First Day at College

First Day at College

First Day at College

Life is full of strange experiences—good and bad, happy and sad. Days come and pass away again from our temporal life. But in this short span of life, all the days are not equally memorable. Some of these experiences are just unforgettable. Yet there are some days or events which leave their everlasting impressions upon our mind. My first day at college is such a day and this is the day as I still remember most virtually. In fact, it is a memorable day in my life.

It was a day of thrill, joy, and excitement. The day is still memorable for various reasons. From my school days, I heard a lot from my elder brother about college life and formed a romantic impression about it. At last, the coveted day came. Wearing a new dress. I started for college at 9-30 a.m. As soon as I entered through the main gate, the thrill of attractive college buildings greatly charmed me.

It was, in fact, a sensation of new life, a feeling of exciting youthful vitally. Despite that, I felt lonely as they all were unknown to me. After a little later, I met one of my school classmates. Then we both went to the notice board and took down the routine from it facing the rush of new and unknown faces. But from it, I became highly astonished to see that I would have to change my classroom at the end of each lecture. Besides, there was an interval between the classes.

With the ringing of the bell. I was moving madly to find room No 7. Following other students, I entered a big and broad room. There were many other students sitting. We were looking at one another with great curiosity. It was an English class.

Standing before the desk he called over the rolls and started delivering the lecture on English literature in a very simple, elegant and clean language. His speech was so attractive that I gave him a patient and a mindful hearing. All the professors and lecturers on different subjects seemed to be bor qualified, polite and friendly. I also realized that a single teacher teaches on a single subject on which she or he is expert and experienced

During recess, I peeped into the window at the common room where I found a care-free atmosphere There were newspapers, periodicals, carom boards, chess boards, table tennis, ping-pong sets, etc. I also entered the library and was greatly surprised at the sight of hundreds of books arranged in bookshelves and almirah.

The day put lots of impacts on my mind. All the teachers were more well-versed than the teachers at my school. Their presentations were more thrilling. The entire environment of the college was friendly. The day also opened a new chapter in my tender mind. Previously I heard “College provides knowledge.” I could find its reality on the first day.

However, on that day, when the class was dismissed, I came back home direct in the afternoon with vigor, happiness, experience, and freshness. Still, the memory and impact of that day haunt me like a passion. In fact, it was a day of observing and experiencing new things. The memory of my first day at college will remain fresh in my mind forever.