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Disadvantages of Job Rotation

Disadvantages of Job Rotation


Job rotation can take place happenstance or it can be carefully planned and executed with specific end results in mind. The employee who is involved in a carefully planned job rotation will benefit and learn.Job rotation gives an idea about the jobs to be performed at every level. Once a person is able to understand this he is in a better understanding of the working of organization.

Disadvantages of Job Rotation are:

Reduces uniformity in quality:

Quality of work done by a trained worker is different from that of a new worker .when a new worker I shifted or rotated in the department, he takes time to learn the new job, makes mistakes in the process and affects the quality of the job.

Frequent interruption:

Job rotation results in frequent interruption of work. A person who is doing a particular job and get it comfortable suddenly finds himself shifted to another job or department. This interrupts the work in both the departments.

Misunderstanding with the union member:

Sometimes job rotation may lead to misunderstanding with members of the union. The union might think that employees are  being harassed and more work is being taken from them.

Disadvantages of Job Rotation