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Disadvantages of External Recruitment

Disadvantages of External Recruitment

External sources refer to recruiting employees from outside the organization. The External Sources of Recruitment mean hiring people from outside the organization. In other words, seeking applicants from those who are external to the organization.

Disadvantages of External Recruitment

External sources and methods of recruitment have following disadvantages:

  1. Expensive

External recruitment is expensive in the sense that it requires an extra cost for vacancy announcement, arrangement for employment office, etc. As most part of the external recruitment process mainly deals with complete new candidates then the company needs to come up with a pay scale for that candidate which should value his/her skill and ability.

  1. Dissatisfaction

When the qualified employees are recruited from outside the organization, the existing employees may feel dissatisfied with their jobs and leave the organization.

  1. Long Process

External recruitment follows a long process. Various activities such as vacancy announcement, application collection, review of application forms, selection process etc. need to be performed before the placement of the candidate.

  1. Adaptability Problem

As the selected employees are new to the organization, they may face adaptability problem in the organizational environment. When a candidate is selected from an external recruitment process, there is a possibility that the candidate might have less chance of understanding the environment of the company. More time will be needed for them to be familiar with organizational arrangements. And this lesser understanding can make a big difference in the future activities of the company.

  1. Competition

The existing employees think the newcomers as their competition. When a company considers a fresh candidate for the higher post than the existing candidates, then there is a higher possibility that the company existing employees might show some sort of internal dispute among the officials of the company. As a result of which, the organization faces a great loss of productivity and quality.

  1. Uncertain Response

The fresh candidates may not be suitable for the job due to the limited information about outsiders.

Poor Moral

The arrival of fresh candidates in the workplace can adversely affect the morale of existing employees.


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