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Job Enrichment

Job Enrichment


Job enrichment is defined as a way to motivate employees by giving them more responsibilities and variety in their jobs. It can be contrasted to job enlargement which simply increases the number of tasks without changing the challenge. As such job enrichment has been described as ‘vertical loading’ of a job.

Job enrichment makes the job more meaningful, enjoyable and satisfying. It gives the workers more autonomy for planning and controlling the job. It also gives the workers more responsibility. Job enrichment gives the workers opportunities for achievement, recognition, advancement and growth. So, the workers are motivated to work harder.

Job enrichment:

 Job enrichment is a term given by Fedric herzberg. According to him a few motivators are added to a job to make it more rewarding, challenging and interesting. According to herzberg the motivating factors enrich the job and improve performance.

In other words we can say that job enrichment is a method of adding some motivating factors to an existing job to make it more interesting. The motivating factors can be

 a)  Giving more freedom.

 b) Encouraging participation.

 c) Giving employees the freedom to select the method of working.

 d) Allowing employees to select the place at which they would like to work.

 e)Allowing workers to select the tools that they require on the job.

 f) Allowing workers to decide the layout of plant or office.

 Job enrichment gives lot of freedom to the employee but at the same time increases the responsibility. Some workers are power and responsibility hungry. Job enrichment satisfies the needs of the employees.

job enrichment