Difference Between MP4 And MP3

Difference Between MP4 And MP3

MP3 is a standard for audio encoding, while MP4 may be a standard for multimedia containers. All types of data, even MP3 audio, can get into an MP4 file. That single-digit difference might give the impression that they’re more-or-less the identical thing, but nothing might be farther from reality. They each have their own distinct uses, histories, and advantages; so MP3 and MP4 don’t seem to be two editions of the identical thing.

The key difference between MP4 and MP3:

MP3 –

  • MP3 or MPEG audio Layer-3 is a file format created by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG), as well.
  • MP3 was one of two formats considered back in the early 1990s for the MPEG audio standard.
  • Mp3 is made for audio which allows less use of drive space.
  • Devices that are made for MP3 are simply an audio file player.
  • MP3 Developed by CCETT, Fraunhofer Society, Philips & IRT
  • MP3 is capable of handling only one media form which is an audio file.
  • MP3’s ISO Standards are ISO/IEC 11172-3, ISO/IEC 13818-3
  • MP3 is also a compressing system but without the content being popular.
  • MP3 is a digital audio codec, meaning it compresses and decompresses digital video, and is based on the perpetual coding process.

MP4 –

  • MP4 or MPEG-4 AVC (Advanced Video Coding) is a Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) generated file format.
  • MP4 was first released in 2001, but when we see MP4 files it’s the 2003 re-release which is still widely used.
  • MP4 is made for videos so it uses huge drive space.
  • Audio and video file players are apps that are designed for MP4.
  • MP4 Developed by International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
  • MP4 can handle multiple media, including audio, image, video, and text.
  • MP4’s ISO Standard is ISO/IEC 14496-14
  • MP4 is a compressing technology which reduces the quality of both audio and video.
  • In addition to subtitles and images, MP4 is a container used to store digital audio and digital video; it is a file format used to compress files, without loss.

Metadata support both the MP3 and MP4 formats. For all of these file formats available free of charge on the Internet, cases of piracy are rising. Even their quality can degrade due to the removal of unwanted data from audio and video files. All in all, as far as digital audio and video files are concerned, certain formats have modified the game rules.


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