Man Joins Navy to Prove the Earth Is Flat, Quickly finds out it is not

Man Joins Navy to Prove the Earth Is Flat, Quickly finds out it is not

You see, when we are young and impressed, we are all into strange things. For some people, it is enjoying the suspicious music of the boybands, for others, it is eating the tide pod. And for some (who are old enough to know better), conspiracy theories have begun to suck, such as the fact that the Earth is not round and NASA – and, seriously, the whole of the Earth – is hiding this fact for profit is still unclear.

Like Planck and Liam Payne’s solo career, people grow out of their faith and feel comfortable saying so. According to a Reddit source, the former flat-eater and those who knew them were letting others know what it was that eventually made them realize that they were standing on a globe, not pancakes.

Man Joins Navy to Prove the Earth Is Flat, Quickly finds out it is not

Some people were looking at it for themselves. “I was introduced to the Navy, who joined specifically to see that the earth was flat at sea,” user TrungusMcTungus wrote of their highly promising competition. “He charted the ships’ positions, speeds, titles, etc. several times a day so that he could map out their course. Eventually he realized that the path the ship was taking would be impossible if the earth was flat, based on the distance they traveled.”

The man became increasingly skeptical that the earth was actually round, but the step scientists took a century ago, and before they could figure it out on their own; his top petty officer pointed the curve with binoculars and explained that if the earth were flat, he would land for it. You should be able to see what you have created, “Redditor wrote.”He did not see anything off the horizon. Then he was convinced.”

Unfortunately, since you usually sign up for a minimum four-year contract, he is now stuck in the Navy, which proves just the opposite of what he had just set up.

Another, who could not even bother to join the Navy to prove their faith, watched a video on the Internet (which is often the first time people have been involved in these places).

They wrote, “I saw a video of an experiment where one group carried a helicopter across the sea and another group watched it slowly descend to the horizon with a powerful telescope,” they wrote. “The helicopter was still far enough away from the ground, it disappeared behind the horizon. That ended this episode for me.”

In most cases of thread, their belief is shattered when the theory does not fit with their experience or other facts that they know to be true about the world.

“Anyone who entertained but never really believed the idea and went deep into the rabbit hole was the distance / time” one user explained what their light looks like. “Orbiting the North Pole on a flat-earth map should be a very short journey while orbiting the South Pole would be the longest route on the planet. The farther you get to the South, the more different things should be and the longer the journey will be” The flat-earth map is different there.”

One user told the story of how he and his mother descended into the bottom of a flat-earth rabbit hole, before finally realizing that it didn’t make much sense, especially claiming Moon made its own light (why is there a fungus shadow?). “By asking these questions, my mother [who taught science at an early level] finally realized that the flat earth“theory”is no nonsense,” they wrote.

“My mentality when it came to theory was, ‘We can observe how things behave and come up with different explanations for the reasons. We have concluded that many of the things we observe in the flat-earth world do not properly explain.”