of the company. So it is strictly monitored by the authorities. But if any employee feels that he or she is subjected towards any such behavior then that person is free to complain it to the authority.


Although the HR activities of PANWIN Garments is doing a great job at the present, but there is scope to enhance development both internally and externally. To streamline and strengthen the overall activities of the factory the following areas have been identified:

 Recruiting more HR personnel

Currently the company has 20 HR employees. As in this company there is a huge need of HR then there should be more HR personnel hired in order to make the HR team more stronger and so that the employees can be handled for smoothly and all the operations in the company functions properly.

Providing more facilities to increase job satisfaction

More facilities should be given in order to increase the job satisfaction in the company. It is a fact that if the employees are happy then they will feel more motivated towards work and thus increase the productivity in the long run.

Many facilities can be provided to the labors such as health benefits, occasional arrangements during festivals, air conditioning, health care and more importantly day care centers for the female employees who have children. The Reporting Officers must be more cooperative, cordial and friendly to HR department.

The HR should monitor the line managers properly.

According to my observation I have found out that one of the main reasons of the employee turnover is because of the line managers. The line managers make them go through a lot of hassle. The lines managers also take bribe from them for appointing them or introducing them to the HR.

Introduce service employee career development

At first, the employees’ requirements and needs should be fulfilled and then they can become aware of their customer’s needs. We learn from this that it will reduce employee turnover and can contribute to increased customer satisfaction. This segment also talks about the empowerment of the employees. It is important because it increases employees’ latitude in performing their daily tasks including so figuring out customer problems and handling service failures and it is related to increased frontline service employee performance


In conclusion I can say that this internship report is really essential for every student of business studies to get idea about garment industry. By completing this report I have got overall idea of RMG sector and these may be helpful to know about the technical and management knowledge of garments industry also these sector related organizations.This is a huge sector and yet to discover the whole.

I want to thank my department Head for giving me great opportunity of learning. This Internship program will help me in the further challenges of life. I try my best to make this project enriched with lots of apparel related documents. Panwin garment is really a good experience for me because every person of there so much helpful, cooperative and given me the proper methods of practical learning. So, at last, there is a hope of eradicating all the obstacles and become the leader of garment industries in near future.

From my thesis part, I have learned lots of HR related things that is being practiced in garment sector and also known this RMG sector is a larger contributing in our national economy as well as their people’s improvement of livelihood & increase efficiency & effectiveness.

On the other hand, each and every company in garments sector should have proper and well planned HRM policies and their practices in their every functional level of operation. Then we can ensure to get a more developed & economically strong country of us.