Human Resource Management

Human Resource Recruitment Policies of Dhaka City College

Human Resource Recruitment Policies of Dhaka City College

Evaluation of the effectiveness of Human Resource Recruitment, Selection
Procedure and Compensation Policies: A case Study on DHAKA CITY COLLEGE

From a moderate beginning Dhaka City College is the most old and leading college of Bangladesh affiliated with National University. The employees of Dhaka City College embrace the challenges inherent in maintaining a dynamic and exciting work environment in which students and employees alike will prosper and thrive.


At first the College was established as Night College in 1957 under the patronage of educationists and social workers. The classes of pass course were held at West End High School and thereafter at Dhaka College. In 1970 the college was shifted to Dhanmondi Road No. 2 at its own premises.

Among those who contributed to the establishment of this institution, the names of Mr. Khan Bahadur Abdur Rahman and Mr. Ataur Rahman Khan, former Prime Minister of Bangladesh will remembered. Mr. Khaney Alom Khan, former Chairman of the Governing Body arranged financial assistance for the development of the college buildings while he was the Divisional commissioner of Dhaka Division. They funded for two large bulidings at first in 1989.Since 1991 the night shift was closed and morning shift for girls was itroduced.One more large building has constructed beside the main campus in 2008 and after that a hostel for stuff is built in Dhanmondi 3/A, Dhaka. A new building has open at the front of the Dhaka City College Premises in 2008.

The former college principal was Mr. Hafiz Uddin who joined this college as Lecturer in Accounting in 1970 and assumed the office of the Principal in 1977.He died on 2009, 29th December after completing his successful, long journey of 33years with continuous effort. The present chairman of the governing body is Prof. Syed Modasser Ali and principal is Md.Shahjahan Khan.


Assuring highly skilled experts, following all the curriculum and directions of national university as well as following all the standard rules regulations of public and private universities at a time.

It offers confer degree both in HSC, Graduation and Post-Graduation level. The semester system in graduation and HSC level was established from 1980.The glorious result of the college both in Dhaka board and National University has made its number one position in merit list for the last 20 years.

Academic Levels:

  • Higher Secondary
  • Graduation
  • Post Graduation

Departments of DCC according to their respective introducing sessions:

  • Accounting,Management,Marketing [1995-96]
  • BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
  • CSE (Computer Science and Engineering) and English [1997-98]
  • Finance [2003]
  • MBA [2004]
  • Economics [2012-13]

D-Organizational chart and operational network:

The overall view of DHAKA CITY COLLEGE with activities are discussed below


(II) Operational network:

Principal: He is the chief executive of the institution. He performs all the academic and administrative jobs under the direct supervision of Governing Body.

Vice Principal: Under principal’s direction the vice principal aid his supports in all types of academic and administrative responsibilities.

Head/Coordinator: This person is assigned to accomplish all academic activities of respective departments.

Teachers: (i) Class Monitor: Two teachers are elected for monitoring class schedule properly.

(ii) Controller: The internal examinations held in college including class test, semester, preparatory test/model test and final exam of board and national university are directed under three respective controllers (teachers).

(iii) Class teacher: He/she is responsible for the following activities-

  • Overall performance evaluation of respective students.
  • Collection and storing all the record of student’s results, attendents percentage.
  • Coordination between guardians and college administration.

(iv) Guide teacher: One guide teacher is assigned to monitor overall development of students both in graduation and post-graduation level.

E: Mission-To be the leading educational institution of Bangladesh among all colleges under National University and Dhaka Board in HSC level.

Vision -The vision of Dhaka City College is to foster the educational development process through the creation of a centre of excellence both in HSC and Graduation, Post Graduation level that is responsive to nation’s needs and able to develop creative leaders and actively contributes to learning and creation of knowledge.

Objectives –The objectives of Dhaka City College is to provide an excellent quality based education with a focus on professional development for students, in order to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary for leading the country in its quest for development. Along with this, the college provides an environment to enhance teaching-learning skills with a view to ensure a dynamic teaching environment.

Goal -To ensure the orderly development of a well coordinated and productive system that will guarantee quality and relevant education for national development and global competitiveness.


Job Responsibilities

  1. Description/ Name of the Job/Position details: – Lecturer, Permanent.
  2. Specific tasks, responsibilities and duties of the job:-
  • Deliver lectures for assigned classes.
  • Script evaluation.
  • Preparation of results as semester wise and performance evaluation of students.
  • Parents meeting and students canceling in a regular basis.
  • Invigilation duties both in internal and external examination.


  1. Different aspects of job performance/Performance appraisal:-

The Dhaka City College offers a comprehensive benefits package, competitive salaries and an opportunity to work in an innovative environment that supports diversity. It follows the policy of equal employment opportunity for all faculties and office stuffs according to their post.

  1. Critical observation and recommendations:-

During working here I got to learn many things. It is one of the best private colleges in Dhaka under National University, continuiously proving remarkable results through its expert faculties and regular curriculum for the last 30 years. The institution from its birth is always very much concern about disciplinary rules. The working environments for teachers are highly appreciating.

The management is always active in updating rules and regulations whenever necessary.

Organizational politics does not completely exist and for that fact the relationship among employees is completely open. This institution also believes that person’s professional and private life must have a good balance. Not only because it reinforces employee’s satisfaction, loyalty and enhances productivity but also because it positively reflects on the organization’s reputation .Everyone here has a very helping attitude and always cooperates in institutional development. The management of the college is also committed to creating a safe, diverse and inclusive work and learning environment free from unlawful discrimination, harassment and violence.

Project- Evaluation of the effectiveness of Human Resource Recruitment, Selection Procedure and Compensation Policies: A case Study on DHAKA


  1. Summary: A descriptive research with special concentration on Human Resource Recruitment, Selection Procedure and Compensation Policies is the topics of my report, as mentioned earlier .There is no doubt that the world of work is rapidly changing. As part of an organization then, HRM must be equipped to deal with the effects of the changing world of work for any type of organizations, especially educational. For them this means understanding the implications of globalization, technology changes, workforce diversity. Changing skill requirements, continuous improvement initiatives contingent workforce, decentralized work sites and employee involvement are the issue for confront. Now it is a big challenge for the HRM to support the organization by providing the best personnel for the suitable position in shortest possible time. Starting with recognizing the vacancies and planning for them is a great task.

Moreover selecting, attracting the suitable candidates and selecting the best person in time are a challenge. The cost of the recruitment is significant. So, proper planning and formulate those plan is the task that require more focus and improvement. Equal opportunity and sourcing is also a vital part. Realizing this need I tried to find the difference and similarities between theoretical aspects with the practical steps taken by the college. I also mentioned some aspects as an attempt to demonstrate the feature for the further improvement.

  1. Introduction: An effective evaluation has drawn through the project about Dhaka City College with special concentration on its employee recruitment, selection procedure and compensation policies. Meanwhile I have collected the necessary information about the selected topic. Then I have assembled all these information for the preparation of the report.
  2. Objectives of the Project:

(i) Short objective: The primary objective of this report is to get information about Human resource selection, recruitment and major elements of compensation polices followed by Dhaka City College.

(ii) Broad Objectives:

  • To focus on the updates and the better methods of modern techniques.
  • It is not only an evaluation process, this report also helped to understand the employees’ psychology and thinking about the organization.
  • This report will be the means of measuring job security and compensation benefits of the current personnel.
  • The report also helped to compare all the similarities and dissimilarities between the practice and theories that direct to realize how the organization can improve their HR activities.
  1. Methodology: The report was deals with the recruitment, selection and compensation policy in terms of theoretical point of view and practical us theoretical point of view and practical use. The sources of information are:
  2. Primary: The primary information collected through Face to Face Interview with the colleagues, supportive staffs and Observations while working for different responsibilities.
  3. Secondary: The secondary information collected from the website, annual magazine and some other relevant sources.
  4. Limitations of the research:

The difficulties occurred while collecting information of the project are-

  • Lack of instrumental facilities to get proper information.
  • Lack of records, sufficient books, unavailable information in website. The main limitation of the study is the collection of information.
  • In many cases the relevant authorities were not capable to provide full information.


Main Body of the Project

Part one: Human Resource Recruitment and Selection procedure-

‘Human resource process is for searching the candidates for employment and stimulating them to apply for the jobs in the organization’-Edwin B Flippo

Dhaka City College has a policy of equal educational and employment opportunities and of non discrimination in the workplace. Educational programs, support services and workplace behavior, including decisions regarding hiring, promotion, discipline, termination and all other terms and conditions of employment, are made without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status or sexual orientation. The college always prefers a long term employment. Recruitment involves locating individuals with appropriate qualifications and in sufficient numbers and encouraging them to apply for jobs with a particular organization the other hand selection process begins where recruitment ends-with the applicant pool. It is actually the process for particular job opening. Different designations require different level of skills. Based on the responsibilities of the designation, each and every organization develops the job specification that is needed to perform the job successfully.

The Recruitment and Selection Procedure of Dhaka City College:-

  1. Internal recruitment: The college does not follow any internal recruitment process believes in equal opportunity for all. However the company does inform the employees about any vacant position through e-mail. But interested employees have to go through all the steps which are followed in external recruitment process.
  2. External Recruitment: Dhaka City College always does in-house recruitment. That means, the company does not outsource the recruitment and selection process to any other agencies. The governing body and the main executive, the Principal controls the process very efficiently. The whole process is centralized.

Preliminary Steps for Recruitment:-There are some issues which are controlled by the administration of the institution during the recruitment process. These are given below:

Requisition: Whenever recruitment is needed the respective head of the department informs the principal reported to chairman of governing body. The time is not specified by the respective department in when a vacancy has been opened.

Sources of candidates: Dhaka City College always prefers recruiting through advertising in paper or recruitment websites-” and “ etc.

Recruitment Strategy: The College prefers targeted recruitment. If any post becomes vacant or any new position is created then it just advertises for that particular position with the specific requirements needed to apply.

Selection Process: There selections process started with sorting CV after the submission of application interested candidates. Then they short list those candidates whose qualifications match the criteria of a vacancy. The short listed candidates have to sit for a written exam. Sometimes the questionnaire can be designed by the personnel of the respected department where there is an opening of a vacancy. For entry level position, those who qualify the written exam are then called for panel interview directed by chairman of governing body along with principal and respective interviewers. They always select those whom they think are most preferable. Once they have selected a candidate, they carry out reference check and background investigation. If everything is ok then they inform about the standard salary and other service policies during giving the appointment letter.

Factors Affecting Selection Process:- There are some common factors that have affect on every organization’s selection process. These factors are:

  • Organizational Hierarchy.
  • Speed of Decision Making.
  • Employee Pool

Part two: The Compensation Policy

Compensation: The word compensation has been derived from the Latin word “Compensation” which means the reward or remuneration given in exchange for labor or service. Compensation may be financial and non- financial.

According to R.S. Schuler: “Compensation is a mode through which an organization logically evaluates the contribution of its employees and provides them with financial and non-financial incentives according to its affordability and within the government regulation”

Compensation management: Compensation management provides a step-by-step approaches for designing a remuneration system that recognize job requirements, employee related knowledge and skills, performance related incentives that link individual, team, work unit, and organization performance.

Objectives of Compensation Management:

Objectives of compensation are very important because it helps the organization obtain, maintain and retain a productive work force. Without adequate compensation; current employees are likely to leave. It is the main reason why most individuals seek employment.

From the employee’s point of view, pay is necessary of life. Pay is the means by which people provide for their own and their family needs.

The Management of compensation must meet several objectives. These objectives are listed below:

  • To acquire qualified personnel
  • Compensation needs to be high enough to attract qualified personnel.
  • To retain present employees.
  • Compensation level must be competitive in order to retain qualified employees otherwise they may leave
  • To ensure equity
  • Workers must be paid at a rate equal to the pay that similar workers receive in another firm.
  • To reward desired behavior.
  • Good performance, experience, loyalty, new responsibilities and behavior can be rewarded through an effective compensation plan.
  • To control costs: The compensation system must be cost effective.
  • To comply with legal regulations: The compensation system must with all sorts of legal regulations.
  • To further administrative efficiency: In pursuing the other objectives of effective compensation management, wage and salary, specialists should design the compensation program in such a way that it can be administered efficiently. Administrative efficiency, however, is the secondary priority of the compensation management.
  • To manage conflict and to ensure congenial working environment.
  • To generate motivation among employees.
  • To reduce turnover.
  • To ensure loyalty/ commitment and participation.
  • To reduce absenteeism.
  • To enhance or improve productivity.
  • To ensure continuity of sound working spirit.


Compensation policies followed by DHAKA CITY COLLEGE:

Dhaka City College follows some policies to recognize employee’s recognition. Employee benefits plan is the most important part of an organization. It is motivated to employee. Dhaka City College continually evaluates and reviews its employee benefits plan to ensure that benefits are competitive. Employee benefits plan of the college are: They are-


Interpretations: It is important for HR professionals to be aware of the needs, as well as the impact of environmental factors, when developing their programs and policies. As the job market expands, it will be particularly important for HR professionals to pay close attention to aspects that engage their workforce and are important to employee performance. Linking rewards to performance will be motivational and will lead company to achieve vision and mission.

Findings: After analyzing, I would like to share some factors have that will hopefully make the HR policies of the college more effective and efficient. The employees are quite satisfied with their salary scale but some improvements should be made in the service rules .The following steps should be taken by the authority according to my view point are-

  • The college should take decision in introducing modern HR policy of recruitment.
  • There is no compensations benefit whenever any employee leaves his or her job without any prior notice.
  • Teachers are not provided leave with pay for higher studies.
  • The organization must have a comprehensive insurance program to protect all members of the University community, all sanctioned activities of the university and all university property.


It is really very difficult to find out every single issue within this limited period of time. I would like to share some of my views here-

  • There authority must provide some options under its supervision of doing higher studies or research for the teachers along with job responsibilities.
  • The college authority must introduce some training and development programs like Workshops, seminars, programs and services to help build skills enhance abilities and strengthen competencies on and off the job.
  • The authority should initiates the long term disability coverage is available at a minimal cost. This plan provides a monthly income if you become totally disabled and unable to work.
  • There must be some percentage of remuneration from government fund for the employees.
  • The organization must started following the modern technology of Human Resource Policy.
  • I think insurance coverage should also plan along with other financial benefits.
  • The authority should be more concern in storing more updated information about its activities.
  • There should be a system of for declaring Long-term service reward and Performance related incentives


The contribution of Dhaka City College in enhancing quality based education by its manpower along with organized regulations is beyond description. The college is a pioneer in delivering consistent results and retaining employees with satisfaction for more than two decades.

It always try to contribute to employee satisfaction and given to employees all types of compensation benefits. It has always been a dream to be able to work for a educational institution and my dream was fulfilled last year. It has been an amazing experience for me as I completed my internship as well as conducting currently my first job from such an incredible organization. Here employees’ inputs and contributions are highly appreciated and necessary.

Therefore I must acknowledge the fact that there are countless number of things that I learnt during my job about how the organization operates, its day to day activities, problems that occur every day and how to resolve them effectively and efficiently. No matter where I work, I’m confident that I will be able to apply my learning and knowledge in for the betterment of the college as well as for the society in the long run.