Assignment on Varieties of Work

Assignment on  Varieties of Work

 I have done my internship in Prothom Alo as a feature reporter. The feature pages include two weekly supplements:

  1. Nari Mancha
  2. Computer Protidin
  3. Naksha
  4. Projonmo Dot Com
  5. Binodon
  6. Ananda
  7. Dhakai Thaki
  8. Kajer Khabor
  9. Bigyan Projonmo

10. Porasona

11. Sahitto Samoeky

12. Chardik

13. Gollachut

14. Khola kolom

15. Ain Adhikar

16. Shastho Kushal

17. Shahitto Shamoiky

18. Bondhu Shava

19. Annya Alo

20. Khet Khamar

21. Chutir Dine

22. Rosh Alo

I decided to join in the feature pages. Because then I can worked on different subjects. I tried to work on every feature pages. But unfortunately that couldn’t happen. I contributed myself in Projonmo.Com, Computer Protidin, Kajer Khabor, Naksha, Nari Mancha, Khola Kolom, Binodon, Ananda ect, feature page. It was a lifetime experienced for me.

I learned many things which surely will help me in my career life. Here my supervisor was Mr. Pallab Muhaimen, Assistant Editor, Feature, Prothom Alo.

I was already working as a Contractual feature reporter in Daily Prothom Alo for One year. Before that I was working here as a Contributor. I choose Prothom Alo for my internship purpose because so far I know the environment of working is best here.

Well I have some expectations and they are very basic. I want to learn the journalistic writing which I learned so far from the theory. I want to develop my reporting and communication skills. Working in Prothom Alo will be help to create own platform of career.

The prime duty of my assignment was go to the source, collect the information and to prepare the assign report. In my assignment, I have done a numerous works to fulfill my target.

Most of my working procedure has previously selected by my supervisor and sub-editor. I also introduced some procedure.

I have gone in various people for collect the information of assign subject. I have gone in various associations to gather information and data. After gathering the information I have sort out this.

At last I have prepared a report based on information through the assign subject.

I was also work in the desk of Daily Prothom Alo. In the desk I have collect some international information which was help me to prepare some international story.

I was also attending to monthly meeting of feature reporter. It is very helpful for me to attending any meeting for future situation.

Methodology includes direct observation, face-to-face discussion with employees of different departments, study of files, circulars etc. and practical work. However, this report is basically qualitative in nature. In all the cases depending of the requirements data have been collected from different sources.

In the feature department sub-editors basically start their day depending on their work. Some person come at 9 well the other person joined in the office at 12:00p.m.

There was no time binding for me. The only rule for me was- if I have no assignment then I should spend times in the office. And if do then its ok to be outside of the office.

Well the moment I got the assignment I rushed to get the information. The next day I could submit it.

It will be so much tuff for a normal audience understanding how many instruments are used to publish a news story. Readers do not even imagine a story. Demands types of equipment to go through for their full and final preparation on the publish. There are different kinds of instruments are used for publishing a news story.

These are:

  • Computer
  • Tele-printer
  • Scanner
  • Fax
  • Telephone
  • Printer
  • Photocopier
  • Pasting Table

And Others Press equipments and machineries.

Working as an intern three months in Daily Prothom Alo however helped me to improve my self. As a result of the internship my writing skills changed into a polished manner.

  • I know how the pre and post production work done in here.
  • I now can easily communicate with people.
  • I know how to collect information on a topic.
  • The most important thing my confidence level grows in a higher level.
  • I learned work in a group assignment without creating any obstacles.
  • One interesting outcomes in me can be I am more punctual now.
  • I am much more responsible then before.
  • My interview skills improved then before.

After three months of internship I acquired knowledge about the office working environment.